Texas Supreme Court Order

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Texas Supreme Court Order

This is the Texas Supreme Court Order, which defines the words used in Legal Documents.  Please notice page 2 of the document, which shows the wording for "Judgment" "...the court" and a few more on the page.  Also, "Jurisdiction", "...the authority of the court...", which goes to show that a Judge has no authority in a court of record, other than ministerial duties...making sure no one breaks the law.  The court is the court of the Sovereign, not to a judge who thinks he has judicial power.

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Criminal courts are not real courts

Rose pointed something out to me last night about criminao courts. Criminal courts are not real courts. All courts are civil courts. At least theones that government prefers. There are two types of courts, althrough there are more types of jurisdiction. Civil courts proceede according to stsatutes. Courts of record, as you know, proceed according to common law.

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