Horrific Consequences About to Hit Home

This serves as support that the currency reset will happen soon. NESASA is supposed to include debt forgiveness. I think Trump will not allow 20 to 28 million people to lose their homes.


Screw Biden

Biden thinks he will force mask compliance forget it. I'm not doing what he says.


That old perv stole the election 


Check out www.protrumpnews.com


Google Trump Nation News



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Biden did not steal anything.

Biden has not won the election. More and more truth is coming out and many of us know that Biden is not and will not be the president. Already, the Pentagon put out some false info to the Biden transition team to see where it would go and it very fast got to the CCP. So they now know that Biden is on the hook to the CCP. I read recently that there are over 1 million people with ties to the CCP in these united states that will soon be arrested. The house is being clean and will have that new country smell when it is done. This is not about another 8 year presidency. It is about the biggest Biblical event that has happened since the resurrection of our Lord and Savior.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

Hey Mike
OK folks time you  all start

OK folks time you  all start to watch whats happening with the military. 

He is former NSA as well his budy scott. Former spec opps.

the information they have and recive from there contacts....

EBS will be acctivated soon enough.




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