Identifying the Enemy Within

It is no secret to anyone who has read the book Rulers of Evil how the Vatican works to inject their agents into all levels of government. It has become very apparent that this has occurred with the continental marshals, superior court justices and maybe even the grand juries. The tactic is done to control the conversation within the group. The agents will use language of which 80 to 90% will be agreeable to all in the group. However, it is the 10 to 20% that is the most important that we must be aware of. What we must do is be ever diligent in keeping an eye out for those who would subvert our efforts to undo what we are all working to do and that is to return the power and authority to the people of these united States of America.

Before going into what specific things to look for in determining if someone might be working for or aiding the enemy, we have to have a look in history to see how we got our start. The establishment of these united States were very much controlled by both the Masons and the Vatican. A Jesuit priest designed the layout of Washington DC in the form of an upside down pentagram just as is the Medal of Honor. Most of the symbology is Roman. So if those two groups can have such control over the establishment of these united States of America, why would we believe they would not take an interest in the people setting up their own law enforcement for the purpose of protecting them from the law of the sea.

There has been a lot of debate of late regarding the continental united States Marshal Service. Much of this debate has been about whether or not the continental Marshals are in the land jurisdiction or the sea. What those of us who have taken the oath of office to serve as superior court justices, continental marshals or grand jury administrators have sworn to do is to protect and defend the rights of the people. If we read the oath that we took, it specifies,

a Natural man/woman living & breathing and standing upon the land, and not a creature, or subject to, or of, the HOLY SEE/ LAW OF THE SEA, do hereby attest and affirm, that I seek the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth, in all matters, seen and unseen, known or unknown, real or imagined, tangible or intangible.

So the continental marshals are in fact in the jurisdiction of the people. Those who would control you, the people, have divided the people into boxes. They spilt us into states, which are subdivisions of the Catholic Church. The boxes of land, sea and air are also boxes that those same controllers have us divided into.

Our oath answers the question of jurisdiction. It makes the question of jurisdiction abundantly clear. The oath that we took specifies that,

I have jurisdiction in all matters of all states and estates, nations, and countries, where oppression, tyranny, suffrage, peonage, barratry, piracy, slavery of any type, involuntary servitude, antitrust, monopolizing, terrorism, exploitation, blackmail, extortion, wrongful detainments & internments for profit have been alleged and/or charged.

As such, we are obligated to protect and defend people wherever they are. The term "state justice" has recently been floated by Anna von Rietz in the debate that has gone on over the structure and jurisdiction of the continental marshals. The term has never been used until the debate that started approximately two weeks ago. The oath that I have signed specifies that I am a "superior court judge" of the continental united States of America. There is nothing in that oath that limits me to Louisiana. The decision of the people was that the judges and marshals would be continental having jurisdiction in "all states and estates, nations, and countries". It is right there in the oath.

The odd thing about Anna von Rietz is she questioned why a Louisiana Judge is interfering with a Georgia marshal in reference to Tresa Haywood. Yet she has not questioned why a Georgia marshal is interfering with a Colorado, Missouri or New York marshal. Why should we suppose that Anna has this double standard? It will become clearer as we move on.

She stated on a phone call with Justice Bruce Doucette that the continental marshals are in the sea jurisdiction. Yes, you read that correctly. I heard it with my own ears. So why would Anna attempt to move the marshals to the sea? The sea jurisdiction is the source of all of the injuries being piled on the people. The sea jurisdiction is admiralty, not common law. Common law is the people's law. It is God's law. Why would it be so important for Anna von Rietz to move the one and only law enforcement agency created by the people for the peoples' protection to serve outside the common law? It is the ONLY law enforcement agency that was created by the people for the protection of the people on the land in these untied States of America. Seems rather peculiar to this author.

What we are doing, those of us who are working to return the power to the people where it belongs, is taking control from the Vatican and the Bankers, both entities that Anna has admitted she meets with periodically. We have had successes in the common law resurrection for some time now, but have lacked one very key element, and that is enforcement. In every single case that I have written for, the very best that any judge could ever do is commit another crime. Just this week and Judge in a case in Texas, a case I am not working on, completely ignored Constitutional arguments. He swore an oath, to uphold the Texas constitution, or did he.

As we have learned, federal court judges have not taken a valid Constitutionally required oath since March 1st, 1991. So they are not violating their oaths when they completely ignore the Constitution. However, they are also impersonating a judge, since the Constitution for the United States of America requires they take an oath that is "agreeable with" the Constitution. So without enforcement, we will have no way to stop the treason.

Recently a private discussion about Tresa Haywood's conduct has morphed from a discussion about her actions into a discussion about the Continental Marshals jurisdiction. This has occurred by Anna von Rietz and Tresa Haywood. But here is what is disturbing about their arguments. They are asking all of you who have sworn and oath before God to ignore your oath. They are asking that you go back on your word to God to "have jurisdiction in all matters of all states and estates, nations, and countries". They want you to forget that you swore an oath before God and witnesses "My Oath is my Bond. My Word is my Honor. My Honor is Steadfast & Resolute."

