What is a Patriot?

What is a patriot?

Many people are confused about what a patriot is. Hopefully this will clarify things a bit for some of you who believe yourselves to be patriots, but are finding yourselves at odds with defending many of the unpatriotic laws passed by our elected officials.

The dictionary's definition of patriot is very lacking.

For example according to the 1956 Concise Edition of Webster's New World Dictionary (New World??? Oh, New Socialist world.) we find

  • patriot - one who loves and zealously supports his own country.

And according to the 1989 Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language we find

  • patriot - a person who loves, supports and defends his country and its interests with devotion.

Obviously, the definition of a patriot has changed since the mid 1900's and the popularizing of the Socialist movement. The men who fought to create the united states of America were actually citizens of England, yet they were referred to as patriots. In todays society, we are lead to believe that if you do not support everything that your country asks of you, then you must not be a patriot. Let us try to fill in where the dictionary falls short.


A patriot is one who believes in a set of ideals, who will fight to the death to defend those ideals and support his country's effort to uphold those ideals. A true patriot will defend his country so long as it sticks to those ideals. If one were to believe in the definition in the dictionary, it would be acceptable for a patriot to defend freedom, because his country upholds that ideal, then start defending socialism, because his country is pushing that ideal.

Patriotism in the America is the devoted support and defense of our freedom and the Constitution that restrict our government. That is what makes our countries what we love and support. When we start seeing politicians shamefully using our fighting men and women of the military for police activity in other countries around the world claiming that it is in our countries interests, it is time to stop that politician from being able to act as an elected official and vote him out no matter who the competition is. Just because a politician calls our interferrence into another country's internal, or external, affairs our country's interests doesn't make it so.The interests the policians are referring to are corporate interests. The United States is a corporation protecting the interests of the owners who control it.

Just remember when a socialist politician is claiming that you are not a patriot if you don't defend the politician's way of doing things, he is just a politician who can be voted out. It is absolutely essential that you do not vote for the same politician a second time if he practices politics outside the limitations of the Constitution, for example defending the Social Security system. Of course, once you learn that when you are not voting for original jurisdiction candidate, but are only seating corporate officials AND that none of the laws passed by any legislative branch of government anywhere in the united states of America has any lawful force of authority over people, it pretty much changes ones perspective regarding the whole scam. People in the united stats of America are free. Most people have no concept what that means.

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