Affirmative Action: The Racist Movement.

"An equal application of law to every condition of man is fundamental." --Thomas Jefferson to George Hay, 1807. ME 11:341


Affirmative action was started by the Republican president Richard Nixon. Many Democrats want you to believe that it is their baby. It has changed considerably since then, and is not the same thing it once was; a helping hand rather than a hand out. This hand out has replaced the helping hand it was at it's inception under Richard Nixon, because the Democrats who are behind it now, do not want minorities to become independent Americans. Independent Americans don't vote for Democrats.

What would you do?

OK, you were just involved in a car accident. You and your spouse are injured and the paramedics just arrive on the scene. You are bleeding from your femoral artery and the emergency medical technician (EMT) who is now leaning over you is black. Do you wonder if the criteria for this person was lowered to permit more blacks into the rescue service? Is he just as capable as the other white EMT? If you are black, would you tell the white EMT who is saving your spouse's life to stop until the black EMT working on you can get to her?

Now, you are home with your 6 month young baby. You are a black woman and your husband is working the evening shift. Someone is prying at a back window in an attempt to break in. You call the police and a white officer arrives on the scene. Do you ask him to leave and wait for a black officer? Maybe you will request a black officer to come instead and a black officer will not be available for 30 minutes. What would you do?

The simple fact is, most people who need a service of any kind, do not typically care who is providing that service as long as the person delivering the service is capable of doing so correctly. None of us would want to put our lives in the hands of someone who didn't quite grasp his anatomy class or fully understand the rules of engagement when confronting a criminal. We want to know that that heavy equipment operator is not going to swing that huge shovel onto our car when we drive by or land that airliner jet on the highway because he was a little short on his approach.

The Deception

Many people are led to believe that Affirmative Action in the form of discrimination is a good thing that should be done to right the wrongs of racial discrimination of the past. The fact is, discrimination based on the color of one's skin is wrong no matter whom it is perpetrated against. Many minorities are told that they have a right to special treatment because it levels the playing field.

What some may not understand is that through racial quotas there is still discrimination against minorities. For example, if a particular organization needs to hire a Latino this week, and there happen to be an Asian and a Black applicant applying for the particular position that is open for hire, and both of the other two applicants are better qualified for the position, they will be discriminated against in an effort to fill a particular quota. Obviously, the best solution would be to hire according to merit not race. After all, who is to say that quotas are kept to assure that no more of each minority race fills particular positions?

Are You Inept or What?

The most insulting thing about Affirmative Action is it suggests that minorities are less capable of succeeding than whites without special force of government to give them a hand up. Basically, proponents of Affirmative Action are elitist who believe themselves better than the minorities who are being "helped" by the discrimination given them. They believe minorities to be genetically inferior and couldn't possibly make it on their own. They teach that minorities are victims and need the help of government yet government commits a higher amount of organized discrimination than any other organization in the world.

This author has talked about equal rights among many who are considered by these elitists to be minorities and most of them do not want special treatment. They just want equal treatment. I don't think that they are asking for too much.

The Bigots in Government; the Modern Day Racist Movement

The fact is, racism is still strong and much of the problem is stemmed from the racists who have infested our government. Affirmative Action programs are merely another means of "controlling those people". If minorities depend on the government for special treatment, then they can be controlled by the government elitists of the Left. Take a look at the public schools system for example. Typically the worst schools in the nation are those in inner cities. These schools are usually predominately minority schools and they are the worst schools in the nation when measuring educational results. Contrary to what the left professes, money is not the problem. Public schools spend two to three times what private schools spend and private schools educate far better than public schools.

Obviously, money isn't the problem. Could it be that these schools are intentionally kept at the bottom of performance because they are predominately minority occupied? We know that when minorities attend other private schools their performance is equal to those of other students. Why then after 50 years of left wing and union control of these schools are they performing so poorly. I contend it is intentional.

If the left wing, which is where the socialist movement operates, allowed minorities to excell as well as private schools, then they would lose the support of the minorities. This is the primary reason that minorities should support the privatization of our schools. Minorities will never have equality in this country until they get out of government run schools.

Loose the Dependency

The fact is, the more a people become educated the more they both do not need the aid of government and the less they tolerate government abuse. The less they tolerate government abuse, the harder they are to control.

The biggest hindrance to education, and our freedom, in this country, or any country for that matter, is permitting the government to run the schools. At the time that the government took over the schools, there was no public outcry for public schools. This was done intentionally to control the outcome of raising children to become "good little citizens" much the same way that Stalin took children away from their parents to raise good little communists in communist Russia.

It is hard for most average people to believe that our government would do such a thing, but maybe that is because they were raised in government run schools.

Booker T. Washington, 1856-1915

Booker T. Washington was probably the wisest of all the black leaders in the United States of America. He knew that for blacks to truly be recognized as true equals and secure their constitutional rights, they would have to do so through their own economic and moral advancement rather than through legal and political changes. For he knew what logic dictated. If people are forced, rather than persuaded by your actions, then the hate previously felt will grow.

We have seen many blacks by enlarge, transform from the education hungry blacks of the 1800's to those who claim to desire an education now is to want to "be like whitey". People respect those who obtain an education. Intelligent people are respected by other intelligent and respectable people. Forcing companies to hire someone because of his skin color, only serves to bring doubt on all people of the same color. There are those who earned the positions they have without special consideration for the color of their skin, yet these people will also be viewed with skepticism by others, because they won't really know if they were treated "special" or not. The only solution is to not allow discrimination on any level. Especially through force of government.

Martin Luther King Jr.

By far the one person who can be said to have done the most for equal rights in this country is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.. It was his dream for us to live in a color blind society. Dr. King once said "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

It is obvious that he would not have tolerated the present way that some like to handle discrimination. For discrimination cannot drive out discrimination; only equality can do that.

We have instead regressed to even more racist discrimination and separation than we had even then. The left wing's attempt at countering racism has made things worse. We now have Affirmative Action and cultural diversity to bring more focus on our racial differences. It was not Dr. Kings dream to change from discriminating against minorities to discriminating in their favor. It was not his dream to have cultural diversity training in our class rooms and corporate training rooms. It was his dream to have a color blind society.

There are some black leaders who disgrace the memory of Dr. King by claiming to defend equality while demanding more programs that depend on racist discrimination. They do this to put themselves forward as the black leadership when they are themselves racists who have so little respect for their own race that they would belittle it by using it to forward their own agenda.

These people would not have a job if racism were to go away, so they defend racist discrimination to keep their jobs. Who would listen to some of these "leaders" if there were no racism? They frequently claim people's motivations are due to racism even when they are not, because they would be nobodies if they did not have this to keep them in the public eye. One of these leaders actually worked with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and disgraces his memory with his present day racism.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the greatest men that this country has seen. He was willing to die for his cause of equality. He knew that he would die, but he was willing to take his stand against racism anyway. Won't you honor Dr. King's memory by refusing to accept any kind of discrimination, even if it is in your favor? Let's make that color blind society that Dr. King dreamed of.

The Challenge

I challenge everybody to take an honest look at the political party that they support to see where they truly stand on equality. The hardest thing for many people to accept about freedom, is freedom is granted equally to everyone, even when what someone does with that freedom is considered morally wrong by those respecting others freedom. One cannot claim to not be a bigot and support discrimination even when the discrimination is done in one's own favor.

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