How to demand/request for a Court Of Record

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How to demand/request for a Court Of Record

Where does one actually demand/request a court of record ? Is there a specific building in each state that we must go thru? What are the necessary steps to take against the tyrants of this country? and if anybody has some documents or templates on what a counter claim looks it would paint the picture a lot clearer. Especially if you're defending your Right to Travel. Any comments or advice is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.



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There are plenty of examples in the member forum

A court of record is not a place. It is a type of court house in the same building as other types of court. What makes it a court of record is the first paragraph of your action. All you have to to is say "Comes now, my name, a people of my state or sound mind in this court of record and complains of." Now it is a court of record and you are responsible for making sure it proceeds accordingly.

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Ive tried joining the member forum but

I've tried joining the member forum but there's no way of me making a payment because u said the app was down. I want to learn all the legal paperwork/procedure/the formats and etc. I want to be knowledgeable enough to be able to help others in this site. I have a good feeling about all of us getting organized and helping each other's problems against the tyrants. Let me know how I can make the payment if there's another way

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Contributing members don't have to pay

If that is how you feel, take the oath of office for continental grand jurist, judge or marshal. We can find out who else in your state is involved and put you all in contact with each other.

If you are not up to that, you can mail a silver dollar to the address on the member dues page. A real one, not one of those fake ones like I got yesterday. It must say it is silver and have the content of silver listed on it. To be safe, stick to American Eagles or some other mint issued coin.

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Still a little confused

I'm going to have to read the instructions again on how to become a continental marshal/judge. I ordered the red ink since my local staples didn't have any and just to let ya know I'm still sending in the Silver coin as my gratitude for the all the help you've done. Just send me your P.O box or whatever address u want it delivered at. 

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Address for member due

I appreciate your appreciation. The address for sending the silver dollar is on the member dues page.

To join the continental marshals, you will have to contact Chief Marshal Haywood.

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20161210.001 "Requesting assistance to file Counter Claim"

Hello Group,

my name is Robert Piele and I am in need of assistance, I experienced a debilitating illness that caused me to fall behind financially and after many years a proper diagnosis was made [90% vascular blockage to legs], I have since had multiple surgeries to resolve the issue.

I have attempted to cash flow my way through the financial crisis and in 2015 I filed for Bankruptcy, only to have the case thrown out because I refused to do any additional contracting until the Court and/or the IRS answered the question that I had submitted via multiple certified notices [default].

Since that time I have had a vicious onslaught of attacks from collectors, I then found that I trusted the information that was being provided by Judge Anna Von Reitzinger, and I completed the processes to change my Political Status among many other things. I then was able to locate and contact Judge Bruce Doucette and Justice Derrick, both suggested that I file a Federal Counter Claim, by first submitting my Affidavit to to allow for the others in the group to review before filing. Below I have submitted my Affidavit and would like some input from other more capable persons, any suggestions? Note:I have been summons to appear in the District Court [DOUGLAS COUNTY, COLORADO] ON December 20, 2016, hopefully I will have my ducks in a row by that time.

As you will see in the Affidavit below, I have many exhibits that can be provided for additional review, upon request.



Robert Edward Piele 



Page 1 of 8

                                                                    TITLE OF COURT

robert edward piele )Case No. 2014C043375

Plaintiff )

(Depending on the case) )



N.A.R. Inc. ) Oral Hearing Demanded

Olson Shaner, Attorneys at Law )

Defendant )

______________________ )

COMES NOW, robert edward piele, Sui Juris, free, Natural Person, All Rights Reserved, American state national to move the court to: provide relief from an unlawful judgment and enforce the damages clause [Caveat] as described within NON-NEGOTIABLE SECURITY AGREEMENT for the following reasons as set forth below.



                          The following statements are sworn testimony, before God, as stated.

I [robert edward piele], have attempted on many occasions to convey my lawful position and Political Status as an American state national (sovereign Child of God, Natural Person with Inherent Rights Constitutionally protected), to both the COUNTY COURT ARAPAHOE COUNTY, COLORADO and N.A.R. Inc. representative(s) Olson Shaner, Attorneys at Law [Chip Shaner, #41653; Kelsey Mirelez, #40632 | Reference No.:1147999] concerning the unlawful attempt(s) to impose a “WRIT OF CONTINUING GARNISHMENT” against a secured party; robert edward piele.

