Rules of Engagement for APP

The American People's Peacekeepers is a member organization of volunteers who recognize that people are sovereign above government and uphold common law in these united states of America. We recognize that the people in these united states are not servants of government, but the government is subservient to the people. We protect our liberties directly when the need arises and will not succumb to an intrusive government overstepping its bounds. Any act of government to overstep its bounds will be viewed as an attack on these untied states of America by a domestic enemy. The defense of these untied states will be forceful and quick. Any people arrested by any member of the APP will be tried under common law as guaranteed by the Constitution For the United States of America.

The following are the Rules of Engagement for deployment wit the APP. Each member of the APP must agree to abide by these rules when representing the APP.

  1. No member may deploy while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If a member was enjoying any of these party favors,  he or she must wait until the effects  wear off before deployment.
  2. The members numbers must be sufficient for any event requiring deployment so as to minimize the likelihood of an armed incursion. The goal is to keep the peace, not incite unrest.
  3. Members must be willing to arrest either civilians committing criminal acts or law enforcement officers committing criminals acts.
  4. There must be at least 25 members at any event so as to constitute a grand jury.
  5. All members must be armed for every deployment. it is best to have a means of restraining criminals.
  6. Although members may help the police in quieting and apprehending criminals during any civil unrest, they may also have to stop the police from inciting civil unrest. We will not stand by while police fire rubber bullets, tear gas or any other device into peaceful crowds. We will not permit police officers to harass peaceful people who are not doing any act against another.
  7. Members may not engage either police or people without first attempting to stop the criminal act by peaceful means. Use of arms is only tolerated when there is no other choice.
  8. If members of the APP are also members of any other militia, they must abide by these rules of engagement when deployed with the APP.


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