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For Clarity & Steps to Proceed

Hello AFC Community.  I think this is really needed for members here.   There are those of us unexperienced in common Law and those of us with experience in Common Law.

There are those of us with experience the proper way to counter these inferior courts with regards to jurisdiction and also those of us who know what to do and what not to do when pulled over by the police, sheriff, or highway patrol.

So what I am asking is this.

Can those of you who are knowledgeable reply to this post with the following....

When Pulled Over - what papers to give to the cops, and what to say and not say.

When Challenging Jurisdiction - 1. First thing to tell the judge, 2, What paper work to file before appearing in court.

In regards to Consent - What words or phrases should never be spoken to unknowingly give consent.

I know there are sites, with Bill T lectures and other useful information, but this post could serve as a one-stop shop for quick referencing on what to do.

I hope you see where I'm taking this, this would be useful to all members and as a basic foundation and starting point.

Fathom21, Mr. Hamilton, DocT, and yes you Brian all have wisdom and knowledge in these areas, and have studied and researched common law, right to travel, challenging jurisdiction and so forth.  This would be like a study guide so to speak.  

***Anyone reading this please note, that while this may be a quick reference tool, you must do your own due diligence and take time to study and learn as the above mentioned have done.  It is one thing to do or say something, but knowing why and being able to explain in court why you did it, is totally different.  Because if you just say something or do something, and not knowing why or not being able to support what you did or said with case law, or common law principles, then you will easily get tripped up, find yourself right back in their hands,***

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Aerin. I already posted the info you want.

I added two documents to a reply in your thread you started the other day.

Here's a couple more, although the two in the other thread are more in line to what you're asking for. They have print outs.


Where did you post them?

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Brian is currently in Prison

Brian is currently in prison right now. His judge is one of the judges we are targeting for prison. Massachusetts has some very corrupt judges at both the state and federal levels. He mailed copies of his certified action along with five documents in a flat rate envelope he place in his mailbox, which is a stupid place to put mail when you are taking on government agents. I will have to order a copy of the file for myself, since they are obviously trying to keep him from communicating with his advisers. These are the types of judges, cops and clerks that need to be spending time in our prison system. It is also why we need more marshals.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

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A quick reference is a good idea.

I'll write up a quick reference that can be made a sticky so that it is easily found and give it a menu link. Keep on me about this.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

Will do Mr. Hamilton

Brian thank you for the uploads...two thumbs up.

Mr. Hamilton, I will stay on you about this idea, I know your time is limited, due to your involvement with current cases...I won't hassle you but I will remind you here and there.  

Talk with you soon...

just a reminder Mr. Hamilton...

This is a simple reminder about the quick reference guide or cheat sheet of you will. Enjoy your day sir.

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Sorry, it may take awhile

I have been spending all of my spare tme working on Kassidy's new federal case and other solutions to get Kassidy freed from his unlawful imprisonment.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

Phrases to say in a court of equity

I never knew about common law courts. My whole goal in equity courts was to never give them jurisdiction over me.  When they called the name I would say I am here for that matter.  I reserve all rights, I do not consent.  Knowing he would try everything in his power to get me to consent. 

Screaming at me and ordering me to sit down.  Take off a hat. Do this do that. Where do you live? What's your name? If you give him your name or answer his questions or if you do what he says you give him jurisdiction.  I used to only say I do not consent.  Recently I added by what authority are you ordering me what to do, or asking who I am?  By what authority are you calling me a driver, accused, defendant etc.? I do not consent to being called such and such. 

Know that I know about common law.  I object to the jurisdiction of this inferior court. I am still learning this part but it is an easy transition.  I am still not consenting to the equity jurisdiction, but ready to pounce on them in common law.    No one knows everything you have to read the situation and be on your toes but by experience not consenting and objecting to jurisdiction have gotten me out of court and cases dismissed.  Especially when there are sheeple in the courtroom.

Take your time you do not have to rush these phrases out. Think of it as a tennis match.  Just remember the more the judge gets upset the more you do not consent.  He has no business to tell you to do anything.

He may pretend or actually be upset with you.  He may tell you to do something.  Remember he has no authority to tell you do anything until you consent.  So do not consent.  I do not consent, by what authority are you...? I object to the jurisdiction of this inferior court.  You have no jurisdiction.  These have all worked for me. 

I hope this helps.


Great start Fathom21...Step1 dont give consent

When appearing in court...and your case is called:

1. "I am here for the matter"

Important note: Never plea guilty, not guilty, or no contest...

2. Challenge the jurisdiction of the inferior court...(see above comment)

Important note: Never give are not the accused, you are not the defendant or such.... (see last paragraph in above comment)

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Not giving consent

I have an arraignment coming up for 4 felonies I did not commit and I am currently out on bail what do I say when I am called on to not get in more trouble or taken into custody or or to not give consent . I do not have legal representation but I'm working to get some if I have a public defender how would I work with that


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The way I found out about these charges was being picked up on a bench warrant by a traffic pullover for expired registration and was never read my Miranda Rights nor given any information about details of the charges nor am aware of any of the circumstances surrounding the allegations or what evidence they have to have picked up these charges


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Please start a new thread.

It makes it very difficult for anyone to find these post when they are commingled in other people threads. Please start a new topic under an appropriate board for your answer. After you start your new thread, I will delete these and answer your questions.

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Common Law Court of Record, how to file

I have several credit cards and auto loan with bank. I got behind on payments, bank would not work with me and blocked my accounts. They refused to give me a copy of the auto loan. This has been going on for 2 yrs. I have learned thru the process, but still need help.


I filed a complaint in state court, fdcpa, fcra, tila & Tcpa violations, bank moved to Federal court, I initiated arbitration, which was a disaster.


The arbitrator awarded the bank everything and included atty’s fees totaling $89,000. This was treble (triple damages) this is when I learned the banks pay the arbitrators.


I appealed the award as stated in the contract. The arb company changed the language from consume to commercial arbitration. I objected to that, judge ignored. The judge is all for the bank, awarded the bank the judgment.


No one ever showed in court for the bank, all heresy by their atty, no oaths, no contracts, nothing and judge said I filed frivolous lawsuit and threatened sanctions if I brought another suit against bank or their atty’s. Judge did state that I could ask for leave and amend.


My question, do I ask for leave to amend &  file common law court of record, or do I do a new claim & file at common law court of record. If I file indigent, does that put me in their jurisdiction? And will that anger judge if I file again?

Thanks for your help, appreciate it.

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Please start a new thread

Please start a new thread for your question. When you ask a question that should be in a new topic in someone else's topic, it just makes the forums more of a mess and harder for others to find the answers. So once you start a new topic for your question, I will provide you with the answer that I am sure you will like.

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