Jab of Death

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Jab of Death
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Here is a compiled list of
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Excellent news source
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Vaxx is bio weapon
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Guest on FOX says jab deadly
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Robert F Kennedy Jr Exposed Dr Fauci Agenda

This guy really has spoken more against the vaccines than any official has. Not even Trump did that 









Desantis 2024

Make America Florida !


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Dr Malone joins anti vaxx kiddie organisation
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A buddy of mine took the

A buddy of mine took the vaccine. Sad too. He now thinks a diet will save him. This keto diet will help kill him off. The global goofs really got people scared stupid. 




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Covid Variant hoax, flu virus


Madison Area Lyme Support Group


The Big CDC Director Lie & Delta Variant Scam Exposed

**UPDATE – Aug. 26, 2021**

For a video presentation of how the CDC manipulated data to show a “pandemic of the unvaccinated:” https://thehighwire.com/videos/cdc-caught-falsifying-data/

**UPDATE – Aug. 9, 2021**

New blatant conflicts of interest have been exposed over Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky, who failed to report in her financial disclosures, that her husband is the co-founder and employee of Lytica who invented technology subject to a CARB-X grant. His company is receiving a federal grant to the tune of $16.9 million dollars from the very agency in which she’s being appointed to lead – and the agency that still has to make decisions on whether to award the additional $11.6 million. Most agencies will not give grants to organizations that have existed for less than a year and have no other stream of funding. Crunchbase, which monitors funding for corporations and non-profits, shows that the only funding that Lytica has received to date is the $5.3 million allocated from the grant received. Many are implicated in Walensky’s spiderweb including Fauci, BARDA, and the Wellcome group headed by Jeremy Farrar (signer of the Peter Daszak organized Lancet letter, which sought to debunk the now-legitimized Wuhan Lab-Leak Theory of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The Big CDC Director Lie

On July 16, 2021, the CDC Director Rochelle Walensky officially named the newest “pandemic”: the “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”  The Surgeon General and the AAP have tipped their hands that we should expect mask mandates – again, due to the leprous unvaccinated, despite the fact masks have never worked, are laced with graphene oxide, are pathogen reservoirs, and can cause all sorts of health issues.

This new unvaccinated “pandemic,” announced from the White House COVID-19 Response briefing which included mass-murderer Anthony Fauci and White House COVID-19 coordinator Jeff Zients, was also written down as a script to be distributed to the Pharma-controlled corporate media as well, as is evidenced by the almost exact same headline and text they all used, demonstrating yet again that real investigative reporting on anything involving vaccines or drugs no longer exists in the corporate media.  Source

Also scripted is blaming unvaccinated conservative voters, when numerous polls have shown this to be false.  So much for COVID not being a political issue.

Robert Malone, mRNA vaccine inventor, shared a viral Twitter thread, complete with graphs, that contradicts Walensky’s self-serving doom & gloom prophecy. The inconvenient truth is:

The most-vaccinated countries in the world are experiencing  a surge in COVID-19 cases, while the least-vaccinated countries are not.

This was predicted earlier by other experts stating that mass vaccination campaigns drive viral variants, and that countries undertaking these campaigns will initially see a drop in infectivity rates, but that they will inevitably stuffer a steep incline in severe COVID cases. Source

  • One of the distinct features of the COVID shots is that they don’t block infection completely.  The virus will mutate to evade the immune response within that person. 
  • In an unvaccinated person, the virus does not encounter the same evolutionary pressure to mutate into something stronger. So, if SARS-CoV-2 does end up mutating into more lethal strains, then mass vaccination is the most likely driver.
  • So far, SARS-CoV-2 variants are at most 0.3% different from the original Wuhan virus. Such minor variation means the virus will not present itself as a new virus. If you’ve recovered from COVID-19, your immune system will still recognize it.  Source

And even more recent data clearly show that nations participating in the “Zero COVID” movement with draconian edicts and mass vaccination campaigns have had explosions in COVID-19 cases across the board.

There are no longer any “success stories” involving nations using tyrannical means in an attempt to stop a virus. Source

It seems our government is using viral mutation and increased cases as a convenient scapegoat to pin on the unvaccinated as well as to continue peddling extremely dangerous injections that aren’t vaccines. The mounting death count after these injections is nearly to 11,000 at the time of this post with 465,000 adverse reactions, of which nearly 50,000 are considered seriously life altering.

And as of July 19, 2021, the CDC reports 5,914 breakthrough cases resulting in death and hospitalization.  But, this has been seriously understated as the CDC is lowering the PCR cycle  threshold only for those getting the injections to downplay the fact many “fully vaccinated” are contracting COVID.

The CDC is calling the fully “vaccinated” who become infected with COVID, “break-through” cases, a disingenuous term meant to confuse the public that the injections don’t actually prevent you from becoming ill or dying, just as the PTLDS moniker for Lyme is meant to permanently end the issue of chronic/persistent infection.

