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Learn truth

No time like now to stick the foot up their ass, it's the American way. Screw the CCP, screw congress , Make America Great Again.














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Covid is Communism
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Really interesting anti- vaxx websites...











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KFC, etc, are Halal products

Found on Quora.com  by expert

KFC sources chicken from both halal and non-halal sources. In the U.S., almost all of the chicken is technically halal as most of the suppliers are large enough to maintain the standards.

However, to prevent franchises from trying to get a competitive advantage, it does not allow franchisees to advertise they offer halal chicken or to obtain halal certification






Not much American owned major companies left. Support your local mom and pop stores, restaurants .




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Help with Constitutional issues...

Center for Individual Rights
Suite 625
1100 Connecticut Ave., N.W
Washington, DC 20036

Phone: 202-833-8400





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Right to privacy ( educational)
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Anti- Vaxx doctors
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Protect your real email address
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Stop illegals in your city

Our nation is going to crap thanks to Low Biden





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Freedom links
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Comment: Courts don't fix problems

Courts should no longer be  only option to require holding local and state officials accountable . The Criminal Justice Reform Bill passed by corrupt Pritzker should also include future warrants by citizens against abuse of power against governors, municipal and county officers that force vaccine mandates and other un-constitutional demands at random against citizens. 

As Ronald Reagan would say, " Government was created to protect people , not rule their lives".

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Religious exemption template form




A good resource. 

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Communism Destroying America
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Anti Bar Association

Old interesting website. 





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Dealing with Police
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Best Research on Common Law

Yes Biblical Law will always be The Law over man- made statutes, codes, etc.





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Affidavit for your case example
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Cease n desist letter to police example ( use at your own risk)
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Books on my list to read

I have yet to read this book. From the title sounds damn good. "It is Dangerous to Be Right When Government is Wrong by Judge Andrew Napolitano.



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Freedom resouces
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Union Labor rights group
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Marxism, Islamic agendas in USA

These informative websites will wake the hell people up. Unless they are extreme liberal scum!












GOFUNDME  goes Woke







BLM more racist than KKK 




It is funny what happened to all the so called white supremicists the media always conjures up? Biden owns them likely 














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Roger Stone silenced

Just look how Roger Stone has been treated by the feds. That's how they try to silence patriots. 




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War Room guest exposes Marxism

So Steve Bannon's War Room on on America's Voice News on Pluto.TV has shared this colored woman's website exposing Marxism. 





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Raise money for those you know in prison
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Jack, best at exposing liberals in the media
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Climate Change is a Hoax
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Vaccines are useless, bio weapons, etc

I know a buddy that took the vaxx. He is losing lots of weight. Likely won't live long. 





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Save America
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