What Biden used to say before he was being paid by Soros

See what Joe Biden thought before he started getting paid by George Soros. This is what he had to say about black people in 1993.



NWO ...riots, Biden, etc

Thanks for getting this stuff out there.


I been exposing the riots as communism as does Alex Jones does. Its all the New World Order to destroy America.



Watch wwe.TruNews.com , www.endtime.com and  Most of all Trust God! 

Municipality corruption Red Camera program just won't end

I read that the red light camera program was investigated by the feds as corrupt and a number of state officials signed on to ban it. Unfortunately , it appears a few cities like Waukegan continue to use this abusive program. It is hard times for people with the economy the way it is. I've shared my concerns with officials at all levels of government. Many states are banning this program. There is reasonable ways to enforce the law without coveting needing people. I would like to suggest this program be abolished for good and city mayors fined or removed from office from its promotion of greed. We have mayors all over Illinois promoting the riots as peaceful. There is no punishment or fines for that behavior deemed peaceful while business owners are harassed by mob violence

A better option than a affidavit , quick fix ;)
Seems like Soros and Dems own or influence tons of forums , etc

American Human Rights Foundation denies Soros controls nations and blames USA.


Man, lots of Marxism has taken over the USA :(


There's now a black Peter Pan


Biden will make America poor and stupid 


I'm going poor just trying to make it. 

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