It’s important to keep in mind that historically VAERS only captures 1% of actual events as well as the fact it is backlogged by months. This means actual numbers are much, much higher.  CDC whistleblowers state that 50,000 have already died due to these injections, with a corresponding lawsuit.

This short video shows REAL data that hospitalizations & deaths are NOT increasing due to this new variant.

Delta Variant COVID Scam Exposed

Originally posted on Twitter by Ivor Cummins @FatEmperor

Former Pfizer Vice President Dr. Mike Yeadon also gives testimony that variants have never been more than .003% different from the original virus. People who already have immunity from most of these coronaviruses have absolutely nothing to worry about.

There’s also a paper by Yale professors who state:



Meanwhile, the goalpost for public safety continues to change like the direction of the wind, defying everything known about viruses.  

  1. Erroneous models predicted millions of deaths but never came true and had to be downplayed.
  2. Mortality for COVID isn’t much different than the seasonal flu, yet has been hyped like never before.
  3. Hospitals were given money to label cases as COVID, and the CDC stopped counting the flu – making  everything COVID – purposely inflating cases.  Public health ‘officials’ changed the methodology for determining a “virus-caused” death.
  4. PCR testing has given completely unreliable results but was used to create panic using such high cycle thresholds that healthy, uninfected people tested positive.
  5. This was then used to create the myth of asymptomatic infection causing further panic – making everyone an unknown threat.
  6. The solution: wear a mask, or two, or three at all times – even though the virus is smaller than the holes on most masks and don’t work. Even with 100% compliance in the military – masks don’t work. Further, mask usage has caused greater risk of infection, impairment, and causes the wearer to have a lack of oxygen.  One expert states masks are doing nothing but “virtue signaling.”  More experts have recently come forth with the latest data stating lockdowns and masks don’t work.
  7. Everything was shut down to prevent hospital overload which never happened in most states. In fact hospital workers in many states have been laid-off.
  8. Despite these lockdowns, which didn’t do anything except depress us, keep people from obtaining medical help, and single-handedly gave the greatest chance of creating new variants, public health ‘authorities’ tell us this is the ‘new normal,’ and our only hope is a vaccine.  The vaccine will save us.
  9. Yet, despite a $250M Propaganda campaign by the HHS, the ‘vaccine’ hasn’t saved us and doesn’t appear to lessen transmission or keep you from becoming ill. Instead, it has caused a 6,000% increase in reported vaccine deaths in the 1st quarter of 2021 than in the 1st quarter of 2020.
  10. Further, this injection, which doesn’t meet the legal definition of a vaccine, has been described by the manufacturers as “operating systems” called the “soft-ware of life” and prior to COVID, have never been approved to be used on human populations.  It’s been called the perfect “binary weapon.”
  11. Experts are also challenging health ‘officials’ on vaccinating people who were already infected with COVID stating science supporting this doesn’t exist and there’s a potential risk of harm, including death. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), published a blog post stating that people who’ve had COVID still needed the vaccine, while referencing a study that suggested they didn’t. In fact, numerous studies have shown lasting immunityand reinfection rates less than 1% .
  12. Further, the CDC has thwarted efforts to track adverse events and states that anaphylaxis is “rare,” when a recent study showed it occurred 50-120 times more than what the CDC is reporting.
  13. Despite proven, successful treatments for COVID, and the fact there is a 99.991% recovery rate by doing nothing –  the push for this experimental injection continues unabated.
  14. None of these public ‘officials’ discuss natural immunity.  History is being rewritten – making vaccines the only answer. Funny how these public ‘officials’ own patents and have severe conflicts of interest regarding vaccines.  It is widely known that the CDC is a captured agency and that the CDC foundation serves as a “tax-free slush fund,” receiving billions in tax dollars and millions through private funds yearly.  The agency’s 2019 IRS Form 990 says the CDC Foundation received $252 million privately. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has given $2.3 million so far to the CDC in 2021. You can see all Gates to CDC contributions here, and only the United States government gives more to the World Health Organization than the Gates Foundation. The CDC can no longer exist under the guise of a neutral government agency. 
  15. There has been vast censorship of the doctors treating patients who dare to speak out (similarly with Lyme disease).
  16. Meanwhile, mainstream media, continues to spin the ‘official’ narrative without question.

BTW: the flu virus mutates freely and vaccines haven’t eradicated it – nor will they, ever.

The flu vaccine does not prevent the spread of the flu, doesn’t reduce flu deaths, doesn’t benefit susceptible patients when healthcare workers are vaccinated, and actually INCREASES THE RISK OF CONTRACTING A NON-FLU RESPIRATORY ILLNESS BY 65%. Source


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July 20, 2021


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Former Pfizer employee on virus
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Variant mild symptoms
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All headlines news. Conservative sources
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Moderna kills
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Stop Dr Fauci

Liberty Counsel , a FL Christian lawfirm has challenged the death jab and defended rights of folks in military, healthcare, etc. 





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Sue for vaccine ailments




May or may not be a good link, 

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Horowitz Freedom Center, excellent
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Where to buy ivermectin
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