Why is no one helping except M.R. Hamilton??

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Why is no one helping except M.R. Hamilton??

As a member who paid his dues, why is no one helping me except M.R. Hamilton?? And even that is few and far between. I know he's busy with other cases and can't do everything at once, but no one else wants to lend a hand to help each other out. Every one wants help but no one wants to help out. I can't do this on my own but I've been left to do it on my own with no advice or help. I have a case I've been dealing with, Tony's v State of Idaho and getting any help from anyone at all has been like pulling teeth. The trial starts Feb 21st and I feel like the weeks and countless hours I've spent at the library writing this counterclaim is going to be a waste and for nothing.

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I would love to help

I would love to help. But I'm not as knowledgeable as Hamilton. The man knows procedure, court papers, formats and step by step process. As much as I read and teach myself all the valuable tools, the man has years of experience. I wouldn't want to give you the wrong information and put you in a tough situation. Plus remember all of this is "forbidden" knowledge. They don't want you to know so they can keep you as a debt slave. 

Dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery

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Thanks....the thought at least counts.

Thanks....the thought at least counts. At least you took the time to read and respond. That's a lot more than I've gotten from any other member. Lately I've just felt like giving up. The only thing I can do at this point is quit stressing myself and pulling out my hair, and just rest in the Lord and remind myself He's sovereign and compassionate and knows my troubles and what I've been going through and that He's always in control no matter what happens.

Robyn Lansford

mama bear
Hi Robyn,  You are correct on

Hi Robyn,  You are correct on everything.  There is only one Michael.  If I can help in anyway I'll be glad to.  I have a case as well and time is going by.  You have a deadline so I get the stress.  My number is 720.272.8531.  If you'd like to call me I'll be happy to do anything I can and maybe you can look at my stuff too.  Perhaps together we can figure some things out.  God bless!


why is no one helping hamilton

this is marshal benson, i am helping many people with the court of record. hamilton created the first court of record for a foreclosure, i used it as a template and have created 4 more,then hamilton created a template for my criminal case, now i am using it to create 6 more to help with other criminal cases.

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Staying Positive

The way I see it is that we all have to spread knowledge and awareness thru out the public to get together to form grand jurys to execute the orders thus getting rid of these corrupt judges. God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers. We must pave the road for the future generations. This is the age of information, the internet is the best source of information we have. Not only that, worrying is a negative feeling only attracts negative situations. Positive thoughts are a lot stronger, you can always look at brighter side of things. People pass away, energy cannot be created nor destroyed they are in a better place, if you're broke, but healthy and have a place to stay then you're rich. They jail you, you teach inmates the procedure and how to beat the corrup fucks. Who other else would want to listen then the same people getting fucked over. You get in an accident, materialistic things can always be replaced. We must be grateful for the things we have and the people we have in our lives and influence others to follow the path for a better future. Watch "The Secret" on YouTube and quick tip anytime ur feeling depressed or sad, force a smile and hold for a minimum of 10secs and it will trick your brain into releasing the "happy chemicals" aka serotonin because your jaw muscles are being activated as your smiling. It helps me out a lot, so keep your head up and we all here if you need to talk and blow some steam off. its hard to find like minded people who share the same enthusiasm to make the world a better place and actually do good in the world.  

Dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery

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Tony's v State of Idaho

What is the case about?  I'll gladly assist the best to my ability.   From what I have researched, the counterclaim challenging jurisdiction is as powerful as it gets.  The one thing you have to conquer now is the FEAR of unknown.

JUST REMEMBER -  the people not the corporations are in control.  The system wants you to think otherwise.

Feel free to send a private message

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Sorry I do not have more time

I can tell you that I regret I do not have more time. I would 56 hours per day with not sleep to help more. We had an emergency situation that started on the 2nd that resulted in me working on the biggest case yet. It is the case that will blow the lid off of all of the corruption established by the corporations.

However, if you read at least three different claims or counterclaims that I have uploaded, you will be able to determine what you must have in your counterclaim. I have some of the exact same paragraphs in every single claim I write. It will not take you long to determine what is different for each claim. Where the claim is different, that is what you change. If the Texas Constitution is quoted in one claim and the Colorado in another. Find similar quotes from the Idaho Constitution.

What you must remember is one thing. The judge is not allowed to make any decisions in the court. Not one either in favor of the counterclaimant nor against. If the state is who is attacking, then the counterclaim should be file in federal court. Make sure you name anyone who touch the counterclaimant. They have been conspiring against the counterclaimant. Just remember that the basis for the counterclaim is jurisdiction. If they did not have jurisdiction, then anything they did was a crime. For example, if she was arrested and they did not have jurisdiction, then she was kidnapped. She was unlawfully imprisoned. That has to be your attack.

I just uploaded my latest counterclaim here. As a matter of fact, use the one in the post after the one I uploaded, because I had instruction for some other things to be doen that have been completed. That is a good template for you to use. Make sure you use the Law of the Case that was uploaded in the 2nd to the last post that I made.

