One Nation Under God

The pledge of allegiance is commonly recited in our schools. Why would it be so important for our students in our schools to recite the pledge of allegiance?

When public schools were first established in these united states, there was no public outcry for them. People who had children would get together and pool their money to hire teachers and take on the responsibility of seeing to their children's education. Some people did not see an education as all that important other than teaching their children the family business which was commonly farming. However, most people knew what their rights were in relation to the government. The government had extremely little control over people and people knew it. There was no property tax, because those who had the allodial title to the land could not be taxed and still cannot today. There was no income tax, because like now, the government cannot legally tax your property and your labor is the root of all of your property.

The choice for all of the rich fat cats was to start educating the people so as to enslave them. If they could not control them by force, they were going to control them by providing the education that would condition them to believe what those elitist wanted them to believe.

One of the things that the elitist wanted people to believe was the notion that we were "one nation under God". Why would this be important. Well, if everyone believed that we were one nation, it would be easier to convince them that the federal government also had jurisdictional authority over the people. But are we really "one nation under God"?

The answer is a resounding NO. Just take a look at the Louisiana constitution. Article VI, the Section 12th of the original 1812 Louisiana constitution states;

The Legislature shall point out the manner in which a man coming into the country shall declare his residence.

So what country were they talking about? They were talking about the Louisiana country. since people are educated in the government run schools they are no longer taught that country, state and nation are all synonymous with each other. They are all the same thing. Just take a look at the procedure for getting extradited from one state to another. There is no difference in the procedure is an extradition from Texas to Tennessee than from Texas to France. There is no difference, because we are a union of 50 nations, each with its own constitution. Each of the 50 nations had to agree to a republican form of government.

Want more proof? Check your state's constitution and see if there is a reference in it anywhere referring to it as a country, nation or state. You may have to go back to the original version to find it, but it's probably in there. You just might surprise yourself.

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