Grand Jury and Regular Jury Basics

What’s the difference between a grand jury and a regular jury?

A grand jury (12 to 23 people) is a body that investigates criminal conduct. Federal, state and county prosecutors utilize grand juries to decide whether probable cause exists to support criminal charges.

​A regular jury (6 to 12 people) – aka a petit jury – hears only trial cases. A regular jury decides the facts. The judge presiding over the trial decides the law. A petit jury decides:

[Member Announcment] Steps to freedom

M. R. Hamilton has sent you a group email from

I have spent some time, as many of you have, trying to find my way and yours back to freedom. I have done a great deal of research, as have many of you and first heard of The Government of the Untied States of America a few months ago and laughed at it. I have to admit, I was wrong to do so.

The United States of America v. United States corporation full case

The action that was filed in the Superior Court District of Denver involving five living humans who are fulfilling their duty to protect the United States of America from "enemies both foreign and domestic" has been proceeding since April 27th, 2017. During the course of the case, numerous court officers have used their positions to interfere with court proceeding. Three of the court officers include two magistrates Kathleen M. Tafoya and Marcia S. Krieger.

What name should be used for the para mutual association for the members of the national assembly of the American free People?

We the People Association
8% (2 votes)
Patriots Private Trust International
28% (7 votes)
We "ARE" the People International
8% (2 votes)
Continental Republic of America
8% (2 votes)
We the People International Association
36% (9 votes)
The Free People International Association
12% (3 votes)
Total votes: 25

Continental united States of America Marshals Created

For immediate release 05/27/2017

The American Peoples’ National Assembly Creates the Continental united States of America Marshals


In a popular vote of the peoples’ national assembly, the Continental united States of America Marshals were created to serve the America people outside the normal government corporations’ purview. After an in-depth discussion of the flaws in the current system of law enforcement, the national assembly came to the following conclusions.

Southern Poverty Doesn't-Know-Law Center

A Rebuttal to the Southern Poverty Law Center's Ignorance


The Southern Poverty Law Center published an article on April 12th, 2017 in which the author, who was afraid to expose his or her name or names hiding behind something called "Hatewatch Staff" exposed either an extreme amount of ignorance or its complicit in an organized overthrow of the government of the united States of America. Here we will observe the flaws in this article published about the people being attacked in Colorado and how government agents who are not in fact government officers.

Anna von Reitz Exposed

Anna von Reitz has published a document the appears below and includes my responses to many of her comments. I have not replied to all of them, but have replied to enough of them to reveal that she has repeatedly lied to her readers. The proof of these lies in included below. I have also included the actual email to which she was talking about so that everyone can see for themselves that what she claimed I stated is, in fact, a lie.


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