I now formally request that the Court quash the unlawful judgment and provide for the damages that have been expressed within the recorded NON-NEGOTIABLE SECURITY AGREEMENT [Caveat], which has been provided to Olson Shaner, Inc. on multiple occasions, and yet they continuing their attempts to injure the secured party; robert edward piele.

(Exhibit A-01) NON-NEGOTIABLE SECURITY AGREEMENT [Douglas County Colorado Recorders Office Reception#: 2015067612]


1. Notice to inform N.A.R. Inc., Olson Shaner, Attorneys at Law, the COUNTY COURT, ARAPAHOE COUNTY, COLORADO; Judge Unidentified [18th judicial district] and the Court of Records that this judgment and order for “WRIT OF CONTINUING GARNISHMENT” is an unlawful action. By attempting to commit “Capital Crimes”, “Barratry, Inland Piracy, Personage, conspiracy against The Constitution”, and the unlawful conversion of National Trust assets, against the benefit of (secured party creditor) robert edward piele, “the living man”.

Page 2 of 8

  1. On at least (5) five occasions I have attempted to communicate with N.A.R. Inc. representative Olson Shaner, Attorneys at Law [via certified notice(s) with return receipt(s)] each of the lawful “Certified Notices” have gone unanswered [default], though meeting the lawful requirements of colorado state law. The Certified Notices provided lawful and criminal evidence to Olson Shaner and its associates [N.A.R. Inc. representative; Olson Shaner, Attorneys at Law; Chip Shaner; Kelsey Mirelez], informing each party of their unlawful and fraudulent actions. Olson Shaner Attorneys at Law, Chip Shaner and Kelsey Mirelez have been sufficiently informed of their attempted criminal actions, and that each non-response shall be considered as an acknowledgement and acquiescence of the fact(s) that have been presented [Exhibits C-01; 02; 03; 04; 05].

3. Summons request that I appear before the COURT [May 19, 2015], I then conferred with an Olson Shaner representative informally [outside of court room], she conducted what appeared to be a pre-court briefing on the matter and I presumed that we would then enter the COURT as I was Summons to do, I then was informed that I was not to go before the Judge. On December 08, 2015 the court issued a “WRIT OF CONTINUING GARNISHMENT” to my employer All Weather Heating and Cooling (AWHC) without a hearing or my consent, once I was informed, I intervened and attempted to obtain more clarity.



4. February 12, 2016, after communicating with the COURT and Olson Shaner Inc. [via phone] I was unable to obtain clarification on how things had transpired without my understanding or consent. I then provided Olson Shaner Inc. via “Certified Notice” on February 12, 2016 [Non response by Olson Shaner; Default].

(Exhibit B-01) Response and request for additional information


5. March 30, 2016 Olson Shaner Inc. provided a “LEGAL NOTICE”, informing my employer [All Weather Heating and Cooling] of the failure to comply with a “WRIT OF CONTINUING GARNISHMENT”.

(Exhibit C-01) Olsen Shaner Inc. “LEGAL NOTICE”


6. April 7, 2016 AWHC provided Olson Shaner with a Certified Notice

(Exhibit B-02) Response; communication request concerning WRIT OF CONTINUOUS GARNISHMENT


7. April 11, 2016 released the garnishment

(Exhibit C-02) Olson Shaner Inc. “release of garnishment”


Page 3 of 8

8. April 26, 2016 the WRIT OF CONTINUING GARNISHMENT was re-issued by the COURT against my employer, of which I am a partial owner.



