bose 3-2-1 gs dvd home entertainment system manual

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bose 3-2-1 gs dvd home entertainment system manual

bose 3-2-1 gs dvd home entertainment system manual

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bose 3-2-1 gs dvd home entertainment system manualIt will help you set up and operate your system properly, and enjoy all of its advanced features.Yet its few parts require little effort to set up, so you can enjoy your new system’s performance right. Dolby Digital is the most common means of encoding audio for DVD-Video. It is the width of the picture relative to the height. Save all packing materials, which provide the safest way to transport your system. Check to be sure your system includes the parts shown in Figure 1. If any part of the system appears damaged, do not attempt to use it. Notify Bose or your authorized Bose sheet included in the carton. The Acoustimass will connect to a power outlet. For ordering information, refer to “Accessories” on page 46.Figure 8 System placement for ideal coverage CAUTION: Be sure to read the section on making the connections before you plug in the system. Figure 12 Making the left and right speaker connections Note: When properly inserted, there will be a small gap between the plug and the speaker panel. Unwind the wires for each antenna to provide the best reception. Note: An outdoor antenna may be used in place of the two that are supplied.Note: If your TV does not have an audio output jack, see “If your TV does not have audio out- put jacks”. This cable may be purchased from your Bose dealer or a local electronics retailer. Before you pro- ceed, you must determine if your TV has audio output jacks. Consult your TV owner’s guide if you need assistance. When the TV is on, the words “VIDEO 1”, “VIDEO 2”, or “AUX”. For this type of connection, you will need one additional video cable, which can be purchased at your local electronics store. Figure 22 AUX input connections Connecting other playback equipment Other playback components, such as an audio CD changer, can be connected to the AUX inputs on the rear panel of the media center (Figure 22). Or, you can press any source button on the remote to select the source and turn the system on at the same time.

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See “Selecting the correct video input on your TV”. To contact Bose for information on how to purchase the remote separately, refer to the address sheet included with the system. Control panel and buttons The media center has eight buttons located on the top control panel. To enter the Settings menu Before you begin, make sure you have selected the correct Video Input setting on your TV. To check the system status Figure 27 A DVD status example Settings (DVD) You can also press any source button on the remote to turn the system on and select the source at the same time. The 8 levels of parental control correspond with the ratings on DVDs, and are usually equivalent to standard movie ratings provided by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). For more details on changes you can make to the settings, refer to the Sound Adjustments and System Adjustments sections of this guide. For more details on changes you can make to the settings, refer to the Sound Adjustments and System Adjustments sections that follow in this guide Selection: CD setting options: Sleep Timer:. To store a particular station: 1. Automatically engages Bose Dolby Digital bitstream indicates that it contains a mono program.A menu of the available settings for the current source will be displayed on your TV screen. 3. Using the Tune 4. DVD Setup Video Format: Video Black Level: DVD Setup submenu The DVD Setup submenu lists options for how the DVD player should operate, including Parental Control. This allows the unit to reset itself. After reconnecting the power cord, wait for the mes- sage, “BOSE 321” to appear on the media center display.Details of the warranty are provided on the warranty card that came with your system. CAUTION: Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure. The DVD player should not be adjusted or repaired by anyone except properly qualified service personnel. These numbers are allocated according to where the player and disc are sold.No part of this work may be reproduced, modified, distributed or otherwise used without prior written permission. Dolby and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Confidential unpublished works. Save all packing materials, which provide the safest way to transport your system. Notify Bose or your authorized Bose sheet included in the carton. Note: The speakers can be mounted on Bose brackets, table stands, or floor stands. For order- ing information, refer to “Accessories” on page 54. Additional or longer cables may also be ordered. Refer