Cop starts out wrong but makes it right about Covid-19 no mask arrest in Sydney

A police officer in Sydney Australia along with his partner followed a single mom from a store to her car and demands to search her bag for not wearing a mask. Apparently the law in Australia is people are required to wear a mask unless they have an exemption. It sounds similar to what we have in The United States of America under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Anyone who has a health issue that would prevent them from wearing a mask due to said issue, cannot be required to wear the mask and does not have to provide any proof to anyone who is demanding it. I had an incident at a Nordstrom Rack on December 24th, 2020 which I will be posting soon.

The officer in this video started out demanding her bag and actually grabbed it so search it. He then called his supervisor who did inform him that he was in the wrong. He then apologized to the victim and gave his information so that she could go to a police station and file a complaint. He also said something that was very humbling on his part. He said, "I should have known better." He is correct. The root of the problem is he did not know better and that was partly his fault and partly the fault of his supervisors. Police are "law enforcement officers" yet most of them have no idea what the law is. They make claims that they are not attorneys, so have no need to know what the law is. How can anyone enforce a law not knowing what that law is?