You Want Continental Marshals When?

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You Want Continental Marshals When?

You Want Continental Marshals, When?

I’m not on those National Assembly calls. So, please excuse me for asking these stupid question! Explain the Common Law court structure in your state. Because you cannot hold or detain anyone indefinately. And does Louisiana even have an established Common Law Court? What are the court rules in Louisiana in the Common Law Courts. And who’s jail will they be held. Who is going to be Continental Marshals?

Mr. Williams, You’re state is under Napoleonic Code. Louisiana has the largest set of state statues in the United States, California is number 2. Louisiana is the only state under Napoleonic Code, which means your common law and Public law are also under Napoleonic Code. And therefore you cannot utilizes Napoleonic code outside the borders of Louisiana.

Who is going to train and certify these Continental Marshals? Who is going to produce the Identification and the database to go with those badges? And here’s the best one, most badge manufacturers start at $100. each. There are no badge manufacturers who will produce 25 badges for $40. each. Not Smith & Warren, Not Blackington, Not SunBadge, Not anyone.

Let’s get back to the question of training. I hope you have a plan to train these Continental Marshals and the justices. Because if you put them on the street without training, that would be a huge lapse in judgement. The last thing we need is a group of individuals appointed to these positions who have no idea how to do the job, have no idea how to protect themselves (lethal or non-lethal), have no idea what to do in a crisis or bad situation. That do not have an approved set of procedures and protocals. On-The-Job Training is not an option.

The first law enforcement in the Colonies were the Pennsylvania Constables in 1664. Which brings me around to the document on History of the U. S. Marshals>> Try this:

In consideration that the U. S. Marshals have been around since 1789, and are still in service today, maybe you need to look at a different name(s).

WHY ARE YOU USING SUPERIOR COURT instead of Supreme Court?
WHERE ARE YOUR JAILS? The De Facto ain’t gonna let you use theirs!
WHERE ARE YOUR COURTS? The Statutory Courts ain’t gonna let you use theirs!

By all means, keep going with your restorations. But all of you should look back and note the gross errors and mistakes made by those in the past. Like NLA, RUSA, TUSA, and God knows how many others fiascos have or are out there. My personal estimate is seven years. And why 7 years?

Just look around you. The weather is getting weird and it ain’t from Al Gore’s Global Warming, Global Cooling, or Global Climate Change. You need to start by getting your heads in the right place and getting your asses in the right places, which ain’t anywhere near the coasts and earthquake zones.


John Moore on the coming Pole shift

Peter McHenry Ackermann
27 Hinds Street,
Georgetown SC (29440)

P.S. I’m broke and I’m not going to be in the future. I live in public housing less than two miles from the Atlantic Ocean. I have not owned a vehicle in 9 years. I can’t afford one. I got no way to get out of here. So if you are going to Restore the Republic than DO IT RIGHT & GIT R DONE.

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Great to see another patriot from the Palmetto State (Midlands here). RUSA used to be active here in my area and I used to attend meetings (including a big one held in the upstate) many years back however never put my thumb on the application to join proper and any activity has long since dissolved in my neck of the woods.

That said, I am hoping to see/find some sort of CLG activity again in the state and am only beginning to go through the extensive amount of information I am finding regarding the Marshalls program. Sending along best regards from here.

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So many questions already answered

Almost ALL of the question you have asked are answered elsewhere on this site. It is for that reason that that this site and other were provided.

However, there are a few questions that do warrant an answer. Louisiana's legislature's preference is Napoleonic civil law, however, the Constitution for the United States of America is guarantees the common law so the state cannot overthrow the common law. I would suggest you spend some time on the Case Reference page to familiarize yourself with the cases there that support everything we profess on this site.

The court building house multiple courts. A huge misperception about court is people think the building determines the court or type of law the court proceeds under. /The "defacto court" you refer to is only the "defacto court" if the court is proceeding according to one of the defacto court procedures. If you, as the sovereign of the court, choose to proceed according to the common law, then that is how the court will proceed. If a judge makes a decision in your court, it is your job to correct him and overturn his order. If he does it again, it is your job to hold the judge in contempt of court. You do not allow someone to come into your house and order you around. I would suggest you read everything on this site, because many of your questions are answered here already.