to the list of offices included in the product carton. Connecting the Acoustimass module to the media center Plug one end of the Acoustimass module cable into the Acoustimass Module jack on the rear of the media center (Figure 6). Figure 8 Separating left and right speaker cords 3. Unwind the wires for each antenna to provide the best reception. Figure 10 Antenna connections FM dipole antenna. Making audio connections Note: If your TV does not have audio output jacks, see “If your TV does not have audio output jacks”. Before you proceed, you must determine if your TV has audio output jacks. Consult your TV owner’s guide if you need assistance. To do this, you will need one additional video cable, which can be purchased at your local electronics store. Note: For more information, or to purchase the video cables, contact your local electronics store or authorized Bose dealer. Nederlands Svenska. Use an optical digital cable or a coaxial digital cable, as appropriate, to connect this output to the digital input on the media center. You can purchase the required cables at a local electronics store. Con- nect the video output of the game console to the C (composite) Video IN jack. Figure 18 Game console connections Game console connection panel. Voltage variations and spikes can damage electronic components in any system. A quality suppressor can eliminate the vast majority of failures attributed to surges and may be purchased at electronics stores. Be sure to perform step 4 and play the setup DVD. The setup DVD can help you verify that you set up your system cor- rectly for proper sound performance. Requires special remote settings.Requires special remote settings.The symbol defines the function.Control panel The media center has six buttons located on the top control panel. Playing other sources Turn on any component connected to the media center by using the remote for that compo- nent or controls on the component front panel. For that purpose, each source you use with this system has its own Settings menu with features appropriate to that source. To view the settings menus You can see the Settings menu for each source on your TV screen (Figure 24) and on the display panel of your media center (Figure 25). You can use the actions above to change back to the original (default) settings, too. Do that if you do not like the effect of a change you have made, or accidentally made a change you did not intend. Press Exit to remove the menu from the screen. Item CD settings menu To see the CD Settings menu, press CD-DVD on the remote while playing an audio CD. Then press Settings. Then press Settings. Press Exit to remove the menu from the screen.There are no separate setting menus for these sources. Movie EQ, Range Compression and Mono Decoding appear in the menu only if Audio Processing is set to User Adjustable. If your system operates as you want it to, there may be no need for any changes. In some cases, however, changes are required to make the system fully compatible with the installation options you have chosen. Nederlands Svenska select navigate Description Media center display lights with a mid-range brightness. Figure 31 Remote Control system options navigate System Option Settings TV Brand Brand name TV Device Code Code number CBL SAT Device. To activate this feature, you need to set a level of restriction and establish a password in the DVD Lock section of the System menu. Do not use any solvents, chemicals, or cleaning solutions containing alcohol, ammonia, or abrasives. Bose also offers cable adapters for use in running speaker cable through walls. For further information or to order the mounting brackets, stands, or cable adapters, contact your Bose dealer or Bose Corporation directly. This allows the unit to reset itself.For the remote setup procedure, see your owner’s guide. To find available codes for a device, search the listing under the appropriate device type heading. Bose AV3-2-1II Media Center Home Entertainment System This unit will only include the following: Acoustimass subwoofer, Bose remote control, manuals, 2 The AV3-2-1 and AV3-2-1 GS media centers are to be used only with the PS3-2-1 or Home Theater System Bose 3-2-1 GSX SERIES III Owner's Manual.Reload to refresh your session. Reload to refresh your session. Usado: BuenoThere are some scratches on surface from normal used Also please feel free to contact us with any questions you have.Por favor, intentalo de nuevo mas tarde.Intentalo de nuevo.Elija una ubicacion de entrega diferente.These Arrays are smaller than those used in the 3:2:1 Series III system and offer an enhanced spatial experience.Para salir de este carrusel, utiliza la tecla de acceso directo del encabezado para desplazarte al encabezado siguiente o anterior. Intenta mas tarde hacer tu busqueda de nuevo.Universal remote controls system and connected