9. May 6, 2016 robert edward piele provided Olson Shaner with a Certified Notice.

(Exhibit B-03) Response; communication request concerning WRIT OF CONTINUOUS GARNISHMENT


10. June 8, 2016 Olson Shaner Inc. issues a LEGAL NOTICE to AWHC PAYROLL Account.: 1147999

(Exhibit C-04) Olson Shaner Inc. “ LEGAL NOTICE”, failure to comply


11. June 17, 2016 AWHC provides Olson Shaner Inc. a Certified Notice [response]

(Exhibit B-04) Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents



(Exhibit C-05)


13. July 11, 2016 AWHC provides “Certified Notice” to both Olson Shaner Inc.; ARAPAHOE COUNTY COURT

(Exhibit B-05) Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents


I [robert edward piele], would like to make it clear to all party(s), I have expressed on public record [Colorado Secretary of State –master id 20152084636; Douglas County Colorado Recorders Office Reception#: 2015067612; Douglas County Colorado Sheriff –stamped received on October 1, 2015 and now the Arapahoe County Colorado Court] my complete intentions concerning the change of Political Status. I have lawfully returned to my birthright status and now stand on the land [land jurisdiction] as the living man; robert –edward; piele; robert edward piele -secured party creditor [alabamian by birth; state national].

Section 101(a)(21) of the INA defines the term “national” as “a person owing permanent allegiance to a state.” Section 101(a)(22) of the INA provides that the term “national of the United States [united states of America]” includes all U.S. citizens as well as persons who, though not citizens of the United States, owe permanent allegiance to the United States (non-citizen nationals)

The original Status conversions from state citizenship to U.S. Citizen was both fraudulent and criminal, the conversions did not fulfill the requirements of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), lacking full disclosure and failing to meet the required age of consent. I do not provide consent, and have since lawfully recovered my estate(s), by correcting the “fraudulently created fictitious entity(s)”, which makes any and all associated fictitious entity(s)[fictional person(s)] (ie. ROBERT PIELE, ROBERT E PIELE, ROBERT EDWARD PIELE, etc.) are now null and void. All assets associated with these fraudulently created fictitious entity(s) held in trust shall be returned to the lawful owner, robert edward piele.

Page 4 of 8

American Common Law Superior Court Judge in Alaska; Anna Von Reitzinger

john –quincy: adams = a living American endowed with all his natural rights

John Quincy Adams = a foreign situs trust used in commercial shipping

JOHN QUINCY ADAMS = a foreign estate trust

John Q. Adams = a public transmitting utility company

John q. Adams = a public foundation

JOHN Q. Adams = a cooperative

JOHN QUINCY ADAMS = a boat or ship used in public commerce

JOHN QUINCY Adams = a commonwealth trust

J. QUINCY Adams = a slave owned by Exxon Corporation

J.Q. Adams = a foreign pauper forbidden to own land

Adams, John Q. = a taxpayer

ADAMS, JOHN Q. = a soldier adams,

john q. = a slave


There are dozens of different potential meanings that can be arbitrarily assigned to anyone’s name and used to “represent” radically different entities. In a verbal conversation we can talk all day long about someone or something named “John Quincy Adams” and which john quincy adams or what kind of JOHN QUINCY ADAMS will never be known, except from the context of the conversation — but on paper the use of such a system instantly defines what or whom is being talked about — if you know the system. This is what the lawyers, bankers, and politicians have used to enslave you.

It is a crime known as “personage”. By arbitrarily creating an Estate trust named after you and claiming to own this thing they created, they have falsely claimed to own you and your assets and to literally buy and sell “you” on stock exchanges, ship “you” out of ports, and tax “you” for doing things you’ve never done. After all, there is no law against enslaving an ESTATE trust, is there? Or arresting a slave? Or charging a tax on importing revenue to Puerto Rico? Hand in hand with personage comes “barratry” — the crime of knowingly bringing false claims into court. So what happens every day all across America, when charges are brought against the ESTATES of “dead men” who are standing right in front of the judge and jury? Barratry — a crime that is appropriately named after the “Bar Association”.

Page 5 of 8

Look at the front page of any law suit that has been filed in America for the past seventy years and there you will have proof in your hand of both personage and barratry being committed against the individual people falsely named as “DEFENDANTS”. They are being deliberately confused with foreign estate trusts merely named after them and they are suffering the crimes of both personage and barratry.

Take it to the provost marshals and the highest ranking police officers, to the sheriffs, and the deputies and the traffic cops, to the mayors, to the politicians responsible, to the bankers who have seized your bank accounts under the same false pretenses.