Everything about doing this is a matter of attitude. Her attitude has to be no fear, whether she has fear or not. They want us to be fearful, because that is all they have. In all of the cases that I have helped with, not one single attorney or judge has ever been able to overcome my arguments. The absolute best that any judge can do is to commit another crime. That is what they do.

We have however, recently learn some things to even stop that. There are some things that judges fear, and I think we now have that, but that is not something you will use until your friend issues the first order in her case.

Just remember, there are typically only two types of causes of action that you will use. You might have 5 or 6 causes of action. One would be for the initial stop and citation. One would be for the actual imprisonment. One would be for the usually advise a request for relief of $50,000 per day for actual imprisonment and $1,000 per day for the constructive imprisonment for the time the claimant was release from actual imprisonment until the issue before the court are settled.

Make sure she does not argue her case in court. If she ends up in court standing before the judge, and the judge asks questions, she needs to simply refer the judge back to her paperwork. If he asks stuff like, "Do you really believe this stuff?" He is attempting to create doubt in her so she wil not proceed with this route, because he cannot overcome it. If he start yelling, that is an indication that he is losing. Again, he cannot overcome the argument. The action should be filed at least five days before the court date, but this is not an absolute must. At least the judge in the inferior court should be served as a defendant before the court date. Then you would notice the inferior court that the case has been removed to the superior court.

Once I get my first multi million dollar payout, I will hire a crew to help, but in the mean time, just remember, the judge is not allowed to make any decisions.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

New paid member who is being ignored

I sent my membership dues via priority mail last week, and it shown as having been delivered on Thursday. I sent an email to the e-mail shown,  with the tracking number, twice, and received no reply(nor do I have access to the entire forum).  What's going on????

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Stay patient

Dorinda, with all due respect you have to stay patient. MR hamilton is a very busy man, I'm not saying you're not important. But he's attention goes to severity of the case, such as jail time loosing homes or loosing kids. Whatever the case, I may not know your situation but all I can say is that Hamilton is a very honest man and he can not change the world himself. But there are others following his foots steps, taking the time and learning all of this to help others and stop the corruption. I am one of those people who are still in the process of learning how to defeat the system. I recommend watching Bill Thorntons YouTube classes, Karl Lentz is also a good one. The more you do for YOUR case, the easier it will be for all us. Knowledge is the best gift a human being can pass down, soo do your part and become a part of the solution.

Dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery

I've watched 4 BT videos,

I've watched 4 BT videos, totaling about 15 hours, but they will require re-watching again and again, and this isn't the time for a crash course. With all due respect, Mr. Hamilton doesn't know how severe my case is, and neither do you-plus, it's been almost a week.

Hamilton just wants your silver dollar. You won't get any help.

Although the information here is good and legit. it's for self research. You won't get any help here. Hamilton won't tell you, that if you send him a silver dollar, you probably won't get any actual help with your case. You will long be convicted, have your property taken, and sent to jail long before he gets to your case. Do you actually think if he told everyone on the dues page that he more than likely wouldn't be able to help with their case, that he would still continue to get silver dollars form desperate victims of the system? He's not going to tell you that because he still wants your money. There are many people here who pay to come here and get no help at all. It's more of a money making scam than anything.

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You got it wrong buddy

The things he's done is not for money. Seriously ? A silver dollar is like $20. Do you know how much the government has taken from me ? From us ? From the people ? It's taken, time I'll never have back. Thousands of money from my pockets, it's put us thru social embarrassment, depressed on some people. Get your head out of your ass dude. If you ain't got nothing nice to say don't say shit at all. Don't expect for him to do all the paperwork and do everything for you to hand it and get your problem erased for $20?... are u serious dude. Go hire a lawyer and see where that gets ya

Dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery

Here's the FACTS

People are sending this guy silver dollars left and right expecting to be helped when no help is coming. He's not telling anyone on the dues page that he's swamped with so many cases that he won't be able to help them. If they knew they weren't going to get any help they would save themselves 30$. We're not talking about 1 "people" here...Were talking about several people. Dorinda sent sent a silver dollar PRIORITY mail. Says it's shown as having been delivered and still can't get into the member forum after 2 weeks. That's some B.S.  Not that Dorinda is going to succeed in court even if they did get help from Hamilton, just because their going to get their ass handed to them for not going through and understanding the "crash course", even if Hamilton did write out the most perfect counterclaim for them. No matter how urgent the case might be, if they don't understand the "crash course" their screwed. There is a big difference between paying a silver dollar to get help and paying to educate yourself. Hamilton is misleading people in the dues page who think they are going to get help when they are not. Desperate people do desperate things and Hamilton is banking off people's desperation and not giving any warning that they probably won't get help.

Actually these are the facts.




