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AFreecountry is now Archived and saved to :)



Hope you don't mind MRHamilton. In times like this the corrupt will censir and shut Patriots up. This is one of those times.


Stay safe everyone.

Forum on are paralegal insensitive idiots

I asked them various questions about the lock downs in my state and other concerns. They just like to bad mouth patriotism and call us conspiracy nuts and put us in positions of being humiliated. Really stupid paralegals are and the law systems .

Afreecountry is preserved on again :)
M. R. Hamilton M. R. Hamilton's picture
They won't shut us up.

This site has been up for 19 years. I have my backup as well. This are changing very rapidly. The status quo has to call patriots conspiracy theotrists. They are fighitng for teir lives. Trump and the partiots are about to start the arrests.


M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

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