I have had financial difficulties due to an unforeseen medical condition starting in my late 30’s, it took nearly 3 years to correctly diagnose [Pulmonary Arterial Disease with a 90% vascular blockage to the both legs] in the early 2000’s, restricting my ability to effectively walk or work, in 2011 enduring two major surgeries [open heart –triple by-pass; femoral artery replacement] and later multiple TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) events in 2013.

I can relate my financial experiences to drowning; when one is at his/her weakest point and diligently attempting to break the surface after a intensely difficult period, only then to be pulled beneath again and again, never afforded the opportunity to get on ones feet, without additional contracting. It is at this point when one has the opportunity to see through the façade [veil] of the structure itself, it begins with something is wrong here, and when the truth is revealed it is impossible to return to ones previous understanding.

Thankfully, I have been able to return to an acceptable productivity level, the problem is that my financial life and credit have been destroyed and all attempts to cash flow my way through the crisis have failed. There was no way to stay in honor with my current obligations [living expenses] if additional arrearages were to be enforced, in-fact it would cause a continuation of crisis and harm others. With little to no credit or assistance I have continued to provide sustenance for my family through perseverance and sheer determination, needing assistance with the legal situation I then filed for Bankruptcy in 2015, the case was later dismissed due to the IRS unwillingness to communicate, they were lawfully noticed multiple times [non-response; default] during the proceedings and neglected to appear in the court as requested, I then attempted to communicate directly with the Office of the Commissioner; IRS Commissioner John Koskinen via Certified Notice and to this day the IRS remains in default.

(Exhibit D-01)


My search for a lawful remedy

During the Bankruptcy proceedings I found that it was suspicious when a simple question could not or would be answered by my Attorney, IRS, Trustee nor the COURT during the Bankruptcy proceedings, which then led to more and more questions that went unanswered. I have since found many of the answers to these and other associated questions, and I have to say that this is an enormously fraudulent scheme that is not only inhumane, but criminal in nature.

Page 6 of 8

The IRS and the BAR are owned by the same fictitious entity, Northern Trust, Inc. [Direct conflict of interest]

In my quest for the truth I first happened across the HOLY SEE; Motu Proprio July 11, 2013 THE SUPREME PONTIFF FRANCIS; he as the highest ranking Sovereign on the land, expressed that the peoples of the world had been captured subjects via the Cestui Que Vie Trusts, which were utilized as the vehicle to steal the productive energies of the world’s population. It has been enforced since the Age of the Carolingians and on July 11, 2013 the peoples of the world were release from their servitude, by the Vatican [The Holy See].

The Holy See is the underpinning to the whole global system of law, therefore anyone holding an office anywhere in the world is also subject to these limits and that immunity no longer applies.

[Synopsis: Church = People = Trust

The Vatican created a world trust using the birth certificate to capture the value of each individual’s future productive energy. Each state, province and country in the fiat monetary system, contributes their people’s value to this world trust identified by the SS, SIN or EIN numbers (for example) maintained in the Vatican registry. Corporations worldwide (individuals became corporate fictions through their birth certificate) are connected to the Vatican through law (Vatican to Crown to BAR to laws to judge to people) and through money (Vatican birth accounts value to IMF to Treasury (Federal Reserve) to banks to people (loans) to judges (administration) and sheriffs (confiscation).

Judges administer the birth trust account in court matters favoring the court and the banks, acting as the presumed “beneficiary” since they have not properly advised the “true beneficiary” of their own trust. Judges, attorneys, bankers, lawmakers, law enforcement and all public officials (servants) are now held personally liable for their confiscation of true beneficiary’s homes, cars, money and assets; false imprisonment, deception, harassment, and conversion of the true beneficiary’s trust funds.]

(Exhibit E-01) [THE HOLY SEE –Motu Proprio _July 11,2013 -Annotated]

(Exhibit E-02) [THE HOLY SEE –Motu Proprio _July 11, 2013]



Page 7 of 8

Additional lawful references;

(Exhibit F-01) Universal Declaration of Human Rights


American Common Law Superior Court Judge in Alaska; Anna Von Reitzinger

The American Bar Association and the IRS are both owned and operated by Northern Trust, Inc. They are private, foreign debt.

