Someone wrote their state representative about governor's power trip

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Someone wrote their state representative about governor's power trip

 I'm am concerned with Governor JB's over response to the hysteria by media that many will die from a so called virus which is not a virus but is much more of a bio weapon according to Chicago professor Francis Boyle. While I think much of this hysteria is not helping as today JB said he is locking down the state.

America is not suffering. In fact many in wealthy neighborhoods have it made. Where I live in ______stores are suffering as it is with limited stock of things. What JB is doing reminds me of Nazi Germany, keeping people locked in their homes. In Italy people are locked in their homes and dying. While JB is giving us citizens till April 7th to be free from the home quarantines. It's really not as bad as some make it out to be. It's already enough to go up town and buy goods and having to find water is not scare but as long as soap and water are available.

Possibly Illinois officials like,  Trump has decided to do is pay the citizens a check for the home quarantines. It's already abuse of our rights as citizens to avoid each other. It's uncanny and unconstitutional and evil.

All sorts of pollution's kill people in the air. All sorts of diseases. We're humans. We can't live forever. Some of us want to go be with our Lord.

It's time to tell people to relax and that the virus will be gone in time. People need to get back to normal and our city and officers should go back to normal as well. The Chinese are celebrating over there. While US citizens in lockdown mode. Really nuts!