American People's Peacekeepers Mission Statement

The mission of the American People's Peacekeepers is to ensure that the common law is upheld throughout the republican member states of the united states of America. The American people of these united states are guaranteed the common law in the Constitution for the United Sates of America and the common law has been usurped by the corporations that control the various levels of government throughout these united states.

Public Awareness

The United States Corporation has created a class of people known as citizens in the 14th Amendment to its version of the Constitution of the United States of America. This class of people is subject to government codes and statutes at all levels of government throughout the member states. One of our goals is to make the American people aware of the difference in people and citizens. As stated in the preamble to the Constitution for the United States of America, the people "ordained and established" the constitution as a strict guideline by which the central government and the governments of the several states were to abide. Nothing in the preamble implied the sovereignty of the people was waived in the establishment of the constitution and the trust known as The United States of America. The people are still sovereigns and as opined in numerous cases, the sovereignty is reserved to the people and government has no authority not delegated to it by the people.

As republican states, the government cannot force its statutes and codes upon the people without their individual consent. Through government schools, people have been conditioned to believe they are citizens and claim such without knowing the consequences thereof. The government run schools also condition the people to believe that these united states are democracies when in fact each and every state in this union of states was required to provide evidence it was a republican state before admission to the United States of America. A.P.P. will work to educate people of this important difference and teach the people how to reclaim their sovereignty.

Civil Unrest

During times of civil unrest, most people depend on the police for protection. However, when at times people peacefully assemble to express their grievances with their government, and the police are the instigators of the civil unrest, it falls on us to protect each other and those other people who are unable to protect themselves. They fire rubber bullets into crowds of innocent people, beat them, and gas them. At times when the police could not get the peaceful people gathered in protest to give them cause to intrude with force, they have brought in others to cause damage to private property in order to give the police reason to enact martial law.

We will provide armed witnesses to protests and other gatherings to assure that the police will abide by the statutes which are written for government employees sworn to uphold the law. Should the police infringe on the natural rights of any of the people, the members of the A.P.P. will serve as witnesses and law enforcement should the need arise. So long as there are at least 25 members present, will serve as grand jury and arrest the perpetrators of crimes witnessed under common law, whether the perpetrators are uniformed police officers or civilians. We will use whatever force necessary to quell insurrection whether it occurs by civilians against we the people or government employees against we the people. We will no longer tolerate abuses against our right to peaceful living no matter the source. We will meet with arms at least one people for every police officer gathered during such protests in any of the several states gathered. The purpose of these meetings is not to instigate, but to keep the peace, even if the peace is disrupted by a corrupt police force. Peaceful Americans have a natural right to gather peacefully without permission of government due to government statutes and codes. We will aid in the peaceful gathering of people for whatever reason, so long as those people remain peaceful and do not infringe on the natural rights of other people to travel or move about without fear of hostilities. An armed force is necessary to keep the peace and we will provide that armed force. Every member of A.P.P agrees to be armed and to strive to keep the peace wherever that need may arise.

Civil Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of all Americans to do their part to assure that enemies of our way of life are not permitted to erode the freedoms we are all born with. Freedom is not granted to us by government, but it is granted to us by God at our birth. The most dangerous enemy to these united states is a domestic enemy that has invaded cloaked in American clothes. As such, we shall all work to assure that the common law grand jury is returned to every state throughout these united states. Although this requires a vote of the people, it does not require adherence to any statute of government for the election to occur. If there are only 25 people in any given who are willing to serve on a common law grand jury, then they can elect each other. The common law is still available in these united states, but it is rarely used. Some claim that there are no longer common law courts in these united states, but since a court of record (common law court) is the "person and suit of the plaintiff" and 25 free people constitute a grand jury, it is obvious that the common law still survives in America. We are responsible to educate others about the common law and sovereignty. We vow to make everyone we come into contact with aware that statutes and codes do not apply to free Americans contrary to what government would have us believe. We will do our part to fill any gaps in our local grand juries. We will come to the aid of those who need us to witness their days in court so as to keep a watchful eye on judges to assure they are upholding their oaths of office. We will show no fear against a corrupt subservient government and will do everything in our power to peacefully return government within its bounds.

This we will start by holding corrupt judges responsible for using our courts to further their political agendas by failing to recognize the common law, failing to recognize our natural rights and failing to recognize that we the people get to choose whether or not we are subjected to their equity or admiralty court rather than the common law courts of record guaranteed by the US Constitution when the united states of America was in its infancy. We will arrest and imprison judges for failing to do their duty according to their oath of office.

We will join together and do our part to aid anyone imprisoned for committing so called crimes against no one. Under common law, we recognize that if there is no injury against another freeman, there is no crime. As such, we will challenge the jurisdiction of the courts that imprisoned those who were not informed as to the jurisdiction of the court before which they stood charged. We recognize that attorneys' first loyalty is to the equity court and 2nd to their clients. We will educate ourselves on how to proceed in a court of record and aid others who may not have this knowledge. We will handle cases in a court of record so as to remove the authority of the judge and protect the natural rights of all people. We recognize that in a republic, the sovereign has the authority to handle issues through a representative government or directly. Since the representative government has usurped the authority of the people, we will handle our lawful issues directly and agree to aid all in this endeavor.

We will do these things until the united states of America is once again the greatest and freest union of nations of earth. So help us God.