Protection from Covert Government Harassment

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Rosanne Marie
Protection from Covert Government Harassment

 I am in touch with thousands of people who are being silenced by our government through use of covert harassment. This is serious harassment often stripping people of income, property, possessions, credibility, etc. This is most often striking whistle blowers and activists. I am one of these people and my life has been destroyed. Is there any defense against this? ...


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How to Stop Government Harassment

Hi Rosanne,

This will be a bit lengthy, but you will like the answer so bear with me. As you read this post, when you get to a link read past it until you finish reading the entire post. Then follow each link and come back to his post to continue on so that you better comprehend how each of these items fit into the conversation.

There is absolutely  a way to stop government harassment. First and foremost, all of these people need to be supporting each other. The primary purpose of the American People's Peacekeepers is to provide knowledge and support to people who are having to deal with government overreach. We see many people proclaiming "We need to stand united, " but don't seem to know what to do when standing united. The APP has a multi faceted mission and one of those missions is to educate and learn from each other.

Americans are still guaranteed common law, but government uses what they call statutory law. Statutory law favors government, because it makes it as complicated as possible for people. It makes it easier to control people, but what you should know is statute are called statutes because they are not law. The government's problem is it also requires your consent.

So government had to get control of our schools to control what we know. One of the reasons they needed to get control of what we know is because people cannot be required to abide by a single statute passed by any level of government, because in these untied states people are sovereign and these untied states are republics. In a republic people must individually consent to government jurisdiction. That is why we so commonly hear politicians calling us a democracy. A democracy is a form of government wherein the majority of the people can take away the rights of the minority. They want us to believe this, so that we do not know they cannot tell us what to do. They can only make suggestions.

One of the primary ways that government got American people to consent was to define in the 14th Amendment what a "citizen" is. Another way they get your consent is arraignment. When you are pulled into court, the judge will proclaim that you are being charged with some statue and ask how do you plead, guilty, not guilty or no contest? Well, there is a choice that the judge does not want you to know about. That choice is to object to the jurisdiction. So you simply say, "I object to the jurisdiction of this court. I demand to be released from the jurisdcition." This may work or it may not work at getting your released right away, but you must object to the jurisdiction and never submit a plea, because when you do, you have just consented to the jurisdiction of the court and the government who arrested you.

So how do we combat this government intrusion that wrecks so many lives? The first thing that you must do any time government attempts to force its will on your is challenge jurisdiction.

If you have time to write your paperwork, you must file a counterclaim in a court of record. The counterclaim will be to challenge the government jurisdiction. The court must prove it has jurisdiction over you, a sovereign. Since by definition a sovereign has not higher authority, you are not, by definition, subject to anyone's jurisdiction. Attorney want you to believe otherwise, because they want you to think you need them. The fact is, when you are represented by an attorney, you are consenting to the inferior court not of record because the attorney is an officer of said court.

You can still get a remedy for any wrong doing the government agents did to you. Government agents do not have ane statutory protections in common law, because there are no statutes. The individual who perpetrated the crime against you, including the public defender or any other attorney you may have hired, can be held accountable. If you were jailed, that is worth thousands of dollars per day. These individuals can be held accountable just like anyone else who gets sued.

I can help you with your paperwork, and we have a member forum that requires paid dues of $30 unless you are a contributing member. Contributing members are anyone who sits on a grand jury or is a member of the APP or both.

Membership in the APP does not require a great deal of time, at least initially. Most likely, once an APP chapter has been established in your state or county, the first year or two will be dedicated strictly to organizing, educating, planning and growing. Once your state has a sizeable membership, you can start getting more involved with things like enforcing presentments of the common law grand jury.

We can all work together to overcome the abuses and conditioning the government has beset on us.

So, the short answer is yes.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

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IMove your life and property

Move your life and property from the public side where it is now over to the private side. This does not mean moving off grid!! Learn how to properly contract with a restricted signature, then re-contract all your contracts like drivers license, registration, house payments, car payments, utilities, etc.  Rescind your voter registration, stop taking government benefits, make Demand For Lawful Money per 12USC411, and stop using your SS number. You do not have to move off the grid!! Just learn how to move your life from the public to the private.

"It is easier to fool people than it is to convince people they've been fooled." ~ Mark Twain

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