sources. The two compact speakers flank your TV, aided by the powerful Acoustimass module, which provides the cinematic depth and orchestral sweep that bring movies and music to life. Together they bring out the full audio potential of your HDTV, and deliver sound that seems to surround Place the Acoustimass module out of sight to enjoy enhanced home theater sound performance with fewer visible components. And Digital Dynamic Range speaker compression circuitry enables you to hear soft sounds (particularly dialogue) even at low volumes--and still appreciate the impact of loud special effects. Setup is easier than traditional 5.1-channel home theater surround sound systems--three wires and a power cord are all you need. The Acoustimass module works in concert with the small speakers to deliver the full range of home theater sound Product Highlights Gemstone Speakers are the smallest, most powerful 2.1-channel speakers from Bose. Proprietary Bose technology gives these small speakers the strength to produce the exciting depth and resonance of home theater sound. Patented Gemstone speaker array design works in concert with TrueSpace digital surround processing circuitry to deliver a spacious multichannel presentation from just two visible speakers and a hideaway Acoustimass module. The patented Bose design produces low frequencies for all channels with no audible distortion. When the module is tucked behind a curtain or chair, all of the sound seems to come directly from the two arrays. Proprietary TrueSpace Digital Processing Circuitry delivers a spacious, multichannel sound experience with strong center imaging from just two visible speakers and a hideaway Acoustimass module. Universal Infrared Remote delivers seamless system operation and controls most video components attached to your TV. Easy System Setup consists of only four simple connections. This eliminates the guesswork often associated with more complex systems. Digital 5.1 Decoding provides improved realism from 5.1-encoded DVDs, DBS or HDTV. The universal IR remote delivers seamless system operation Videostage 5 Decoding and Post-Processing Circuitry, combined with digital 5.1 decoding, delivers a high quality, multichannel surround sound experience from practically any source: DVDs, videocassettes, stereo CDs, even older mono TV shows and movies. The bracket allows both horizontal and vertical adjustment of speakers, so you can direct the sound where you like. Sold as a single bracket. Designed to optimize listening. A groove in the tubing conceals the speaker wire while providing quick, easy access. Height: 7 inches. Sold as a single stand. Amazon calcula la calificacion de estrellas de un producto utilizando un modelo de aprendizaje mecanico en lugar de un promedio de datos sin procesar. El modelo de aprendizaje mecanizado toma en cuenta factores que incluyen: la edad de una resena, los votos de ayuda de los clientes y si las opiniones pertenecen a compras verificadas. Vuelva a intentarlo en otro momento. The sound is great so far and I am satisfy. The 2 small speakers able to provide the surround sound feel and the bass is good. Thats amazing. This system does what it advertise. However, This is my second system because the first one was not working. It shut off randomly. The build quality is very cheap for the main unit. FYI, the inside component just a regular computer DVD rom hook up with a media motherboard. I got it for a great discount so that I don't complaint at all. Overall, The sound is fantastic and i enjoy it. But Just make sure you got the working unit. Pro Very easy to setup, just plug and play. Good surround sound feel (consider this is not the real 5.1) Enough bass Good sound for movie and gaming. Con Cheap built quality on the speaker and the main unit The sound of mid and high range is clean but could be better. Only 1 optical input (big mistake) No HDMI input Option for sound adjustment is very limit. Missing Blu ray.Very satisfied with result. Works well with my Logitech One univeral remote. I found the set up slightly confusing but I eventually got it. Performance met my expectations for a Bose product. They just beat the pants off any competition. I sucked out some of the bass and slightly boosted the high end. The result is very competent, satisfying sound in a family room.Shipping was quick. A very good value proposition and we really like the set up. I highly recommend them. I don't understand the negative reviews. Are you talking about the same product. I would endorse this product to anyone who seeks a superior TV sound solution without a lot of hassle.The voices in the movies I watch are more life like and sound like they are in the room. Post your question here in this forum. We're committed to dealing with such abuse according to the laws in your country of residence. When you submit a report, we'll