Define "citizenship." Describe the development of the idea of "citizenship." What is the source of "American citizenship"?

How is "American citizenship" acquired?

What is the status of the children of domiciled aliens born in the United States?

Who has power over immigration and naturalization?

To what examination is the immigrant subjected on his arrival?

What classes of persons are excluded from the United States by the Immigration Act?

What disposition is made of immigrants belonging to the restricted classes?

To whom is the execution of the Immigration Laws entrusted?

What was the significance of the immigration to America by the census returns of 1900, 1910, and 1920?

What has Congress done to limit immigration? Why?

What is the source of the authority for naturalization?

Explain the provision for naturalization under the Articles of Confederation.

Under the Constitution.

What is the attitude of the United States toward "dual allegiance"?

Explain the meaning of "dual citizenship." What is the function of "public opinion"?

Who has power over the right of suffrage?

What guaranties, as to person and property are provided the citizen by the Federal Government?

Name several obligations of citizenship.

Why ought an alien become a citizen? Why should every citizen vote?