Nothing misleading that i can see. For me just getting my eyes on some actual counter claims and case law in use was worth the trouble of signing up. I fully expected this to be a self help type thing, I am on my 8th or 9th try in writing some kind of reply to my case, and I still have nothing that is even presentable. Because I dont know what the hell I am doing....But every time I have learned something new and I get closer to a valid argument. 

Nobody can fight your case for you. If you are one of the People stand up and act like it. Dress like a King, speak like a King, walk like a King. You will be amazed at the difference in the way People treat you.


One of the People of the united states of America.

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There is nothing on the member dues page

The members dues page specifies that the dues grant access to the member forum for one year. There are cases there that show exactly what must be included in users court cases. Expecting help for around $1 or 20 FRNs is a bit much to expect when you consider that an attorneys retainer is going to cost you at least 1,500 FRNs. Maybe you should go that route.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

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I hear ya out

Dorinda I hear what you saying. But you have to keep in mind all cuz you sent the man a $30 dollar silver coin don't mean he owes you anything. Nobody owes you anything, if you want help from others you have to change ur attitude and kindly ask, you can't be expecting people to do things when you demand them. Remember we are ALL IN THE SAME SIDE HERE. We're all getting fucked by government, we've all lost something to them, money, cars, time, tears. Whatever the case is, we are all here fighting the same battle. You're right I don't know your case, but you can't be expecting somebody to pull you out the hole. I'll be more then HAPPY to go over the things I know. Such as legal definitions, court of record, capital letter names, the difference between a one of the people and a US citizens. I'm still watching BTS VIDEOS too. Trying to engrave the all the information, trying to learn the format of the paper work. Trying to figure out all the definitions and words they use, to help others like yoursef who are in desperate need. MR hamilton can't do himself, but look at all his done. He made a n informative website, he brought us together to share and contact each other. Feel free to email if u have any questions mmallqui94@gmail.com I'll do my best to explain everything to you

Dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery

busy man here

so folks here are complainning that no one is helping.

1st) the membership here is exploding. This may help with Justice Hamiltons feeling that we cannot get anything done, as we may get some jury members who will indicte.

2nd) it cannot be just Hamilton who helps out. And this one is huge. I am reading all, the case and such here, have posted my own question, and what do I see, a small hand full of folks who respond and help.

I presonaly have 3 posts out there that have very important questions..... no one has responded. how is this going to work if we the people are not helping the other people. this is an issue that we all need to address.

3rd) its my oppinion that if people want more out of this site, as well as ones like national libetry alliance, then we need to support them.  NLA has clossed down there fax lines, as well as one of the very usefull call in seminars, why they cannot aford to keep helping people who dont support them.

Hamilton has made it clear that his time is very minamul here.

I have not seen much other help from other member.

this is what being a sovern elector is about. standing up for ones own self as well as the other "we the people"

seems we have some smart folks here, but it also seems some are more concerned about complainning, or NBA, or shoes. I thought this was a place to come together to help one another to force the corruption in  this country to take notice and get some ACT RIGHT! 

We cannot expect Hamilton to do this all on his own.

I have posted some case cite to help folks....not even a thank you

I have sent PM with this info to floks as well.

and again not even a thank you.

this is a huge issue as well.

when folks offer info or help to your question or request for help and there is no response or at least a thank you for your help or comment, then why are folks going to help out.

ok rant over

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We the people for the people by the people

I'm with ya dieseldoc. A lot of people have this feeling of self entitlement here thinking $20 is going to get their problems fixed. They just want a paper and to tell them if you hand them this paper everything will be over. They rather eat for a day then learn how to fish. Luckily, I've come across some affordable video and tech skills that I can afford in order to make videos on simplifying the complexity of the subjects into more of easily step by set process. Just to give people an idea, again I would love your opinion and anybody else's on getting a sort of unofficial school. Having different faces on in order to help as many people as possible and get them to be teachers in the future as well. Self education is the best education

Dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery


full agree with you on needing some kind of classes or tutorials that will be more step by step.

trouble using website

had same problem , but it was because I don't know how to use the site properly

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Dieseldoc and Mmallqui

I appreciate you two helping when you can. I have been up to my eyeballs working on the Colorado case. I just mailed out 3 orders for that case a couple of days ago and still have more to go. I am still working on a doc tonight and it is almost 11 and past my bedtime. You are right about one thing, most people want someone to hold there hands. Bill Thornton already has video about procedures and motions on YouTube. There are numerous cases in the member forum. I am going to write a step by step page with links to numerous examples for people to use when running their cases to make it a bit easier than going through many cases on this site to figure out what doc to submit next. Hopefully that will help.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

at M.R. Hamilton

we are so very greatfull for what you have been doing.

I know the colorado case has you very busy.

I have challenged Kyle Clark from 9news to read this case and give it air play!

I have become very discontent with the media so here we go challange them to do some real news!


Any help you need I will do my best.


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