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We the people

 in our sins.




05:33 PM ET (US)

America going to panic and stupidity , it's a shame , China has one. Our America motto home of the brave needs to be re written to home of chicken shit leadership and chicken shit fake Patriots. Sad and disgraceful.

Really a disappointment !

The Rockefellers predicted this epidemic to bring about Lockstep . It's mind control. Corporations like Walmart are humiliating tax payers thru various rituals just to go buy grocieries.
Welcome to Socialism!

America the wimpy country. China is laughing at our demise to become a secular country




05:30 PM ET (US)

The news media is spreading lies and hype causing people to be fearmongers and wimps over simple flu symptoms that the new 5G network has been proven by scientists and professors across the nations.

The truth is there is no time to wimp out and lose our minds over a virus hoax that ultimately plans to cripple America and make everyone a slave to the United Nations and China.

Please read the Bible and pray.

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Their plans are failing.

That was their plan. But their plan is failing. Remember Trump was recruited by a military alliance of high level officers for the purpose of undoing the globalist elites plans. It is working extremely well. The plandemic has caused a great awakening and even Democrats are walking away from the Democrat party in droves because of it. The numbers of new cases are completely fake. Unused test kits are coming back positive.

A nurse in San Francisco got suspicious when all of the test kits sent out for Covid-19 testing came back positive. She sent two unused kits with fake names on them and they came back positive,. So she told other nurses she works with and they sent out 10 more kits in like manner and they came back positive as well. So we know that test kits that are sent in that are not used are being reported as positive.

But this is not just a California issue. A couple in Texas reported that they got tired of standing in line to get tested and left before the they were tested. They got a call a couple of hours later informing them that they tested positive. Interesting. I thought the first step toward tesitng positive was to be tested.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

Right I agree. Still they

Right I agree. Still they will use dummy Biden to gain control.


Doom is coming to America. Once a moron Democrat gets in or a fake Republican like Bush our country is screwed chicken.

Let us all trust our Father

Let us all trust our Father in Heaven.  He knows what He is about and will not fail the good and sincere of heart.  For who will withstand the power of God ? He will strike in an unprecedented way, and it appears, it is already happening. We, for our part, must remain faithful and trusting in Him.

   Remember the words of Our Lady of Fatima, in Portugal, to the three little shepherd children, in 1917:  In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triump !  Related events which She spoke about,, are still occurring today.

  EVERY thing She has told us is spot-on! 

  If any are interested, see this video:  




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