The Success of School Conditioning

I had an exchange last night with a guy named David Burleson over on Facebook who is the perfect example of what government wanted to accomplish and how successful it has been when taking control of the school system in these united states. Those who wish to control people know that control of the people's education is key. David Burleson, lacking the prowess for intellectual debate resorted to profanity and name calling, but the important thing to note is he was upset because I told him that a "citizen" was any idiot who was born or naturalized in the united states and volunteered to be in a jurisdiction that otherwise would not have it. Yes, I know. I could have used a bit more tact, since my desire is not to offend, but to stimulate thought. But let's take a look at the question that he posed.

Who is eligible for birthright citizenship under the 14th amendment?

The very manner in which he asked the question shows that being a citizen is a "birthright". It is something that should be cherished. It doesn't seem to have dawned on this man that there might be someone even more important than someone who fit both halves of the definition. He never thought there is someone mentioned in the very same amendment that is even more powerful that a citizen. Even more powerful than government. What if we stopped only part way through the 14th amendment with, "All persons born or naturalized in the United States." Who are these people? What if you were born or naturalized in the United States, but not subject to the jurisdiction thereof?

This is an example of just how successful the conditioning has been. This man seems to be very adamant about being a citizen. He has been taught all of his life that citizenship is a badge of honor. He has been taught that being a citizen is something people should strive to do.

I was once one of those idiots. It is not the fault of the people who believe this. It was by design. But what people need to realize to be free, is you have to shake off the shackles placed on you by this one label that so many of you are proud to wear.

The United States of America was established under self governance. That does not mean that government gets to tell you what to do. It means that YOU decide what you are going to do. YOU decide whether to be responsible with your spending. YOU decide how risky a life you will lead. And YOU live with the consequences of those decisions.

Many people like having a mother to take care of them, but the safety net society leads to irresponsibility. It leads to loss of freedom and then complaints and dissatisfaction with the government that you permitted to have jurisdiction over you. People who are born or naturalized in the United States AND not subject to the jurisdiction thereof are the owner people of the government and the citizens owned by said government. So what people in these united states must realize is when they are accepting the label citizen, they are demoting themselves to a position of subject. We are born naturally sovereigns. It is impossible to be a sovereign, the highest authority over oneself, and a subject. You must pick one. You will be a free sovereign or you will be a subject citizen. You can't have it both ways.

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