How to Cut the Size of Government in Half in Four Years or Less

I have listened and read complaints by many people about the size of government in these untied states for years now. The way that most people attempt to fix a bloated government is to elect other people who promise to reduce the size of government. Yet, if we look at government, it has never gotten smaller and only gotten bigger since its inception in the united states of America. As a matter of fact, I have met people from some European countries who talk about how much worse the police are here than in their home countries.

How Libertarians Can Take back America in Less Than Two Years

I used to be involved in the Libertarian Party. As a matter of fact I chaired the Libertarian Party of Pierce County Washington for a couple of years back in 2000 and 2001. One thing I found frustrating was how most Libertarian candidates could not garner more than around 30% of the vote. This was true even though the race, like mine, was only a two way race.

No 2nd Amendment for US Citizens


The National Rifle Association is in a unique position to do more to take back the United States of America much faster than any other organization in these united states. It has the largest gun owner membership than any other organization not counting the US military, of course.

Join A Group

At you can create a group for yoru interests. When you create the group, you are automatically made the group manager. These are the guidlelines by which group managers must abide.

Claiborne Parish Louisiana Grand Jury

This grand jury is for those desiring to participate in the common law grand jury for Claiborne parish, Louisiana. The common law grand jury still has higher authority than any judge or prosecutor in these united states of America. Contrary to what you may be told by government agents, the common law is guaranteed to people by the US Constitution, even though the State of Louisiana claims that it practices civil law or Napoleanic law.

Louisiana Grand Jury

This is the master group for the common law grand jury for this state. Contrary to the claims of the state of Louisiana, who claims the law of Louisiana is civil and not common law, the people of the united states of America are guaranteed the common law in the Constitution for the United States of America if they so choose. The reason a state would prefer civil law to common law, is because there are no statutes and codes in common law. The law is what the sovereign decrees it to be in common law and each and every people must consent for any statute to apply to him of her.


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