Outlined topics ---------------------------------------------------------- 13

Questionnaire ------------------------------------------------------------ 14

Subject matter suggestive ----------------------------------------------- 15

Plan of instruction ------------------------------------------------------- 16

Selection of instructors -------------------------------------------------- 17

Suggestions for instructors --------------------------------------------- 18

Supplemental instruction ------------------------------------------------ 19

Efficiency ----------------------------------------------------------------- 20

13. Outlined topics. — This course will be given under a series of outlined topics briefly presented by the instructor, preceded by a few succinct historical statements bearing upon the development of our country.

14. Questionnaire. — Brief questionnaires, containing a number of questions pertinent to the subject matter contained in each lesson, are given as an aid to the instructor in guiding the general discussions by the students.

15. Subject matter suggestive. — This course is not intended to teach the details of American history, but to give special emphasis to pertinent facts and principles associated with the foundation, development, and preservation of our Government as to its social, economic, and political phases. The instructors should briefly explain the historical and psychological aspects to the various forms of government. '

The subject matter and illustrations are suggestive only and are given as guides in teaching the fundamental principles of government and citizenship. The instructor will make application of these principles in such a manner as to stimulate individual thinking, leaving it to the student to reach his own conclusions based upon the facts and situations discussed.

16. Plan of instruction. — In the presentation of this course it is necessary for the instructor to give certain definite and concise information concerning the outstanding characteristics of our country; the fundamental principles of our Government; the spirit and will to do by which it attained its present position; emphasizing the encouragement, assistance, and protection granted every individual citizen as guaranteed in our Constitution as the supreme law of the Nation; developing the idea of individual responsibility and intelligent participation in government as an economic necessity as well as an evidence of patriotism and loyalty to our country.

The didactic method concerning facts of history, social changes, economic development, and basic principles of our Government will be used without discussion and without argument, special emphasis being given to the fact that the United States is a Republic, not a democracy.

Group discussions will be led by the instructor covering the cardinal points of each lesson as outlined in the text, care being exercised to confine the discussion to the limits of the lesson.

17. Selection of instructors. — There shall be designated a director of citizenship training for each Citizens' Military Training Camp. Under his supervision company officers carefully selected by the camp commander will act as instructors in this course.

18. Suggestions for instructors. — Instructors are particularly cautioned to confine instruction and discussion in each study period not only to the lesson text but also to keep it within the scope of the general division (social, economic, political) to which that particular lesson is related. The tendency is to wander away into a discussion of all three phases of citizenship, because of the close interrelationship existing in- all the lessons. Clarity of instruction can be had only through close observance of this suggestion.

The instructor must use language simple enough to be readily understood by all.

The text of these lessons is so arranged as to permit additional time for study and discussion when such opportunity is available through accommodation to rainy-day schedules.

19. Supplemental instruction. — At the discretion of the camp commander, instruction may be supplemented by addresses given by selected speakers to the combined student body on subjects related to citizenship.

As a part of this course historic facts and brief statements taken from the speeches and writings of distinguished Americans may be projected on the screen immediately preceding the feature picture at all motion-picture shows.

20. Efficiency. — To secure the most efficient results, the officers detailed as instructors should be thoroughly trained in the method of using the various studies in citizenship and the questionnaires.

A refresher or normal course will be conducted in each camp for the instruction of the designated instructors in subject matter and method of presentation, with the view of having the classes in citizenship faced by instructors as alert, competent, and as confident as are the platoons in the military drill.