divorcee/title IV d/ requesting proof of service

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divorcee/title IV d/ requesting proof of service

To all whom can help, and the folks who need the help as well.


I have a divorce default judgment against me in Washington county,UT

This has attached to it title IV D moneys, and very little visitation time with my supossed child.


Here is the first issue, I as an uniformed man at the time hired an attorney, then Mathew Miller, who is now the GAL for the county, this attorney became GAL during my case, thus a conflict of interest was created and I still have no letter from him excusing him from this case. My ex-wife filled court proceedings in Washington county,UT where I had not resided in 18 months.

Service was sent to Mr. Miller and I was served at bla bla address. My ex wife and her attorney were aware I did not reside at this address, this information was on record in mediation, court for the divorces as well as a serrate case. I have never signed for any service for her proceedings in Dec. 2010, nor was I informed of the court date by Mr. Miller my "council"

As I was not informed or severed I didn't appear in court or respond to the service.


here is where I need help, 

How do I go about 

A) flipping the court to court of record for this case

B) stop the theft of my wages on a weekly bases

C) get my tax return back that she stole from me and has never returned a single dollar

D) regain control over my parental rights



thanks to all who can help.


P.S. a silver coin will be coming your war early in February, after I pay rent.