The TRUMP/TESLA conection.

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The TRUMP/TESLA conection.

ok folks its time to send you all down that rabbit hole.

most of you will be well aware whom Nicola Tesla is.

few will know whom John J.Trump is.

and fewer will kow the connection.


Yet this connection is so very important for what is going on,

and what is coming for the entire world.

we have all been lead to believe Tesla died poor and crazy with not much to show for his works.

as well you were all told he died poor yet he lived in the New Yorker hotel for many years with access to places that most would never ever see.

now for the one whom are into architecture and metallurgy is would go look at how this hotel was built, as well why does it need a gen-set big enough to power the island at the time!


His papers show he could see past present and future all at once when in his lab.

so apply this information to the man you see now and things begin to make scene, as John was a fed, as well as Tesla apprentice, make the missing papers have a place to have gone and for good keeping not the evil and warmonger use would would have seen.



now for the linky thingy

jeston white is a great channel.

his spirituality is strong, he shows it too.

his comprehension of what is happening right now is far deeper than mine but he has not lead me wrong yet.

I would look into most of what he shows us, he caught the 11/11 event

very important.....

he found the assenting map, as well as the paths we will have when Yashua comes to bring us home.

the 110,000 are her have been he shows you this as well.

He shows the cover up of the signs in the heavens.

most of all he gives you a path to see Yashuas hands upon our POTUS

Mind you our covenants with Yashua have long been turned away from ths his protections lifted.

His protection of or POTUS is very clear as well we have many prophecy of this time and what we see.

Dimitri Duterman- his work and prophecy are documented.

Kim Klement- his many many many prophecy have been coming true