investigate it and take the appropriate action. We'll get back to you only if we require additional details or have more information to share. Note that email addresses and full names are not considered private information. Please mention this; Therefore, avoid filling in personal details. Please enter your email address. Multilingual. UTS-20 universal table stand - Quick setup guide. English. UB-20 wall or ceiling bracket - Quick setup guide. View and Download Bose 3-2-1 Series II owner's manual online. Bose Owner's Guide DVD HOME ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEMS 321 Series II, 321GS Series II. 3-2-1 Series II Home Theater System pdf manual download. Also for: 321gs series ii, 3-2-1 gs series ii. View and Download Bose 3-2-1 GS SERIES II owner's manual online. 3-2-1 GS SERIES II Home Theater System pdf manual download. WARNING: To reduce the risk of.Compatible Model: 3-2-1 Series II GS Series II, Compatible Brand: For Bose. Bose av321 troubleshooting service manual 1st page. Bose av321 series ii media center for 321 home theater system av 3 2. Bose av3 2 1 series ii media. There are two versions of the Bose 3-2-1 devices, Series I and Series II. Each series has different functions. To control your Bose 3-2-1 system properly, both the series and the model number must be correct. The series is listed in the user manual. If the user manual lists one of the following models with no series, it is a. The illustrated quick-start poster, the setup DVD (which includes chapters on setting up the speakers, the main system, and the remote control), and the thorough printed user guide make installation a breeze, but the 3-2-1 Series II's limited video-device connectivity is a letdown, especially at this price point. Bose 3-2-1 GSX User Guide Manual - Cinema System Read more about system, video, audio, nederlands, italiano and english. The manuals from this brand are divided to the category below. You can easily find what you need in a few seconds.Retrevo has links to download PDF manuals for more than 52 Bose Home Theater Systems. Here are quick links to some popular Bose Home Theater Systems models. Connect the system with just three wires and a power cord for truly hassle-free set-up.The Bose 3-2-1- GS is a progressive-scan DVD home entertainment system. Bose recommends resetting the 3-2-1 GS sound system if the unit is frozen, unresponsive or if you cannot. The amplifier was relocated to the subwoofer (termed. For certain B2B (business-to-business) IT services, however, the sales cycle is dramatically different and much time is spent directly with the prospective customer. Five big speakers. A rack of complex equipment. A tangle of wires. The new 3-2-1 GS Series II system is different. No center or rear speakers, which means no wiring to the back of your room. For the complete audio-visual entertainment experience, surround sound is a must. And the installation isn't complicated or space consuming—if you choose the right equipment. Satellite radio is another big bonus. The company's oil and gas properties and leaseholds are as follows: 1 acres in the Du Bose tract near Burkburnett, Texas; one-half interest in 2 acres adjoining the Du Bose tract. Home Theater System BOSE 3-2-1GS SERIES III Owner's Manual. Dvd home. Related Manuals for Bose 3-2-1. Home Theater System Bose 3.2.1 GS Series II, 3.2.1 Series II Owner's Manual. Bose dvd home entertainment system. Bow Thruster kit contents: Thruster, Tunnel, Cable, Fuse and Fuse.Results 1 - 9 of 9. May be compatible with other Bose lifestyle systems pls refer to your user manual.Bose 3-2-1 321 GS Series II FULL Home Entertainment DVD Theater Media HD System. We also have huge selection of product manual and guidebook from wide and numerous brand name all over the world, which happens to be very. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. User-Friendly Manuals. Product Instructions. Something went wrong. View cart for details.User Agreement, Privacy, Cookies and AdChoice Norton Secured - powered by Verisign. Please try again.CDs, VHS tapes, and even mono TV programs,that weren?t recorded in surround soundIn order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Create a free account Representative 21.9 APR (variable). Credit offered by NewDay Ltd, over 18s only, subject to status. Terms apply.Please try your search again later.You can edit your question or post anyway.We will only be able to confirm if this product can be delivered to your chosen address when you enter your delivery address at checkout. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Amazon calculates a product’s star ratings based on a machine learned model instead of a raw data average. The model takes into account factors including the age of a rating, whether the ratings are from verified purchasers, and factors that establish reviewer trustworthiness. Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again. WA R N IN G: This app aratus shall not be expos ed to dripping or spl ashing, and object s filled with li quids, such as vases, s hall not be pl aced on the app aratus. As with any ele ctroni c product s, us e care not to s pill liquids in any p art of the sy stem. The exclamat ion poin t within an equi lateral t riang le alerts the user to the presence of i mportant operating an d maintenan ce instruct ions in this own er’ s guide. CAUTIO N: T o prevent electri c shock, m atch wi de blade of pl ug to wide s lot, i nsert full y. The CLA SS 1 LASER PRODUCT la bel is loc ated on t he bot tom of th e med ia cent er. CAUTIO N: Use of contr ols or adj ustmen ts or per formance of proce dures othe r than th ose spec- ified herei n may result in hazardo us radiation exp osure. Th e DVD player shoul d not be adjusted or repaired b y anyo ne exc ept pr operly q ualifi ed ser vice personn el. Class B emissi ons limits This Class B d igital apparatus mee ts al l requirements of t he Ca nadian In terference-Causin g Equipmen t Regulations. Batteries Please dispose of used batteries pr operly, following any local regulations. Do not incinerate. Additional safety i nformation See the addi tional instru ctio ns on th e Important Safety Information sheet en close d in the shi ppi ng carto n. Please read this owner ’ s guide Please ta ke the time t o follow this owner’ s guide carefull y. It will hel p you s et up and op erate your sys - tem properly, an d enjoy al l of its adv anced feat ures. Save your owner’ s gui de for future reference.Dolby and the double -D symbol are trademar ks of Dolb y Laborat ories. Manu factured under license fr om Dolby Lab orator ies. Conf ide ntial unpu blish ed wor ks. 1992-1997 Dolby Laboratories. All rights reserved. This product incorporate s copyright protection tech nology that is protec ted by method clai ms of certain U.S. patent s and other intell ectual pr operty rights owned by Macrovision Corporation and other rights owners. Use of this copyright protection technology must be authorized by Mac rovision Corporation, and is i ntended for home a nd other limi ted vi ewing us es onl y unl ess other wise authorized by Macro vision Corporation. Reverse en gine ering or disassembly is prohibited. “DTS” and “DT S Digital Surround” ar e registe red trad emarks of Dig ital Theat er Systems, Inc. MPEG Layer -3 au dio compre ssio n tec hnol og y licen sed by Frau nho fer IIS a nd TH OMS ON mu lti media. This product incorporates copyright protected technology and other intel lectual property rights owned by Cirrus Logic, Inc.Use of this copyright protected technology is l imited so lely to use wi th th e Cir rus Logic integrated circu its incorporated in this product. Reverse engineering or disassembly is prohibited. These n umbers ar e allocated ac cord ing to wher e the player an d disc ar e sold. Then be sur e to choose on ly DVD dis cs that show th e same r egion number on the disc label or fr ont cover.Our s tandar d TV pictur e, in termin ology u sed by th at indus try, is 4 u nits wide by 3 un its high, or 4:3 (r ead as 4 by 3) in aspect ra t io. It provid es the high est reso lution vide o, bu t cannot b e proce ssed by a ll televi sion s ets. Ther efore, it is becoming common practic e to transfe r films to vi deo with black bord ers at the top a n d bottom of the pictur e. The film pi ctur e becomes a “ letterbox” within the video. Thi s is a compr essed audio f ormat that allo w s you to r ecord many hour s of mu sic on a sing le CD. A televi sion format use d extensivel y in W estern Eur ope. It is a serial dat a str eam that is code d for tran smission or re cor ding. PCM is also us ed for many oth er types of seria l data communications. M ost high- end tel evisions have S-video inputs. Details of the limi ted warrant y are p ro vided on the p rodu ct regi strati on car d that came with yo ur system. Pl ease fill o ut the informa tion secti on on the car d and mail it to Bose. Failur e to do so will not affect your limit ed warranty righ ts.Sav e all packing materi als, whi ch pr ovide t he safest way to trans port yo ur syste m. Check to be su re yo ur syst em includes the part s shown in Fi gur e 1. If any pa rt of the system ap pears da maged, do not a ttempt to use it. For Bose contact in formation, r efer to the addr ess sheet i ncluded in t he ca rton. WA R N I N G: T o avoi d danger o f suffocat ion, kee p the pla stic bags out of the reach o f children. Figure 1 Contents of the shipping carton Note: Now is a good t ime to fi nd the se rial numb ers on the b ottom of the m edia cente r and Acoustimass mo dule.Placing the media center CAUTIO N: Do not block a ny ven tilation openings. F or rel iable oper ation of the prod uct and to protect it from ove rheating, put t he produc t in