Land Patents

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Land Patents

I recorded this document on the record in the county courthouse where the land is located.

I posted a copy on the courthouse bulletin board at the Post Office and on the four corners of the land.

ended up homeless over the Drivers License no Insurance over 6 years ago. I went to live on the land with nothing but my dog. 

the county arrested me for a bench warrant for a court that would not come for me and they knew it. while locked up they had my dog put down. I ended up with a tent some basic things and walked out to the land that was aprox 13 miles from town. it was hard but I lived on the land and in town I slept in the Catholic grotto. kept the rain off me. I learned how to live on faith alone. I helped where I could and finally I found a place to put up another tent in town and help him with his trading store. I finally was forced to get Food Stamps and in order to do that I had to have an Indiana ID. I had been getting my mail general delivery at the post office. Food Stamp office wanted a physical address so I asked the postmaster if I could use the post office for an general delivery address. he said Yes so I got a state ID with the post office address on it. in fact I still have it. I even used my new ID to open a bank account private non interest checking account. to make things interesting I created two money orders for 250,000 dollars I sent one to the treasury and explained that these credits were to be deposited in the new bank account. I waited well over 30 days and made a second deposit in the night box at the bank for 250,000 dollars. along with a copy of what was tendered to the treasury. the bank closed the account saying that I could not use the post office for banking. its not like I had nothing to lose winter was coming and I needed to build me a home. 

in the fall I was once more run through because of no license warrant that I never returned for. 80 miles takes a while to walk. over a license I did not want. and on foot I really did not think I needed one. well the little weed I had and my pipe cost me 600 dollars that I had gotten 500 from a friend and little over a hundred I had saved up for a cheap place actually I was on my way there when I was arrested. bail was 600 they kept my silver dollar and my drawknife all my survival gear. and had the State Police transport me to Hammond with all my stuff I was carrying that they did not keep. it was dumped in a garbage bag it took me a while to get back there by the time I got there a warrant had been issued and I left not been back/ 

the main point is, is the land patent of any value. or has the government captured everything even from the prople in a manor that the people can never get the ancestial land back