Storm Right Behind Trump, It’s Coming, Get Ready, Batten Down The Hatches - Episode 2240b

Hell is here

The Anti Christ is coming , his followers already control the White House, Army, Navy , Pentagon, Trump has been to slow to act, he has failed at destroying the Swamp like Pelosi,


Read this as proof!


you clearly have not the

you clearly have not the strength in faith that is required to survive what is comming.

you clearly have not the comprehention of the dinamics at play here

as you cant seem to do the research i will explaine it to you


Trump has to let them complete the crime.

as in let the shop lifter leave the store.

now that the fraud has been certified he can pull the EO from 2018.

and in all reality it is no longer in his jurisdiction as the military is now the power to charge.


do a bit more digging before you give up

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