The Racist Bigoted Democrats

Since its inception, the Republican party has worked to protect the equal rights of all Americans including black Americans. The Republican party is also responsible for the passage of every single major civil rights legislation in the history of the united states of America. The following is a detailed explanation of the racism embedded in the Democrat party and how they are still controlling "those people".

Democrats and the KKK

Even though the Deomcrat Party itself did not found the Klu Klux Klan, the Klu Klux Klan was made up of Democrats and serve as the militant arm of the Democrat Party well into the 20th century.  Politifact claimed in an article about state senator Stephen Martin that, according to Carole Emberton,


"The party lines of the 1860s/1870s are not the party lines of today," she wrote to us. "Although the names stayed the same, the platforms of the two parties reversed each other in the mid-20th century, due in large part to white ‘Dixiecrats’ flight out of the Democratic Party and into the Republican Party after the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. By then, the Democratic Party had become the party of ‘reform,’ supporting a variety of ‘liberal’ causes, including civil rights, women’s rights, etc. whereas this had been the banner of the Republican Party in the nineteenth century."

So this liberal professor would have us believe that everybody in the Republican party joined the Democrat party and eveybody in the Democrat party joined the Republican party just after 1964. If this were the case, why  would the National Black Rerpublicans Association expose Vice President Joe Biden and President Bill Clinton for being racist with good evidence to support the claim? The Republican party was also responsible for the civil rights act passed in 1968.

Every single old southern Democrat this author knows still refers to black people as "niggers" and they are all staunch Democrats. None of them will even consider voting for a Republican. When I query them as to the reason why, the reasons are usually, "My daddy did, my granddaddy did, my great granddaddy did." You get the picture.

Democrats Change Gears

As exposed by David Horowitz, in his book "The Radical Son; A Generational Oddessey" the Democrat party was infiltrated by the Communist party in the early 1900's. The communist party knew that it would not have its revolution in the united states of America by force. So it's members decided that they would have to get their hold in the usA through its children. They started becoming educators. We now see just how far left the teachers unions have become. This tactic however started failing miserably by the 1960's. So the Democrat party decided to take on whatever disenfranchised group, or groups that it could convince was disenfranchised. Democrat politicians hated blacks, jews, and homosexuals, but realized that they were losing terribly against the Republican party when it came to equality. The Republicans had been pushing for equal rights for all Americans since the founding of their paty. So when the Democrats saw how popular the equal rights movement for blacks and other minorities was, they decided to take on that movement. So they started lieing to black Americans as though they had always been standing up for blacks.

Since they ran the public school system, it was an easy thing for them to start teaching children how Democrats stood up for the common man and the Republicans stood for the rich man. Still today they commonly pit themselves for the middle class, even though so many of them are rich. The left wing has used the same mantra of the communist party elsewhere. "If you say a lie long enough and loud enough it will eventually be accepted as fact" So in the early 1970's the Democrat party started taking on the black equal rights movement. At least on the surface anyway.

Democrats Dessimate Black Society

Remember that communists and the left wing hate black people. So why would they take on the black equal rights movement? They did this just to get that vote. Since they were starting to fail miserably against the Republican party, they had to do something to get that vote and every other vote. The only reason the Democrats white eletists would argue in favor of criminal immigrant staying in the united states of America, is for their votes. Which is also why Democrats do not want to see a requirement for identification be shown at the poles for voting.

In any case, sine the Democrats control education, they also controlled the outcome of blacks education. Today, more blacks graduate high school illerate than in any other time in history. They have moved many blacks from a strong family unit to a 73% illegitimacy birth rate at the time of this writing. It is just another way of "controling those people". There are two reasons for this atrocity; blacks will never be equal to whites if they are not educated, and educated people don't need Democrats public welfare handouts thus needing to vote for a Democrat.

Why a Black Person Would Run as a Democrat

Some people, including some black people would sell their souls for prestige and power. One of the most evil tricks that the Democrat party has done is to give such power to some of the very blacks they hate to convince black voters to continue to vote for them. However, it does not take very much listening to black leaders speaking in public to learn that most black leaders on the left do not have a firm grasps on the English language, while black leaders on the right have an exceptional grasp on the English language. Once again, those who are educated tend to lean to the right except for those elitists who want to control everyone. The problem these elitist have is people are once again learning ab out common law and sovereignty. Two things that once again set people free of government control.