a positi on and l ocation that w ill not interfe re with its proper ven tilation. For exa mple, do not p lace the product on a bed, so fa, or similar surface t hat may block the v entilatio n openin gs. Note: Make sure that th e front of the m edia cente r is unob structed so that it may r eceive IR (infrare d) comma nds from t he remot e contro l. Figure 2 Sample media center and speaker placement Note: The spe akers ar e magnet ically shiel ded to prevent interfe rence with the TV screen. Right speaker Left speaker 3 ft (1 m) maximum 3 ft (1 m) maximum 3 ft (1 m) minimum Media cent er If you are placing the speak ers on a flat surface, be sure to att ach the smal ler of t he two set s of sup- plied rubber fe et to the bottom surface. T o con tact Bose, refer to the list of offi ces included in the product c arton. Note: The speakers can be mounted on Bose brac kets, table stands, or floor stands. For order- ing infor matio n, refer to “A ccessori es” on page 53. Addit ional or longer ca bles may also b e ordered. Do not p lace the speakers at an ang le. Angling on e or both speake rs into or awa y from th e listening a rea s ignifi- cantly alt ers system perfor mance. Figure 5 Reco mme n ded o rie nt at ion of the modu le CAUTIO N: Do not block the openings o n the back o f the modul e, which pro vide vent ilation for the b uilt-in c ircui try. CAUTIO N: The Aco ustimass modul e generate s a magnetic field. Al though this is not a n immedi- ate risk to you r video tapes, audio tapes, and other magnetic media, you should not store any of the se items dir ect ly on or ne ar th e mo dule. 3 ft (1 m) min imu m A C I N P U T M U S I C C E N T E R Refe r to th e list of offices i ncluded in the p roduct cart on. Connecting the Acoustimass module to the media ce nter Plug one end of th e Acoustimas s module cable int o the Acoustima ss Module jack on the r ear of the m edia cente r (Figure 6). Plug the other e nd of th e cable in to the inpu t ( ) jack on the r ear of the Ac oustimass mod ule. Note: The j acks for th e Acous tim ass modul e cab le are keyed so that the cable co nnect or s only plug in on e way. Make s ure t hat the a rro w on t he con nect or body fa ces u p whe n pl uggin g in t he c able. Figure 6 Acoustimass module-to- media center connectio n Connecting the speakers to the Acoustimass module 1. Insert t he single- plug end of th e speaker cab le into th e SPEAKERS jack on the r ear panel of the Acous timass mo dule ( Figure 7). Tigh ten bot h screws on the plug. Figure 7 Speaker cable-to- Acoustimass module connection Acou stima ss modu le i nput jack Aco ustima ss module c able Media cen ter rear panel Acou stimass modul e inpu t jack Aco ustima ss module c able Speaker cab le Figure 8 Separating left and right speaker cords 3. Plug the LEF T speaker cable into t he r ear jack of th e left sp eaker (Fig ure 9 ). Plug th e RIGHT spea ker cable into the r ear jack on t he right sp eaker. Figure 9 Left and right speaker connections Note: Make sure cable con nectors are fully i nserted and seated firmly in the speak er jacks. RI G H T LE F T RIGHT speaker cable LEFT speaker cable Unwind th e wires for each antenna t o pr ovide the b est r eception. Figure 10 Antenna connections FM antenna Plug the FM an tenna i nto t he FM ja ck on the med ia cent er rear panel. Spr ead out the ant enna arms and mov e them aro u nd to estab lish optimum FM r eception. Extend the a n tenna as f ar fr om the media c enter an d other equ ipment as po ssible. AM an tenna Plug the AM loop antenn a into the AM jack on the media ce nter r ear panel. Experiment wit h position ing the loop for op ti- mum AM reception. F ollow the in stru ctions e nclosed with the AM l oop ante nna to s tand it on the suppli ed base, or mount it to a wall. Connecting cable FM radio Some cable TV provi ders make FM radio sig nals avai lable thr ough the cable ser vice to your home. This connection is made to the ex ternal FM jack on the ba ck panel of t he media ce n- ter. T o conn ect to t his serv ice, c ontact y our cab le TV pr ovider for ass ista nce. If necessar y, con tact yo ur cable com pany. FM di pole antenna AM loop antenna Medi a center Note: An outdoor a ntenna ma y be used in p lace of t he supplied indoo r antennas. T o add an out door antenn a, co nsult a qual ified insta ller. Follow al l safety instr uctions su p- plied w ith the antenn a. Ot herwis e, co ntin ue. 1. Connect one en d of the suppli ed ster eo cabl e to the TV Audio IN jacks on the rear pane l of the me dia center ( Figur e 11). Inse rt the white RCA plug int o the TV white L jack. In se rt the red RCA plug into the TV re d R jack. 2. Connect t he other end of the ster eo cable t o the audi o output jac ks on your T V. Insert th e white RC A plug int o the whit e AUDI O OUT L jack. Inse rt the red RCA p lug into the red AUDI O OUT R jack.