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M. R. Hamilton has sent you a group email from aFreeCountry.com.

I have spent some time, as many of you have, trying to find my way and yours back to freedom. I have done a great deal of research, as have many of you and first heard of The Government of the Untied States of America a few months ago and laughed at it. I have to admit, I was wrong to do so.

The founders of this site have put a great deal of time and effort into re-establishing the real government of the United States of America. They have gone through ALL of the steps to be recognized as said government and are in direct communication with the defacto United States corporate services government on a regular basis.

They have steps for all to follow to move back into the freedom of the 1781 United States of America. I recommend that all of you visit this site and go through the steps presented. The steps are not complete for all things, but it moves into the USA that we thought was gone. As many of you know and have discussed on the national assembly calls, the defacto gets away with what it does, because you have unknowingly join their PMA. The The Government of the Untied States of America has the steps in place for you to create your own PMA. It can provide you with a "driver's license" which is of course completely optional. The site has all the info.

I will put more study into it, but it appears that this will be the direction that I am taking. The key to being free is to get out of the defacto's PMA that you joined by getting their licenses, registering to vote in their system and consenting to their rules. This is a way out. We all have been working toward the same goal. Why not join someone who has already figured it out and is recognized by other governments around the world? This is what the United States of America was meant to be and when enough of the American people leave the defacto United States corporation pma and join the real The Government of the Untied States of America the defacto will just wither away. In the mean time, the defacto will no longer bother you.

Yours in freedom

M. R. Hamilton

Defend Freedom™


My wife and I have been studying for about five years. I have been involved with this group for over a year and have researched others. My concern is that with all the peoples and groups still being oppressed by the defacto United States corporation including our own Continental Marshals; why would the defacto allow this group to become a legit form of government. I have been recently researching the "Republic of Texas" and it seem that the even have official treaties to back them up yet the defacto still uses the full power of their three letter agencies to harass and oppress them. What makes this one different? Anything that seems too good to be true probably is. I hope I'm wrong.

cant get response from these people

ok so after a few tries now, I have no contact from the folks that run that web site.

I have tried to register and start the process.

after a few tries with the postal number thing they have stopped responding completely!


so ya sounds to good to be true and it seems they dont care!

The Untues States of America-1781

Hi. I ran across this site long ago, and again tonight by chance and saw the post about The Government of The United States of America 1781. We all have the same common goal, the ones of us who KNOW we live in bondage through law martial, without actual chains, yet. There ARE many explanations for this and MUCH has to do with that birth certificate trust that was set up, but I won't go into that except to say it DOES have a lot to do with the Cestui Que and trading with the enemy act. Call me crazy, I don't care, BUT everything is under The Dept. of AGRICULTURE here, including ALL the gold(gold became a commodity after it was removed as lawful money-AGRICULTURE deals only in commodities and fyi human capital is a commodity as well, hows that sound for "crazy" lol?) Anyway, I have personally spoken with the Secretary of State at the Government of The United States of America 1781. Be persistent and realize people have lives and things require time to come through. They worked very hard(i have read their international notices and much more) in bringing back LAWFULLY to life what was then through the GENERAL POST OFFICE, have MUCH support, and used to be on facebook, however after discovering facebook was directly involved in a scheme to overthrow a sovereign foreign government, have gotten off facebook. Do some reading there. I won't post links, but I will say go to you-tube, while it is still not 100% oppressive, and search T-ROH show. They explain A LOT.  I THINK #51 episode of T-ROH or their other channel(look it up pls)explains the Untied States differences. Also, all the websites links are there and contact information is there as well. You have to understand the brilliance in what was done in 1787 to understand WHY Keith and company were able to re-establish what was NEVER overturned, only abandoned by fraud-The Articles of Confederation 1781. Also that [t]he United States IS FOREIGN and is it not like Satan to "mirror" things? The trick of the name by a one letter difference, get it? The S.O.S. name is Tom and it is a 315 area code phone number if communications are not being responded to, and do not put it past the BEAST to interfere with electronic communications in the first place ☺. Hope this helps as we all have a right to choose what path works for us individually and reaching a 100% truth. Remember though, everything in the world, no matter what path, revolves around only two things-commerce OR equity. Who/what governs ALL commerce? The answer-not Christ. Who governs all equity? Guess! Good luck! I MUST AD; it is NOT:

The Government of the United States of America.  It IS

The Government of The United States of America

See the difference????? This is how people GOT FOOLED IN 1787 and the letter DOES matter.

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Had the same result

dieseldoc, I have had the same results as you. I even went so far as to fill out the paperwork and pay the $150 for continuing with the swearing in, but have heard nothing after about five months since paying the fee. Now some would say, if you haven;t heard anything contact them. Well, I did call and leave a message at what was supposed to be the Secretary of State's number, but that was about a month ago. So one could argue they do not operate any better than the defacto. However, I have learned some very interesting things that I will be adding in the member forum that is a completely different path than using the courts of record. The problem that we have experienced with the courts of record is the foreign-agent-BAR-guild members have infested every single level and branch of government. So even though the courts are lawful, they cannot overcome them so they ignore them. But we think we found out why. So look for the update in the member forum.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

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