and are Biden lovers and freedom of speech haters

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SJC and are Biden lovers and freedom of speech haters

These Marxist are loyal to Biden. Biden must lose!


Police are not the problem The Democrats are !

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Biden has already lost.

Biden has already lost. Even Kamala Harris knows she did not win anything, else she would have resigned her senate seat by now. The whole thing was allowed to paly out the way it did, because the ignorant masses who do not pay attention had to be awakened.

My ex-wife used to make fun of me for being a conspiracy theorist. Now she send me links tot he same kind of stuff I used to send to her to see if I have seen it. When I pointed this out fo her, she admitted that Trump has brought this stuff to light. That is the only reason it was allowed to play out the way it did. The people had to be awakened so they would take their own power back from the government.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

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