Winner X Reveals Secret Society

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Winner X Reveals Secret Society
Trump a Mason?
Joe Biden the Jesuit puppet
Plot against America
SJC comment on Mason video

Oh man.  Do you know how many people sent me that video and I had to tell them that this type of video is was what I call a "time sponge"?


Yes, the guy has TONS of endless pictures of famous people involved with masonry, but he himself shows hundreds of people with one eye covered, while his own unbiblical long hair was always falling over one eye in his own video, thus as masons do, mocking the viewers who were gullible enough to spend five + hours watching him with his cricifix around his neck and not one mention of biblical solutions.   ...=  time sponge.


How many hours of already well known materials does one need to see to "get it" that the secret societies are laughingly doing this to us, just as this guy does, and have gone viral wasting people's time.


It may be good for beginners who dont believe that all those celebrities can be involved, but thats all the video is good for in my opinion.


Not one single mention of a biblical solution, so it was just a waste of time for me to have to review the whole thing with over a dozen people sending that video to me in the last few weeks.  


And not that you didnt mean well, but that's why many videos are pushed by the machine, because it never sends anyone to any conclusive education of any kind, just eats up their clock that could have otherwise been spent reading Scripture or studying new things like my own materials, once the basics of the eveils of things like masonry was established.  


If it had been about an hour long it would not have convinced me of its intent, but they are surely laughing at all the hits it is getting and sending people nowhere academically for their time.


The very firat time I saw the video, I skimmed around the length of it but gave up after just ten minutes, due to his long hair, crucifix, but then when I saw so many people sending it to me I decided to let it play all the way through in the background as I did other work and was even more convinced he was a mole the way he repeatedly kept sending teasers of what he was going to show people, doing so to keep them watching throughout the whole five hour video, never once showing anything I hadnt seen years ago.


(Long hair on a man is a shame unto him: 1 Corinthians 11:14)


They (moles and trolls) are allowed to tell you things that are now well publicised, which is all the guy really does, and he does so ad nauseum to keep you from getting more serious research accomplished.


But these things come from many years of experience, where you seem to be just learning the ropes, so I understand you sending it.


Hope all is well.




Trump and the NWO

Many thought Trump was the hero in all this. But looks like he is part of the NWO. The future can only be trusted by Jesus Christ to establish His glorious Kingdom as written in the Revelation.




Famous people in lodge
Clinton, Epstein, Gates connection

Globalists full of sick agendas, and sicko plans to run America to the ground. Terrible

Jay Z admits he is a mason
Comment on politics, etc

Some of you folks are real idiots or blinded to not see that our rights are destroyed by the satanists in our government like the Clintons , which are connected to Epstein and so many other rich powerful Rockefeller type personalities that continue to rule our world. The Constitution no longer protects us. We see just how the democrats have stolen the election and now we see how even the Republicans won't fight for us. They are divided amongst themselves. Whoever is trusting in politics is the moron. They don't give a crap about us. Get it through your thick skulls. Just had to say this.

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