No 2nd Amendment for US Citizens


The National Rifle Association is in a unique position to do more to take back the United States of America much faster than any other organization in these united states. It has the largest gun owner membership than any other organization not counting the US military, of course.

But an armed incursion is not what I have in mind. What makes the members of the NRA unique is they pay attention more than many members of American society. There is one problem that NRA members, however, may not be aware, and it is a matter of semantics. You see, the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution for the United States of America does not apply to most NRA members and it is inadvertently by their choice. That is one of the biggest reasons that the NRA is not more successful than it is in changing the political landscape in America.

Don't take my word for it. Let us read the 2nd Amendment.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Who does the 2nd Amendment say has the right to keep and bear arms? People have that right. Citizens do not. Like other republics, people are sovereign and statutes passed into “law” do not apply to those who are people unless those people do so consent. And like those other republics, the citizens are owned by the government and all of the rights granted to the citizens are civil rights and not natural rights. The reason that you did not know this is because you were “educated” in schools run by that very government who is seemingly usurping your rights. However, once you comprehend the difference in a republic and a democracy and a people and citizen, you also comprehend they are not usurping your rights if you are one of the citizens since citizens' rights are civil rights and civil rights are privileges granted by government. That is why we have heard that driving is a privilege. It is for citizens. For people, it is a natural right. If you are one of the people, nothing the government has done has any lawful force of authority over you, so the government has still done nothing to usurp your rights other than to fool you into labeling yourself a citizen under the guise of being patriotic. Thank the schools again.

So it is a simple thing to correct. All the NRA has to do is remind it's members about the difference in a democracy and a republic and citizens and people. The 16th amendment created a class of people called citizens. Citizens are essentially slaves of the government. It makes no difference what level of government we are speaking. There is also no such thing as a sovereign citizen. That is like calling oneself a master slave.

A democracy is a form of government in which the people as a group are sovereign and the majority can tell the minority what to do and what their rights are. A republic is that form of government in which each and every one of the people is sovereign and cannot be told how to live even if a so called law is passed by government. These are the people who are called freemen, are members of the peerage, the source of a “jury of peers”, and know the true meaning of sovereignty. Does it make sense that if you are a people and you are sovereign anyone would have authority over you? Of course not.

Every state had to agree to a republican form of government in order to join the union. In those republics all people are guaranteed the common law. There are no statutes and codes in common law. That is why all of you NRA members have been educated in public schools. The goal was to convince you that you are citizens subject to the jurisdiction of government at all levels rather than people who own the government. There are numerous court decisions that uphold the notion that the people in these united states are sovereign, not as a group of people, but individually. Sovereigns have nobody to answer to, but themselves until and only when they injure another sovereign. Without that injury, there can be no crime. That means that you cannot be required to obtain permission from government to carry a concealed weapon, get a driver's license or a business license for that matter.

So rather than expend so much energy fighting the government's change to statutes that have no legal force of authority over the people owners of the government, why not expend that time teaching people what is means to be a people rather than a citizen, a title most Americans volunteer to adorn. Expend that energy teaching people what a real grand jury is and help to organize them in every county of every state. A grand jury is required to have 25 people and can meet in secrecy without the intrusion of the prosecuting attorney, can remove elected officials from office and can charge corrupt judges with treason. With NRA membership over 5 million strong, there are plenty of members to organize common law grand juries all across America rather than the statutory grand juries that serve as puppets to the politically biased prosecuting attorneys and put a stop to corrupt politicians and judges.

Imagine what would happen if 5 million people taught just 5 people each this truth and they in turn taught just 5 people. We would then not even have to have this conversation about the 2nd Amendment or any other amendment for that matter. You are either a citizen and subject to the jurisdiction or you are a people and an owner of the jurisdiction. In less than one year the NRA could be responsible for returning the USA to the glory it was when all people were free and knew the limitations of government.

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