The American Bar Association is an offshoot of the London Lawyer's Guild, an avowed Communist organization. The American Bar Association and the IRS are both owned and operated by Northern Trust, Inc. They are private, foreign debt collection agencies, not units of government, not "professional associations", and certainly not "non-profit organizations". As an organization representing a foreign (British) government, the Bar Associations are only allowed to function here via a Treaty (the last one in 1947) that they have abundantly violated. Their members are required to present Foreign Agent Statements as part of their credentials in open court, which they hardly ever do.

As a result of their misdeeds and usurpation against the Law of the Land and the people and their violations of both their corporate charter and their Treaty, a commercial obligation lien of $279 trillion dollars has been assessed against the American Bar Association, the International Bar Association, and the "US DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE"----which, it turns out, is just another private subcontractor performing "governmental services" and doing a criminally bad job of it. The "US District Courts" are also private for-hire subcontractors that run all the related courts in their districts. Please see Title 28, Sections 80 to 131. All these "State" Courts and "County" Courts are being run as franchises of the "US District Court"---and they are all private corporate institutions having no public office or function at all, and being related to the actual state and county only insomuch as they are operating within the geographical boundaries of a state and a county. This can be readily proven by looking up the Dun and Bradstreet Numbers, CAGE numbers, and corporate filings of these organizations. And, as was recently demonstrated by the Lufkin Case in Texas, neither the "US District Court" nor its "State" and "County" affiliates have any authority to collect debts outside the ten square miles of the District of Columbia.

Alaskan state judge HAS called upon the US Marshals and the rest of the "law enforcement agencies" to do their real job, and I am in a position to confirm it, as I am that judge. Your ignorance is no excuse in this matter. There are two systems of law in this country, and it is long past time for you all to learn the facts. When The Constitution was adopted there was already a Common Law Court System in othis country that had been established for over 200 years. The Constitution created an additional "federal" court system for the needs of the "federal government"---- that court system is obligated to function in two venues only: administrative (Article I) and maritime/admiralty (Article III). As you can see for yourself if you ever wake up and bother to look, the Seventh Amendment very clearly stipulates that ALL matters involving living people and their property assets in excess of $20 are to be decided under Common Law and as you can also readily find out Erie Railroad v. Thompkins (1938) there is no such thing as Federal Common Law. Since all the "States of States" incorporated and adopted the Uniform Commercial Code circa 1965, they have operated as "federal States of States" as defined in the UCC Definitions Section. All these things calling themselves "States" --- except for one---are actually corporate franchises of the parent corporations located in Delaware or Washington, DC, respectively, and are private, for-profit organizations no different from General Electric or Macy's and having NO public office, authority, oath, or bond at all. They are merely "governmental services corporations" in the business of doing what? Providing governmental services to you as a consumer.

Page 8 of 8

All these "courts" you see calling themselves various fictitious names like the "SUPREME COURT FOR THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA" are operated by members of the American Bar Association--- all declared to be foreign agents of the British Crown employed as bill collectors. They are all corporations imposing their services upon you. Both the American Bar Association and the Internal Revenue Service are bill collection agencies employed by Northern Trust, Inc. and both have functioned as foreign crime syndicates on our shores for longer than anyone living can remember. If "Snopes" were worth a hoot in Hell as a fact checking organization, they would have already discovered all of this and a LOT more, so my advice is to stop taking what a couple liberal Californians have to say about reality as Gospel and start using your own eyes, ears, and minds to check your own facts.

