Instructions for taking the oath of office for Marshal or Superior Court Judge

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Instructions for taking the oath of office for Marshal or Superior Court Judge

These are the instruction for taking the oath of office for continental marshal or superior court judge.

Print off several copies of the oath of office so that you have backup copies for safe keeping in case a government employee "loses" yours. You will also have to purchase two one dollar stamps for each copy of your oath. You will also need to purchase a red ink pen, a red stamp pad and a gold ink pen. These are available at most office supply stores.

You must have three people witness your taking the oath of office. I have to witness you taking the oath of office as well. If you let me know when you will have three people with you to witness your oath, I will try to make myself available at that time so you can read the oath just once. However, if I am not available, I can always witness your oath at another time after your witnesses have done so.

When you sign your name, it should be signed with read ink. You then use your thumb print with the red ink pad to seal your signature. Your thumbprint must contact your signature. This ties a thumbprint to a particular signature. All of your witnesses must sign in the same fashion. The red ink signifies you are a living soul. Blue ink signifies the admiralty.

The one dollar postage stamps are to be placed on the page diagonally corner to corner with the lower right corner of the higher stamp touching the upper left corner of the lower stamp. You must cancel the stamps by drawing a gold line from the top left corner of the upper stamp through the corner to the lower right corner of the lower stamp. Your name must be signed on the stamp in gold and the date must be written on the stamp in gold as well. You then use the red ink pad and place your thumbprint on the page. You thumbprint must contact the page, your signature and the stamp. The signifies your bond.

After you and your witness have signed the oath, contact me and I will instruct you where to send the copies for my signature. I travel a lot, so I cannot say where to send it until you contact me. Send the oaths in a large flat envelope so they do not have to be folded. Include a self addressed postage paid envelope with your oaths. I use the flat rate envelope from the USPS for mine. These cost about $6.50, but they are heavy so they provide good protection for the oaths.

Once you get the oaths returned to you, make a copy of one of them in color and take them to your local county clerk's office to have the original recorded and the copy certified by the clerk. You wil then send the oath to another judge to have it file with the federal government. I will that information here soon. So check back for where to send it.

I will also soon post an example once I get back to where mine are located.



Michael, I am located in

Michael, I am located in Missouri, do not know any free people here, do you? Can you contact me?

Can I become a continental marshal if I do not have/own gun? can I become a superior court judge without law degree? How can I access your information (to educate myself)  at Peacekeeper's page, if I do not have/own gun? Would you travel to Missouri? ...

Thank you in advance, Dagmar


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I believe we do have some in Missouri

Email me your phone number. michael @ this site.

M. R. Hamilton
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Marshal Oath

I was surprised today to see that Anna Von Reitz posted  an article on her site and seems to be having issues with the position M.R. has taken on the role of a Continental Marshal.  I was interested in taking that oath, but since the office isn't a land office, and is in the international jurisdiction, then one would be deemed as a U.S. citizen for as long as said office is held.  I've worked very hard to get out of that role, and am not so sure I would want to jump back in.  Hopefully M.R. will respond to Anna's message and the correct role of the marshal can be conferred.   

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I did respond to Anna von Reitz

I did respond to Anna's post. Anna is attempting to change the structure of the continental marshals. The marshals are not now nor ever been in the sea jurisdiction. All of this is self evident in the oath. It spells out very clearly what the people wanted. Anna is but one vote and attempted to interject her opinions when those who were discussing the establishment of the Continental united States of America marshals. Her view was rejected by popular vote. Now Anna has accused those who participated as ignorant for not following her lead. We already have a sea jurisdiction marshal service. It is called the U.S. marshals service. Why on earth would the people want to create a duplicate? Of course, they would not. What Anna is failing to acknowledge is the people have the authority to establish anything they so desire for their protection. When other servant agency they have created started ruling over them, it was the peoples' prerogative to create another to serve the people instead of lord over them.

Ann's arguments do not hold water, because there is no place in history for the CuSA marshals. They have never existed before in history.

M. R. Hamilton
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