With regards to choosing the Right Jurisdiction and Oath for the CuSA Marshals:

Recently a lot of controversy is swirling around a proposed major change to the Continental united States of America ( CuSA) Marshals Program. The time has come for us to attempt to end this controversy by getting both sides of the core issue of jurisdiction clearly explained and then let We the People

Identifying the Enemy Within

It is no secret to anyone who has read the book Rulers of Evil how the Vatican works to inject their agents into all levels of government. It has become very apparent that this has occurred with the continental marshals, superior court justices and maybe even the grand juries. The tactic is done to control the conversation within the group. The agents will use language of which 80 to 90% will be agreeable to all in the group. However, it is the 10 to 20% that is the most important that we must be aware of.

What are the continental united States Marshals

Lately there has been a lot of confusion about the continental united States Marshals. Arguments have been presented specifying the historical background of the continental marshals in these united states. The problem with the historical argument is there is no history for the continental marshals. The continental Marshals Service have never existed until the people created it in recent years.



I am sending My Messengers to you, Beloved.

      You will entertain angels unaware.

            They may not appear to you in a way that you would think or imagine.

            They are bringing messages of Truth.

Test the spirits, My Child.

      You will know them by the Spirit.

My angels always point you to My Word and (3) My Son.

      You will know them by the JOY you feel.

Scribe / County Notary - Highest Office in Law

County Notary – Highest Office in Law

Govern is a lousy word. It's like Lording Over. Joe Biden and Barry Soetoro and Nancy Pelosi continue to throw that word around. Jesus said the Greatest Among You is the Servant of All. Aren't these public officials supposed to be serving us and our country? Why do these thugs govern when they could serve?

How to Apply for a Non-citizen National U.S. Passport

The following instructions are for American nationals to apply for a non-citizen national passport. The first thing one must comprehend is that most Americans are not United States Citizens. Most of these instructions match those found on Vaughn Wilson's site Copper Moonshine Stills. To show your appreciation for his dedication, please visit his site and maybe purchase a still. I like an occasional belt of moonshine and plan to get one myself once I learn more about the differences. USC

Due Course of Law is the Common Law

Many people ask about what evidence that we have that these united states are guaranteed the common law rather than the statutory system. Law in the Constitution for the United States of America refers to the common law as it was the law of the land at the inception of these untied states. This is upheld by the case of Hertado v. California.


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