Spammers are being removed, cleantalk is now working (I think)

Everyone be advised that I finally figured out why the anti spam plugin has not been working to block all of the spam that has been getting posted to to the site. This has been a long running frustration, because not even the creators of CleanTalk knew how to resolve the issue. Their suggestion was to remove and re-install, which did not work.

We are on the cusp of a thousand years of peace

For those who see what is happening around the world as the beginning of tribulation, let’s look to scripture for an idea of where we are in God’s timeline. So many people do not see where we are, because they do not read the anointed word of God. Let’s read Matthew 24:6-8.

While sitting upon the Mount of Olives, the disciples had just asked Jesus, “Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?” in verse 3.

Form for employees being mandated by employer to get vaccinated with the experimental Covid-19 gene therapy

This form was written by Corey Lynn of Corey’s Digs for The Solari Report.

NOTE TO EMPLOYER: As your employee, I am requesting that you review this document, provide the requisite information, and sign the form, in regards to your requirement that employees get a Covid-19 emergency use authorization (EUA) investigational vaccine.

What Biden Has Done to the Cost of Insulin

Many people are suffering with the cost of prescription since Joe Biden took office. Many of you who voted for Joe Biden saw him as some kind of savior to America. He made a lot of promises before the election in 2020. Now everyone knows by the executive orders he has signed that he lied about each and every promise he made. He lied about the pipeline. He lied about bringing more jobs. He lied about the

When is a Vaccine NOT a Vaccine? When it is a Poison. Could this be the mark of the beast?

There is a lot of discussion lately about whether people should get the Covid-19 vaccine. It is widely known now that a "virus" must be isolated in its true form before a vaccine can be made from it. The CDC has admitted to a group of doctors who have requested a sample of the Covid-19 that it does not have such a sample. Yet, somehow a vaccine was produced. A high percentage of people are experiencing negative side effects after taking the vaccine. Some of these negative side effects include miscarriages of babies, Lou Gehrig's disease, Bell's palsy, and even death.

Recorded Interview with James Clapper

In this recorded interview, listeners will hear James Clapper, a retired Lieutenant General in the United States Air Force and former Director of National Intelligence, name names in the schemes of how "the Dirty Tricks Squad" would go after corrupt judges to get them to do the will of the deep state. He stated in the early part of this recording that Rod Rosenstein headed up the squad. Some of the names mentioned in this interview include Hillary Clinton, Paul Ryan, Mike Pence, John Roberts and Mitt Romney.

The Glory of God will be Seen Over all the World

So many people are stressed and fearful about the loss of rights should Joe Biden be confirmed as president of the United States of America. But people who live in this fear are not seeing the big picture. All we have to do is read Read Isaiah 14, Jeremiah 51 and Revelation 18.

Cop starts out wrong but makes it right about Covid-19 no mask arrest in Sydney

A police officer in Sydney Australia along with his partner followed a single mom from a store to her car and demands to search her bag for not wearing a mask. Apparently the law in Australia is people are required to wear a mask unless they have an exemption. It sounds similar to what we have in The United States of America under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Anyone who has a health issue that would prevent them from wearing a mask due to said issue, cannot be required to wear the mask and does not have to provide any proof to anyone who is demanding it.


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