With regards to choosing the Right Jurisdiction and Oath for the CuSA Marshals:

Recently a lot of controversy is swirling around a proposed major change to the Continental united States of America ( CuSA) Marshals Program. The time has come for us to attempt to end this controversy by getting both sides of the core issue of jurisdiction clearly explained and then let We the People

Anytime intelligent people get together to work on a serious project like Restoring the Rule of Law and Constitutional Government , there will always be differences of opinion on how to best accomplish the key goals and objectives of the project. In fact it is usually an open and vigorous debate which brings forth the best solutions. Critical choices have to be made. It is now clear that We the People need to make a clear choice between staying on the path we are on with the CuSA Marshals Program, or alternatively charting a brand new path towards solving a very different set of problems which were not in our initial scope.

The inherent Rule of Self Government puts all the power and authority for this decision in the hands of We the People. Therefore We the People, and only We the People, can make this critical decision.

As initially defined in the Marshal's Oath, the key goal for the Marshals was to be the enforcement arm for carrying out the decisions of the People's Grand Jury to stop the abuse of the People by our various government corporations acting Lawlessly with Harmful Intent.

The role for CuSA Marshals conceptually was and is that we must unite to stop this horrific abuse by rebuilding the de jure system of government our Founders gave us, while fixing defects in their original design. Common sense tells us in order to protect the People, who are on the land and sea, the Marshals Program MUST operate effectively on the land and sea jurisdiction.

Now despite the Marshal's oath clearly stating the role is to protect the People on the land and sea, and despite the failure of the de facto US Marshals doing their jobs to protect the People a small handful of people are proposing a major and serious change in direction for the Marshals Program. Their current recommendation is to change the jurisdiction of the CuSA Marshals from the jurisdiction of the land to the jurisdiction of the sea, which by its nature is incompatible with Common Law. This is the same design that has historically been used for the US Marshals that has resulted in serious failure to protect the rights of the People and the States. This one change will make it impossible for the CuSA Marshals Program to achieve our original and current key goal of being capable of stopping the abuse of the People by our lawless government because the CuSA Marshals themselves would no longer have any jurisdiction on the Land.

The arguments put forward in favor of this major change do not logically support in any way the core goal of protecting the People from all abuse no matter what jurisdiction the abuse is coming from.

Simply put, the question boils down to do We the People still embrace the original key objective of the CuSA Marshals being the enforcement arm, working with the Grand Jury, to help protect the People from abuse no matter which jurisdiction the abuse is coming from. If yes, we need to IMMEDIATELY reject the changes proposed by these few people and get back to work while staying on our original and current course, which, by the way, has the CuSA Marshals reporting into their respective County and State
Assemblies and People's Grand Juries and not into a central national leader.

If We the People decide that we no longer embrace the concept of the CuSA Marshals, to work hand in hand with the Grand Juries and protect the People from abuse, the enforcement mechanism for the People’s Grand Jury will disappear. The undersigned think that to make this change would not be prudent, as the land is the jurisdiction where we need this protection THE MOST.

Julie Embry

Bruce Doucette

Michael Hamilton

Mickaelene Jo Formanack