American History - Do you really know what happened?

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American History - Do you really know what happened?

Does anybody REALLY know? If you watch the movies and the documentaries or take what's written in the books provided by the government schools as gospel . . . well, you've already been washed down a long drain of propaganda. Also, many will take information from places such as Wikipedia to be the truth too. But who knows where all those "notes" come from either? Usually they are slanted right, left, and even over the top and under the rug if you ask me. And how much time is lost after reading through a novel before you get the full picture of how the author is portraying their slant.

Unless you are an actual eyewitness what are you going to believe? Even the eyewitness might not interpret what they saw as the TRUTH. I have documents of actual newspapers and diaries of presidents and that kind of thing. Just because it is in the newspaper doesn't make it true. The only truth to that is that it was in a newspaper on a certain date; and I reserve the right to doubt that too.

So who or what are you going to believe? You know what I've done? I take the historical stories from multiple sources and I read it the same as I would if it was Moby Dick. But I do get an idea of the conflicts and the wishes of those that were involved in it. There's always two sides in any story and there's even pros and cons to each side of the two sides. So, what I do is take what I believe are good ideals and I try to roll with the best that is available.

The story of America is one such story, but that's a load of crap too. Ask any red blooded red skin how he sees the American people and it won't be anything like what you read from any fore father. There are no righteous people anywhere. It's only something a people might pray for. And those are the ideals I'm hoping to find. So what do we have? The Bible? The Magna Carta? The Constitution? Common Law? These again are all man made. And nothing is perfect. So what do we have? What do we do? Who do we do it with?

I'm here to find out just that. So far I like what I'm seeing (although I'm not in love with a forum structure) but the name American Peoples Peacekeepers is what first attracted me here. And The Constitution and Common Law being part of its Mission Statement is a place I decided I had better start. Because, my friends, if we don't win in the courts we will find ourselves in the battle fields. And we don't have much time. 

So to hell with HISTORY.  We'll take what was hoped to work and move forward with that. If what we have isn't important then WHY are "they" trying to hide it or take it away from us, right?

LIBERTY, and ____________ (WHAT ?) for ____________(WHO?)  I love fill in the blanks don't you? You can make it what you want it to be; as long as it's not history. While we are looking to the past, those in the present have already stolen our future. As the Sons of Liberty once stated on one of their banners "Join or Die". Pretty much hits the nail where it needs to.

But who am I? What do I know? I'm full of shit too~!   But I'm listening . . .

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This should be a blog

This post seems like it should be a blog post. You do write well and all registered users are authorized to add blog posts. When you click on the add content link, one of the content types is blog.

As to the user friendliness of anything on the site, I agree that it could use some improvements, but unfortunately I lack time to work on it until I have completed my current contract. Once that is done, I will be upgrading to Drupal 8.0 but I'll have to load and convert everything on my development server first.

One thing that will probably not change though is the hiarchical format for posting. We'll see what the new one brings.

M. R. Hamilton
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