Get off your lazy rumps and read the founding documents of this country for yourselves. Go check out the Definitive Treaty of Peace known as the Treaty of Paris 1783. There you will find that two kinds of people exist in this country----- the "free sovereign and independent people of the United States" (that's us) and the "inhabitants"----- subjects of the British Crown allowed to "reside" here (the members of the Bar and various other "public servants") who are obligated under Article IV, Section 3, Clause 2 to provide us with "essential governmental services". AFTER you have read the facts for yourselves, check out our sworn and published affidavit of probable cause: "You Know Something Is Wrong When.....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" which is available on Amazon. Am I a judge? You'd better believe I am. I am among a handful of actual Common Law Judges in America and where I operate my court---on the land----no admiralty court has any right to stand (See Milligan Ex Parte, 1866). I am operating the actual Public Common Law Court required by Amendment VII as part of the American Common Law Continental Court System that predates all "federal" and "territorial" courts by 200 years. I am NOT a member of the Bar Association, and for your information, no actual judge having jurisdiction over the land can be a member of the Bar Association. All members of the Bar owe allegiance to a foreign government and are here by treaty (See Bar Association Treaty of 1947) and are precluded from holding ANY public office by The Constitution.

“All statements made herein are factual, truthful testimony before God, as stated”.


DATE December 01, 2016

sign Your Name



Print Your Name



A charge of $2,000,000.00 in US silver dollars species money shall be assessed against persons, governmental bodies, and corporate entities supra now or in future providing governmental services owed the secured party creditor, their franchises, agents, employees, or anycombination thereof when and if they individually and/or collectively violate any material interest or property right or condition of contract owed to robert edward piele as an American State Citizen of the Alabama state, Colorado state or harm similar inhabitants of any of the other Several states defined by commonwealth trust or statehood compact and joined under The Articles of Confederation (1781) or guaranteed by The Constitution for the united States of America or the attendant Bill of Rights for each and every incident. Such attacks shall also be considered contract default increasing the public debt. The perpetrators of all and any such acts having been given this Notice of Grace agree without recourse to pay all reparations amounting to full cure and maintenance plus the stipulated charges above plus compensatory damages equal to ten times the entire amount of reparations due in each case.


The aforementioned Constitution for the united States of America which is and remains the only valid equity contract allowing any federal government or state franchise thereof to exist establishes the only limited admiralty jurisdiction available on the land. The mere existence of commercial vessels does not vest them with any assets nor establish any valid claim upon them. All violations against robert edward piele the secured party to these agreements will be assessed per occurrence, per officer, representative, or agent of any agency that is involved in any unlawful or predatory action or any breach of trust or fiduciary malfeasance or personage or other improper claim advanced against robert edward piele or his estates-Estates-ESTATES or other commercial vessels whatsoever.


By their own actions or inactions therefore each individual in receipt of these presents shall gain or lack recourse for all claims of immunity or recompense in anyforum. Any knowing consent and admission perpetrating known acts of fraud, personage, unlawful conversion, extortion, racketeering, and acts of covert war against any living American State Citizen including robert edward piele or against American vessels in commerce by any officer of the British Crown is a violation of perpetual treaty (Westminster 1784) and a war crime against non-combatant Third Party civilians, a violation in breach of trust of The United States Trust (1789), a violation of The Constitution for the united States of America and all successor agreements claiming the benefit thereof, a violation of the Geneva Conventions, General Order 100, and in the case of action against living people an offense against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The perpetration of fraud serving to falsely indebt individuals via monopoly inducement created by legal tender laws forcing them to use I.O.U’s as currency to “pay” any debt is a crime resulting in the violation of all prohibitions contained in these documents against personage, peonage and enslavement.


This Statute Staple Securities Instrument exhausts all state maritime Article 1 administrative jurisdictions and protects all Article III court remedies including, but not limited to, Title 42 U.S.C., Title 18 U.S.C.A., Title 28 U.S.C.A., and Title 18 U.S.C. 242, as well as all the derivative jurisdictions rolled over in-to the Uniform Commercial Code and protects all those rights and options guaranteed to robert edward piele by UCC 1-308, the Saving to Suitor’s Clause, and the Motu Proprio of July 11, 2013 which rewrote the international criminal code.


