Government Run Schools

I have seen many complaints about government run schools. So many people dislike that fact that schools are teaching their children to accept homosexuality, inter racial relations, the theory of evolution as fact, and the acceptance of the satanic religion of Islam as peaceful. They gripe about what government runs schools do, but fail to do anything about it. Some of them will go to the school board meetings to complain there, but none of this has any impact on the course of the conditioning our children are exposed to.

So before parents are really going to comprehend why they are ignored, they have to comprehend why it is so important for government to get your children in their schools. Before government run schools, people were well aware of their sovereignty over government and others. Now that does not mean that others were individual people's subjects. It meant they knew that while other people were sovereign, each and every people in these untied states were sovereign and could not direct the lives of others, not even through the force of government.

The purpose of government was to provide for our common defense, and make it easier for interstate commerce. It had no authority to direct the lives of people, because it is subservient to people

So when the slaves were freed, they did not belong anywhere. The states were not going to permit them to be citizens of their states. So the wealthy elitist bankers who want control of the people to basically enslave them to create a continuous money stream, devised a plan to enslave not only the newly "freed" slaves, but everyone else as well. Before the 14th Amendment to the Constitution for the United States of America, a citizen was anyone who was from the area in question. But the 14th Amendment changed what a citizen was by defining it. Now to be a citizen, one must be "subject to the jurisdiction thereof". People are not "subject to the jurisdiction thereof".

So once the ownership of the slaves were transferred from the plantation owners to the government, the government had to devise a way to get everyone else to call themselves citizens. And that is where public education came into play. The first public schools were established in Massachusetts. some of the towns resisted having their children attend these schools established by government. Remember, they knew all too well, their rights over government. So the federal government sent in the military to escort the people's children to the schools.

It was a long plan and it has worked immensely well. Once people started calling themselves citizens, they would be ceding to the jurisdiction of the government. This conditioning can also be seen in other places as well. The US Army published a book on November 30, 1928 called TRAINING MANUAL WAR DEPARTMENT CITIZENSHIP.  As can be seen in this manual for young military personnel, the goal was to condition people into calling themselves citizens. They made it sound like a patriotic duty to be citizens of the United States (corporation).

So once you call yourself a citizen, the government now has the authority to do to you what it wishes. You no longer have rights, you have privileges. And civil rights are nothing more than a privileges granted by government. People on the other hand have natural rights and as a sovereign, only you can determine what those rights are. You do not have Constitutional rights, because the Constitution was not written for people. It was established by people for government. It is a fence around government. People did not give up their sovereignty because they created a trust known as The United States of America.

Which brings up another point that you had to be taught in the government run schools. The Untied States of America is not a country. It is a trust that represents a union of countries now numbering 50 in total. Countries have governors. Trusts have secretaries, treasurers, presidents and sometimes vice presidents. In that government run school, your children were conditioned to believe that this union of free nations was "One nation under God". This was just more of the conditioning to lead you and your children to believe that the federal government has an authority is does not have.

So by now you should know that the safest way to assure that your children are not being conditioned to believe anything that is contrary to your beliefs, is to make sure they do not attend government run schools. If you know about your sovereignty over government and know how to challenge government's jurisdiction, then you know that the government cannot make you send your children to any school where it can condition your children into giving up their sovereignty.

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