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Grasshopper shares some knowledge

I think this is an awesome website! I look forward to learning here. I have studied similar material for over 20 years and have found some websites and books along the way that may be of interest to members here. I would enjoy sharing them in hopes they may make some things we are all dealing with clearer and easier to understand. if any of them are not allowed please feel free to edit. I offer these not as a distracrion from this site but as an oppertunity to grow in knowledge and be better equipped to help others here.

I hope you find them useful for greater knowledge!


Link to Anti-government movement guide book. For "Courts"  An interesting resource. pdf book

Link to Freemen Presentation PDF Book Also Court related interesting resource book.

Government Services Corporation Watch web site Interesting info and news here!!


Online library of liberty  Some interesting reading available. Website


National Liberty Alliance website. Great info and news here


Vintage projects  A little off subject website but a great resource for something to doo with idle time. Great ideas and plans here especially if you have kids.  Enjoy

All editions of AntiShyster Magazine. An awesome resource of knowledge to read!! WOW!!

Freedom School  an awesome source of knowledge on many levels. WOW!!

God and Government website. Awesome resource of information. Lot's of good stuff to read!

The Court System and Freemasonry PDF book interesting reading  website  Interesting information and reading here!! WOW!!


I hop you enjoy and learn from these websites as I have and that you can use your new found knowledge to help others here and where ever need!



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Thnk you, these look to be good resources.

I am only familiar with the NLA, but do not agree with how they operate and many people who USED to participate with them, no longer do so and participate with us.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

Stupid laws

A lot of organizations out there. Mike of National Liberty Alliance never returned my email to him. I think a lot of groups online are just all small talk and shit in their pants when government comes knocking on their doors. Fear is a sign of a fake hero. Hero is a term I will use for those of us free men.

A lot of cops believe the Patriot Movement too or so they pretend to.

There is a guy in Pennsylvania that is without a car or license and says he is often arrested for free speech issues.

Minorities can do pot and deal drugs in northern states but the white person gets the shit thrown at him for simple traffic offenses.


Another group called the DMA in NYC seems to have more rights than any single person in the nation. They gather your information from after filling out a USPS change of address form then sell or rent your name to the DMA NYC to sell you junk mailings. So that bit of information the US GOVT won't share with the public and say there is no wrong in selling our information off.

A citizen complaint can go farther than just an affidavit



Complaints on thugs in public offices can be done!


There is more of us then them.

Government is for the people by the people...government can be abolished and  can be replaced by new government...


The Confederacy is no different than Federalism.

see: "Anti-Federalism" or Google anti federalist society

More resources
truth expose

Some groups that have made our rights in jeopardy are as follows...


neo-nazis, black panthers, the mafia, motor cycle gangs, gangs, hollywood, etc.



Communism is in the form of Democracy. They are the ones like the Illuminati taking away rights like gun rights. Gun rights are not wrong as long as you are not out to hurt or kill people. Look at OJ Simpson. everyone knows he killed his girlfriend. People like that our making the courts and our way of living into a Police State. Look at Adolf Hitler. America is going that route.

Lysander Spooner was right. "Government is the robber or highway man". They have the gun, many of us free men and women aren't armed.


Heaven says "thou shalt not steal, kill or destroy."

The corrupted Homeland Insecurity Departure

The military tampers with our emails, snitch  and spy on US citizens for the locally insane local officials that break many moral and ethical laws anyway.America has become a very Communist ill-bred country. Sadly.

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