I the one robert edward piele a free and living man and a unique individual without equal or representative am the principal; all others are the agent without recourse obliged to adhere uniquely to the public oath of office as successor trustees and to abide before God and one Supreme Court in Exclusive Original Jurisdiction which is the court of first and last resort –not excluding the Good Faith Doctrine and honoring the Bill of Rights. This Statute Staple Securities Instrument is not set forth to threaten, delay, hinder, harass, or obstruct, but to protect guaranteed rights and protections owed to robert edward piele and his estates on the land, assuring that at no time are any natural and unalienable rights or other material interests of robert edward piele waived nor taken by any self-interested presumption of contract otherwise, including claims based on presumption of creaturehood, personage, semantic deceit, armed extortion, or any kind of fraud or misrepresentation practiced against robert edward piele and against his will in the form of threats, false accusations, legal tender laws or any other form of monopoly inducement. This Title fairly informs all parties that no contracts created under conditions of fraud, breach of trust, semantic deceit, and/or non-disclosure are owed enforcement and any enforcement of such contracts against robert edward piele or against his secured party creditor interest has been clearly defined as a war crime.



Should any party including any agent of the United States of America (Minor), the United States of America, Inc., the UNITED STATES, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, the UNITED NATIONS, the FEDERAL RESERVE or any other incorporated entity or foreign government move against robert edward piele in defiance of this presentment and against his interests as the lawful secured party creditor owed his total estate free and clear of encumbrance, there is no immunity from prosecution available. Take due heed. Any or all documents tendered to robert edward piele or his estates-Estates-ESTATES lacking bona fide wet ink signatures or dates or affirmations required per Title 18 U.S.C.A. § 513-514 and 28 U.S.C.A. 1742, are counterfeit security instruments causing the maker(s) to be liable by fraudulent conveyance now and forevermore. If and when any agent of the federal corporations or state corporations cause any injury and/or damages to robert edward piele by violating any of his rights including his material interests in property public or private or any terms stated herein, such agents and officers agree to voluntarily and with no reservation of rights or defenses surrender any and all bonds/public and/or corporate insurance policies/CAFR funds/natural resources or other assets as needed to satisfy any and all claims presented by robert edward piele or his natural heirs or his designated private attorney acting upon his death or disability. This applies to any and all agents, officers, elected officials or other representatives or employees, individually and severally, of the United Nations City State, the UNITED NATIONS, the International Monetary Fund, IMF, the Federal Reserve, the Federal Reserve System, the FEDERAL RESERVE, the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM, the UNITED STATES, the IRS, the Internal Revenue Service, the United States of America (Minor), the United States of America, Incorporated, the City State of Westminster, U.S.A., USA, E PLURIBUS UNUM THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, the STATE OF COLORADO, the STATE OF ALABAMA the State of Colorado, the State of Alabama the MUNICIPALITY OF DOUGLAS COUNTY, MOBILE COUNTY, the Municipality of Douglas County, the Municipality of Mobile County, the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, DHS, Federal Emergency Management Administration, FEMA, or any franchises, agents, agencies, elected officials, successors, contractors, employees, officers or subdivisions thereof, as described herein or which may come to be in the future, including officers of the Wells Fargo Bank, WELLS FARGO, United Services Automobile Association, Medicare, MEDICARE, Social Security Administration, SSA, etc.

Note: I have appoximately 200 documents that would have to be scanned in upon request (ie. Exhibits), I didn't want to bombard this group with the volume(s) of previous Certified Notices, unless it is worth while.


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robert edward piele

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adrift at sea

Michael, I have attempted to enter the Member Forum on many occasions, and all I see is a 404 error page, that is why i chose to submit the case where i did [common law forum], for expediency, in the hopes that greater minds could have input concerning the matter.

robert edward piele

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Sorry, I have been ill for almost two weeks. I am about over it now. I have promoted you to the member forum and will relocate your thread there. We do not want our cases posted outside the member forum, because the reveals your strategy to the enemy.

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Remember, a subject "demands"

Remember, a subject "demands", a subordinate "requests". You want to either "require' or "wish" like a king.

Karl Lentz brings his own private court of record on paper, using certain common law words, then opens a private case with the court clerk. The man wearing the black dress is reduced to a mere referee in your court, as you are now the prosecutor. This will take some study. I prefer common law of man (Karl Lentz) to Bill Thornton any day. We don't set foot in a general court unless we're dragged there in handcuffs.We don't speak to the man in the black robe, we write it on paper and hand it to the judge.

"It is easier to fool people than it is to convince people they've been fooled." ~ Mark Twain

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