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Social Security

Is social security income taxable?


M. R. Hamilton M. R. Hamilton's picture
Nothing is taxable

There is no law that requires people to pay income tax. However, it may be required by the contract for obtaining the social security payment. I would think it is not taxable even in their system. However, since I do not plan to collect, I have not put the research into it. What I do know, it 26 USC 7806 says 26 USC is not law.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

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I would refuse all benefits

I would refuse all benefits from the GOV-CORP including SS. However, you could become general executor of the account, separating yourself from the surety, and go thru Treasury Direct to access the entire account, not just what they took from your paycheck. That's a whole other rabbit hole with lots of study. But it's possible.

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