Four Corner Rule: Is it Real?

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Four Corner Rule: Is it Real?

I seen a video on youtube about this:

​Supposedly if you place your signature in a box, it is actually invisible and can't be counted.

​Is this for real and if so, is there anything on paper stating so?


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You are better off sticking with INFO from AFC

I've watched a lot of Barnone's videos and, in my opinion, he might scratch the surface but I don't think his info hits any home run. I didn't watch this particular video you linked to but I haven't heard of anything about putting a signature in a box. I would stick to things that "work". Using language of contract law, if you sign anything of THEIRS I think adding "under Duress" above your signature says it all. 

That's what I thought.

Being that I couldn't find anything to back that video up other than him saying, I thinking the same thing....Language of contract law....Go AFC.

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All Agencies are Corporations run by CONTRACTS

CONTRACT LAW is EQUITY LAW is Commercial Law is the basis of law that THEY use to CONTROL everyone and every thing. YOU are nothing more than a piece of PROPERTY to government. BUT they cannot control you if you do not CONSENT . . . (by THEY I mean those who have established the New World Order.)

I want you to watch TWO VIDEOS. They will help to show you the control structure. Take the two following names and paste them into Youtube:

Consent of the Governed ~ The Freeman Movement Defined

Your Fake FREEDOM and the Ethics of an Artificial PERSON

Also note: it does not matter if you live in America, Mexico, Canada, or anywhere else on the planet, THEY CONTROL everyone everywhere. The reason I say this is author of the two movies is from Canada. But there is no difference between a Social Security Number and a Social Insurance Number . . . all governments in this world are operating using the same principles of Contract Law.

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All republics are the same

This is true of every country setup as a republic. China is a republic and China depends of the people consent. They will do everything in their power to scare the people into consent, but will do nothing against those people who run things and know the difference.

The trick is to become one of those who know the difference. The way we common folk do that is to exposed their scam in court just like fathom21 did in court using their system. They do not like to see him in their court, because it exposes their scam to the sheeple in the galley who are awaiting their turn at the public feed trough. Only this feed trough is the one that the government corporations feed from. They generate a huge revenue off of the sheeple. There is a maxim of business that states, "You can make a lot of money off of stupid people and the stupider they are the more you can make." That is what is going on in the equity court system. Get out of equity and into law..

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?


My wife and i are currently  up against  corporate fraud , owners of  manufactured home parks have taken us for $ 45000.00 after purchase  of  a manufactured home  we had bought  solicited  through  the park(owners) manager. After our completion of full payment and 30 days later, we noticed the park(seller) failed to  delivering  a properly endorsed certificate of  title to us on the home and then giving us the runaround ,in fact i had  found  out  a little  later that  the park(owners) never had  a legal  title in its possession , but was trying to register the home with the California Housing & Community Department (HCD)  jumping of  title ownership from a previous  owner to us.The Lawyers for the park have given false testimony and have been attacking my wife and i our  personal character in written documents   against our complaints and a whole lot more going trying to get our money back .And that is when i found this site searching  for ways to fight lawyers and courts and corporate fraud 

what can my wife and i do for a start ????


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Please start a new thread

Please start a new thread for your issue. Do not ask a question about your issue in another thread. This only makes for hard to follow threads. I'll be happy to answer when you have started a new thread.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

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Is the Four Corner rule real?

Is the Four Corner rule real? Yepper, use it when you write your address on a government form or letter to an agency, put your zip code in brackets to let them know "I'm not in the Federal Zone" but since your system won't let me put all zeros, here is the zip exempt code: [30068] for example.Can also use it when referring to "their" material, like a case number, on a common law document. Put the case number in those brackets,

"It is easier to fool people than it is to convince people they've been fooled." ~ Mark Twain

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