11 Am Jurisdiction.

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11 Am Jurisdiction.



43. “Statutes are enactments and rules for the government of civil conduct, promulgated by the legislative authority of a state. It is an important characteristic of such laws that they are tentative, occasional, and in the nature of temporary expedients.” 11 Am Jurisdiction.


Who is 11 Am Jurisdiction? 


I can't find anything

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Must go the the law library

Some of these things you have to go the the law library to get. I was talking to someone about the case cites the confirm we are not required to have a drivers license. There are about 56 of them, but I have not been able to vet them through the normal sites, like Cornell Law or justia.com. We could use a volunteer here who can go to the law library and look them up to confirm. I plan to start collecting certified copies of the judgments. That way we can have it here. Then if anyone needs them in court, he knows where to get his certified copies.Only certified copies can be submitted as evidence.

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