We have two Superior Court Judges that have asked that we ignore, in violation of our oaths, injuries caused by Tresa Haywood. Steve Curry, who has admitted to being a "registered government informant" to Justice Doucette, is one of those judges. There have been at least 25 people injured by a misappropriation of funds that Haywood was entrusted with. Anna has called that "a petty personnel matter". That evidence will be forthcoming, but the issue for today is for all of you who have sworn an oath to ask yourselves one very important question. Are the actions of those who have been attacking some of us in line with their oaths of office? Have they asked you to violate your oath? How do I confirm they have asked me to violate my oath? Well, I can assure you, as anyone who took the oath knows, asking you to move your jurisdiction from the people to the sea is pretty good evidence of what they are doing. It is also a violation to ignore the injuries of others. We swore an oath that we would come to the aide of those who have been injured and are being asked to ignore those injuries. They call the accusations "heresay" and "rumors". Nothing to see here. Just keep moving. don't stop to look at any evidence.

So when we start to analyze all of the data it points in but one direction. Let us look at the totality of the data. Haywood has slowed the growth of the continental marshals. She has made extraordinary claims about what she has accomplished and who she knows with no 3rd party confirmation of any of those claims. We will not go into the other injuries she has caused just yet, but she has been blindly and viciously defended by Anna von Rietz to the point that I now get emails and calls from people who no longer believe what she is doing. They, being diligently watching for the enemy within, noticed that she is both attacking someone who has been protecting people in court, and attempting to move the continental marshals outside of the control of the people.

What we are accomplishing is this. We are putting in place a law enforcement agency that will arrest traitors among us. It is under the control of the peoples' grand juries. It follows the orders of the grand juries and superior court judges. It's purpose, as are the judges and grand juries, is to hold government agents and others who do harm to the people accountable for their actions and it is done under the common law, the one law that the corporations and Vatican cannot control. So, the only way that those who wish to control the people can stop it is to attack those of us who have and are protecting the people. If they take away the people's protection, they can continue their attacks on the people. We can stop the bank from taking your home. We can stop the fake judges from taking your freedom and your money. We can get your children returned to you. They do not want you to know how we do that. They want to continue to steal your home, your children and your freedom, because they get paid to do it. Bar judges, for example, get 10% of everything they generate through their courts. So much for unbiased judges.

So for those of you who are confused, just take a look at the actions of those who are so vehemently attacking those of us who are defending injured people. It would be a violation of my oath of office as superior court judge to ignore the injuries that Haywood has caused. It would be a violation of your oath of office to do the same and it would be a violation of your oath of office to permit anyone from changing the structure of the continental marshals just because she said so. Anna took it upon herself to write "mission statement" that she has sent to Haywood and Haywood has distributed to the marshals. So why is an Alaska marshal interfering with a Colorado marshal? Anna does not have the authority to write the mission statement of the marshals in an effort to control them. This speaks volumes about where her loyalties lie. But that is for you to decide when you ask the questions posed above.

So let's review what we have at this point in the development of the continental marshals. The very first marshal who took the oath was marshal Marshal Spring. He turn out to be a government informant who has not been heard of since he was confronted by two judges and a grand jury investigator in Colorado. Another judge in Colorado has admitted to being a registered government informant who is supposed to be informing about bad government agents. But what government is he informing to? The de jure federal government has not been seated since around 1946. What is sitting in its place is a corporation responsible for all of the harm done to people on a daily basis. I am told his arrest warrants have disappeared since. Another judge, Anna von Rietz has been fervently pushing to move the continental marshals out of the control of the people who created the agency as authorized in a republican form of government. She has even gone so far as to claim the marshals serve over the grand juries. that is exactly what the corporation "law enforcement" does not. Does it make sense to give an armed army power to rule over the people in a union of republics in which the people are sovereign. So much for their sovereignty.

The chief marshal, Haywood, copyrighted the name and badge design of the continental marshals and has no problem saying, "and NOW you have a guy in Colorado recruiting Marshals really??? copyright Rodger......I own it". She has done this on more than one occasion and has even left a recorded message to that effect. Listeners will also learn of another false statement made by Haywood in the recording. She has stated that she has the contract with the badge manufacturer. The contract is with someone else, not Haywood. The claim for her getting the badge in her name is it was to "protect" the continental marshals. She could have just as easily copyrighted it in the name of the continental marshals rather than in her name. She has made this claim repeatedly and that claim will be disputed in court, if need be, but we already have the evidence to show that she did not create either the name or the design.

It should be of no surprise to anyone that when the people start putting in place a means of taking back control of these united states, that they never did really have control of, that same Vatican is going to embed its agents within us to undermine our successes. It should be obvious who those agents are. They are the ones who will use witch hunt type verbiage accusing others of being "defacto". They will use condescending language against others to discredit them. They will do their tasks more slowly and blame others for those tasks not being completely. They will stand up meetings with those that were planned in advance. They will make the issues at hand a popularity contest in an effort to divide us. After all, if they cull even a third of the people out, they is still a set back. They will call the actions of others who expose their ways "criminal" in the hopes to discredit us. They treat everyone else like they are not intelligent enough to see through their scam.

So all of you who may have a question about what you should believe, just ask yourself some very simple questions.

  1. Why would Anna be meeting with the Vatican when we know the Vatican is our enemy?
  2. How would she know that Rothschild is financing our military?
  3. Why would Anna and Haywood be attempting to take control of the continental marshals from the people?
  4. If Haywood has done such a great job, what can we point to confirm any of that is true?
  5. Why would a judge be registered as a government informant?
  6. Did you join the continental marshal to work for the same corporation the U.S. marshals, FBI and ATC work for or did you join to protect the people?

So rather than just take the word of a couple of people, ask yourself a couple of questions. You will probably be able to come to your own conclusions.