They passed Legal Weed, What about Legalize Free Women, No DLs

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They passed Legal Weed, What about Legalize Free Women, No DLs

These congress idiots legalize for votes. What about get rid of the Drivers Licenses and offer free women :)

Craigslists Censors
Craigslists Censors proof

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Date:2020-01-06 16:17:01
Title:Trump will win

Trump did the right thing. Christians are persecuted and killed by Iran. China is bad for Christians too. China jails and persecutes Christians.<br>

Craigslists Censors proof

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Posted about 19 hours ago

Prayer for Craigslist


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It seems Craigslist prefers transexuals , sex freaks over heterosexuals, and Christians that post under the wanted housing section posts.

That is pitiful. Shame on Craigslist !

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