I Am Not The People, And Neither Are You

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I Am Not The People, And Neither Are You

It is this very paper that TIPPED the scales for me when I posted those last threads made on Friday 1-8-16 . . . read it before condemning me. I've been losing my health ever since this ordeal began. And losing my mind going down the endless RABBIT HOLE TO HELL following WORDS and PHRASES. And this paper, although not written by me, at least agrees and supports my loss of sanity.

So, when Aerin emailed me the Question "ARE YOU OKAY?" after he read my posts on Friday, here is my reply:

Here's a few details you might not be aware of.

1) According to Bill Thornton: even if a case is won, how do you collect when they have all the guns? Even winning you lose. They don't pay off unless there is somebody on the INSIDE that fights for you; and that is highly unlikely.

2) I will be 61 years old at trial date and have already spent over 100 days in their prison so don't tell me "worst case scenario I go to prison."  This shit is already beaten the hell out of me health wise.

3) I am still in their day prison, out on leave BUT have to report via phone EVERY DAY and if my color comes up I get to ride a bicycle 14 miles to piss in their cup.

4) They took my car and killed my business. As long as I stay in this town they will continue to cripple any endeavor I partake in. Harassment is daily.

5) I have NO INCOME.

6) The amount of hours spent in the never-ending spiral of their codes and statutes is killing me physically and emotionally.

Now, facing the above, how would YOU choose to spend the last remaining days of your life? I'm STARVING where I am sitting.


Now please read the Paper. It proves my position. But I do also apologize. I'm very sorry for the "crappy" way I wrote it.

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BONUS: The Illusion of Freedom in America

As if we didn't have enough to read. But at least we are in good company???

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Yeah, I stay away from

Yeah, I stay away from calling myself "One Of The People" or a "Patriot". People learning about their rights for the first time say, "I want my Constitutional rights!!"  but rights don't come from the Constitution. Rights have been there long before the Constitution was around. We have more rights than what the Bill of Rights spells out.

"It is easier to fool people than it is to convince people they've been fooled." ~ Mark Twain

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