Stop Foreclosure in Its Tracks

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Stop Foreclosure in Its Tracks

I have seen the results of what happens to people who lose their homes to foreclosure. Hopefully the following manual will help people to learn how to protect themselves from banks taking their homes through foreclosure that do not have any legal standing to do so.

This fist manual by Vince Kahn of Consumer Defense Programs and is titled The Foreclosure Defense Manual. It should be read by anyone is is just struggling to make you monthly payment. Do not wait until you are being attacked to start learn how to protect your self.


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After having great difficulty

After having great difficulty in signing up, I have done so. I have a foreclosure date  for 2/7/17 where I am the titled owner, but not the "borrower." As such, I do not have a copy of the note. I had already read Khan's book, and I sent you 2 emails, one with the sales date in the subject line, the other with "Carrington(the foreclosing servicer)" in the subject line. I have listened to Mr.  Thornton's tape, as suggested, what would be your suggestion as for what to do next? TIA

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