How to Apply for a Non-citizen National U.S. Passport

The following instructions are for American nationals to apply for a non-citizen national passport. The first thing one must comprehend is that most Americans are not United States Citizens. Most of these instructions match those found on Vaughn Wilson's site Copper Moonshine Stills. To show your appreciation for his dedication, please visit his site and maybe purchase a still. I like an occasional belt of moonshine and plan to get one myself once I learn more about the differences. USC

Most Americans are not U.S. citizens until they volunteer to be one. The term "United States" in the phrase "U.S. Citizen" or "United States citizen" refers to citizens of a corporation that was formed in 1871. The definition can be found in 28 USC § 3002 Definitions wherein we see "(15) United States Means - (A) A federal corporation". The United States should not be construed as an abbreviation of the United States of America. Any time one is referring to the United States of American, do not abbreviate.

This article provides the step by step procedures for filling out the DS-11 form provided by the federal government for issuance of a passport for non-citizen nationals who are people not "subject to the jurisdiction thereof" as dictated by the 14 article of amendment for the Constitution of the United States of America. It does not provide all of th reasons for doing this as that has already been explained at Copper Moonshine Stills by Vaughn Wilson. However, you should know that this is the primary way that Americans can escape the matrix set up by the federal corporation. This can stop foreclosures, traffic violations, drug violations child support or any other actions taken by the government against a people. This does not allow people to cause an injury to another. It returns the holder of this type of passport to the common law. However, under common law there is no injury there is no crime. By the same token, if there is an injury, there is at the very least a cause for remedy. It is a crime if there was intent to cause the injury. If there was no intent, there is still a cause for remedy for the injury committed.

  1. On page 1 of 2 of the form, select whether or not you want the book or card, I recommend getting both. The book can serve as a backup in case you lose the card and you can carry it to those countries wherein you must get a visa on your way in through the gate. The card will be carried as you identification.
  2. Fill in your date of birth.
  3. Sex and Place o Birth are Self Explanatory.
  4. Social Security Number Fill in with all zeros.
  5. The Mailing Address need to be "In Care Of" of "c.o" whatever mailing address you prefer to use.
  6. When you sign the first page, write "Without Prejudice" above your name. Some people also add UCC-308, but I prefer to remain in common law when signing my contracts. Also, circle or underline the words non-citizen national in the declaration just above the signature line. (The instructions state to wait until the applicant is in front of an agent to sign the documents. Disregard these instructions, as your application will be mailed to the Secretary of State in the state in which you were born.)
  7. Move on to page 2 of 2 of the form.
  8. Page 2 is pretty self explanatory, but everywhere the applicant is ask whether someone is a U.S. citizen, check "No". Also, remember on any form that asks if you are "revoking" your "U.S. citizenship" the correct answer is "No", since you never had it. You were always a non-citizen national.
  9. When Filling in the "Permanent Address" block, it should be. The zip code needs to be all zeros so as to differential between the corporation's are and the continental united states. Rural Free Delivery
    Your Town, Your State 00000
  10. Get two passport photos, from anywhere that does them like some of the large chain pharmacies.
  11. Write an affidavit of your status which will include a statement that "Affiant is a man/woman upon the land." If the applicant is a continental marshal, superior court justice, grand jury investigator or have taken an oath similar to that of those offices just listed so as to assert your status, that may be included rather than your birth certificate.
  12. If the applicant has not taken an oath of office or affirmation, include a certified copy of your birth certificate with the application and passport photos.
  13. Finally, the package to the secretary of state should include the application, oath of office or affirmation or Certificate marking the day you were born, two photos, and the fee which is $60 at the time of this writing. Always confirm before you send your package. The Certificate marking when you were born should not be the one the state created for you. That document serves as evidence that a state agency was created and you are the registered agent. You will need a program like Inkscape to edit the document linked above for creating your own Certificate and counter deed. If you have a pressing matter that might result in your going to jail or losing your children or your home, pay the added fee to expedite your application. While some people have reported that the time it takes for them to receive their passports has been as little as 5 days, I would not depend on this in a tight timeframe. You should follow the steps for asserting your freedom.

If the applicant was not born in one of the 50 states of the union, then you should use the state in which you were naturalized. As the 14th amendment to the Constitution for the United States of America state, it applies to people "born or naturalize" within the United States. If you were not born or naturalized within the united states of America, you will not be able to get this status, because although you may not be a non-citizen, you are not a national.