As to the rules of court, those are decreed by the sovereign of the court. I would suggest you watch Bill Thornton's lectures on the common law and sovereignty to grasp the concept. I would suggest that you do so numerous times to overcome the indoctrination that you still suffer from considering your questions.

Of course training for the continental marshals is important. We have a one marshal who has 38 years of experience in law enforcement including a number of years serving in the US marshals. Another with 39 years of experience will be joining us soon. I will divulge who he is until he has taken his oath of office.

Badges are $43 plus shipping. We already have a manufacturer. There is a vetting process. NOt just anyone gets to be a continental marshal.

The reasons that most groups fail is because they do not comprehend how to proceed in the common law. I have heard so many people say things like, I tried that in court and it didn't work. The judge through out my case." My next question is, "and then what did you do." I usually get the answer, "Nothing, the judge through out my case."

A judge is not permitted to make decisions in a court of record. A court of record is ONLY a court of record if it proceeds according to the common law. If you allow a judge to make an order in your court, whether in your favor or against you,it is not proceeding according to the common law, and as such is not a court of record. We have to also remember, that all members of the BAR are foreign agents and we must keep the attacked on the BAR members for this reason. These foreign agent BAR members have become so brazen in their overthrow of these united states, some of them even admit on the bench that they take their orders from "England" or "HRMC" (his royal majesty's crown". I was told by someone recently he got this on recording. As soon as we have it, it will be posted here. Also, those groups did not operate as the PEOPLE. They operated as a political group. We are not a political group. We are the people, the sovereigns of these united states operating under a republican form of government in which the people may handle their business directly or through representative. The people did not waive their rights to the agencies that serve them when they established the agencies. As such, the agencies had to come up with ways to sucker the people into consenting to the jurisdiction of the agencies that serve them. Getting people to call themselves US citizens and arraignment are two such ways to get the people consent. Hiring an attorney is the other way to sucker people into consenting to the inferior court.

As to your question about the jails, this is why it is so important that we recruit continental marshals. We already own the jails. Naturally, we want to educate the sheriffs to do their jobs, and when they do not, we have the continental marshals to do it for them, once we have sufficient numbers to do so. Those jails were purchased under the guise of doing the peoples' business. So if we need to evict the corporations from the jails, then that is what we will do.

By the way, the US marshals lost their charter back in 2013 or 2015. I have heard both. As such, they are no longer employed by the federal government. What they have been doing is taking short term contracts from local law enforcement or courts. As a matter of fact, they have been involved in a couple of arrests recently and while they wear grb that says US marshals on it, they do not have US marshal badges and refuse to produce their badges for inspection to those who ask for tie. In New Mexico recently, they were signing their names as agents for teh NWSP (state police). So if they are US marshals, why are they signing their names as state police?

I will see if I can get back to your other questions latter. In the mean time, I would suggest that you participate in the continental marshals call on Tuesday night by calling 515-604-9986 then dial access code 680076#.

You can join in on the national assembly call by dialing 866-287-0248. This call is open for anyone, but only those who are not US citizen may participate in the voting. US citizens are subjects of government and do not get to participate with deciding issues for the people.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

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South dakota judge ignored my court of record.

How to convince amy of them of anything?  They got yhe guns. 

Jeff Yexley

Bellydump1974 Bellydump1974's picture
South dakota judge ignored my court of record.

How to convince amy of them of anything?  They got yhe guns. 

Jeff Yexley

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We have guns

There are over 80 million gun owners in these untied states. So if let say 5 percent become continental marshals. That is 4 million marshals. It took way less than that for the feds to back off up in North Dakota with the pipeline. If I had 4 million continental marshals, the arrests would have begun a long time ago once I hit half a million. We do not have to make a move in the arrests until we have the numbers we need to do it, but we have to get the numbers. The arrest will only occur when a grand jury makes a true bill of presentment. The public servants commit crimes all the tile and a lot of people talk the talk, but do not walk the walk. Things are changing very rapidly in these united states and it will happen even faster with marshals. BTW, U.S. marshals do not even work for the federal government anymore. They lost their charter back in 2013. They work short term contracts fo local law enforcement and courts. I also heard today about some deputies in one state that have made the decision to come to the people's side for fear of what is coming. The corporate system is about to collapse and they see it coming.

So do not have fear. Join the ranks and make a change. If you know 20 people with the courage to step forward, I can put you in contact with some marshals who can swear you in. You will have to go through a vetting process.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

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