I Dreamed the Devil is Impotent

I had a dream recently and it really had an impact on me. Before I tell my dream, I need to give some background.

Back in September, our church was visited by Tom Scarelli. While he was there we had a discussion about dreams. Dreams are predominately the way through which God communicates with us. He comes to us in our sleep to give us messages. Most people write these off as just activity in our brains. Some people try to claim that dreams are just our brains reliving some experience we have had. But many dreams that come to us are experiences we have yet to have. So that does not quite line up with the claim that dreams are from our experiences.

Anyone who has put any amount of study into the Bible knows that we are in a spiritual war. Recent events of the blatantly obvious treason committed by many of our elected and non-elected officials when they cheated in the 2020 election for president have people questioning if America will ever be a free nation again. This article will not only tell the story of my dream, it will explain how I already know how this will end.

Lately as people express their fear, anger and disappointment regarding the recent election result in which a man who did not campaign purportedly got more votes than even Barack Obama did. Their feeling is that if this election was stolen, every other election will be as well. I however, am convinced that God’s hand is behind what is happening and what is to come. As a result of this belief, I have not suffered the fear or stress that many others have. So in response to many people, I have shared a very powerful scripture that says how we know that we will not be hurt. We find this in Luke 10:19.

Luke 10:19 “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”

So many people read the scripture everyday and do not take what they read literally. I have shared this scripture a lot lately and I do believe. But if we read this scripture, it tells us what? Jesus, Yeshua, gave us power “over all the power of the enemy.” So as we can see here, we have power over 50% of the enemies power right? Oh, no. That’s not it. It must be 70%. Hmm, that does not feel quite right either. I know. It is 90%. Again, that is wrong. It is made very clear that we have been given power over ALL of the power of the enemy and NOTHING shall by ANY means hurt us. This seems to be a difficult notion for people to grasp. But I have been suffering some financial difficulty recently so maybe my belief was running at about 80% rather than 100%.

Well, at 6:10 AM on the morning of January 24th, 2021, I awakened after God corrected the error of my way and showed me beyond a shadow of a doubt that I literally have nothing to fear. Before I go to bed, I sometimes ask God to bring me a message in my sleep. When Tom Scarelli visited, he suggested whenever we have a dream, we sit up and document the dream. The further away from the dream we get, the more we forget. I have found also, when I start recalling the dream, more details will come to the surface. These are not details I create to fill in the gaps. They are recollections. The purpose is to analyze the dreams to figure out what God has told us.

The first time I went to sleep, I dreamed about the second son that God will bring to my wife and I. The end of the dream was me laying my head on the sofa on which our son was sleeping on his belly naked after I had taken off his wet diaper. I had my head laying on the sofa with my arm around my son and was falling asleep. I told myself I had to get up and put a diaper on our son, before he peed on the sofa and momma got mad. That is what awakened me from my slumber.

I sat up and documented my dream. After I was done, it took me a while to get back to sleep, so I sat up and practiced my Arabic lessons. I finally started feeling sleepy again and ask God again to speak to me in my dreams. After I was asleep, I had another very vivid dream as the other one.

I dreamed some other man was standing near me and we watched as a 3 to 4 foot centipede crawled out of a hole. As it exited the hole, it became an extremely huge bright green serpent with scales that were about 2 inches wide by 5 to 6 inches long. There were two other snakes hanging from its side with their teeth sunk into its side as though trying to stop it, but it would not be stopped. Its head seem a bit small for the size of this bright green snake. The snake ended up trying to attack me, but failed to strike.

I ended up with the snake’s mouth in my hands. The lower jaw was in my left hand with my thumb across the snakes jaw. My right thumb was across its top jaw. I distinctly remember it had fangs, but its fangs were like stubs that had been cut off. They had a blunt flat surface. I did not realize the importance of this at first. I thought this was a dream brought on me by the devil because I have been sharing scripture with people to encourage them in light recent events. At no time during the dream did I feel fear. It was when I was telling this dream to my pastor that Holy Spirit told me the meaning of this dream that applies to everyone.

The serpent or snake represented the devil the same as he appeared to Eve in the Garden. The blunt fangs showed me that no matter how much the devil might try to cause fear, he is nothing to fear, because he cannot bite me with his blunt, flat fangs. He is impotent, harmless. Just as Jesus said, “nothing by any means shall hurt you.”

Once I was given this revelation, the scripture I had been sharing with others came rushing to the forefront of my mind and I know, now, 100%, that whatever my situation, no lie from the devil was going to take away the abundance that God has promised me when I walk with Jesus. Jesus is King and I am an heir to the Kingdom. How many sons of a King are poor, or hungry or in any way in need.

The moral of the story is do not allow the devil to steal your faith, your abundance, your peace of mind, you health or your happiness due to what is nothing more than a lie of the devil.

Mark isn't vaccine , a precursor

The Mark isn't the vaccine. I used to think the chip was. 


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Sweetz88 Sweetz88's picture
I really could use your help

I really could use your help and enlightment on becoming a sovereign citizen. Im trying to beat a cps case. The steaks are stacked high against me and it been an unfair procedure since day one I am a mother of 8 and I really want my kids back because they are being abused and mistreted 9x worse than what they claim I did and its unfair. How do I fight them to win back ill jurisdiction and custody?

Latynya Stovall

cps etc.

Sweetz88:  There is no such thing as a sovereign/citizen.  You can not be a master/slave.  A sovereign is the highest authority in his own domain.  A citizen is a subject of some sovereign.  See the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

CPS is a very tough opponent.  They have absolutely no integrity, and are willing to break the law with impunity.  That is because they want the money they get from the Fed Gov.  I've heard it is about $50,000/year for each child they kidnap.  If they can ruin the child's health, then they can get upwards of $150,000/year for "special needs".  They have a big incentive to misbehave.  The judges are in it, too.

Consider this website:  https://fcps.lawyer/

The attorney gives away a book "how to fight child protective services and win."


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